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Crossover Spam #1: Heralds of Valdemar

I have a good four or five different crossover ideas that are not going to get written by yours truly. At least, not anytime soon. So I'm tossing them out for the good folk of this community to savage.

Nothing is true. Everything is possible.
There is no one, true Way.

Depending on how you read it? The motto of Valdemar has a lot of similarities to the Assassin's Creed.

So, here's the idea: fusion setting, where the equivalent of Syria is somewhere off to the East of the Great Empire (or Rethwellan, or what have you - point being, not in the usual vaguely-European settings). A Herald somehow ends up traveling in those regions, and learns where the word "assassin" originally came from.

He is very, very unsettled to realize that the Assassins actually have a very great deal in common with Heralds.

Bonus plot idea: he gets captured by slavers who make the mistake of crossing into Assassin territory. He's rescued by a passerby. Yes, it's Altaïr... who does not let on that he's an Assassin. Herald only figures it out after they've parted ways. Cue much jaw-dropping.

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