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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed

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Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [7/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
“Fuuuuck!” was all Cesare could whimper as the Florentine withdrew nearly fully, only to thrust in again. He despised how his surprised noise at being so thoroughly taken was rapidly followed by his panting gasp of delight. How impossible it was that the god-damned assassin was nearly one of the biggest he’d ever had, his thick girth soundly stretching him. And how, with a mere tilt of his hips, a seemingly casual uptick in speed, the older man sent a howl of pleasure spilling from his lips.

Ezio glided into his pounding rhythm, one hand still at his waist, the other taking Cesare’s cock and lightly twisting at bit. Applying just enough pressure loosened him, allowing the assassin to bury himself to the hilt. By now, Cesare was babbling utter, filthy nonsense, eyes fluttering, the edges of his vision blurred.

Leonardo’s growing groans colliding with Ezio’s grunts as he let himself be squeezed by the hot little channel he conquered, the artist came with a shuddering howl. Cesare was of course right there to take him back into his mouth. And this time, he needed no compelling. Sucking him off with vigorous fervor, he welcomed Leonardo’s grip on the back of his neck as he held him in place, hips thrusting home.

“Take it, ragazzo,” Ezio snarled into Cesare’s flushed ears, pounding into him with seemingly boundless zeal, “Take it all down that precious little throat…you’re a teasing little cock-slut, aren’t you?” A spank to the ass and Cesare let out a shuddering, muffled whimper of agreement around Leonardo’s straining dick. “You just adore a man’s cock in your mouth, do you not?” Another slap, and Cesare bucked back against the fullness now in his ass, his eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head.

Leonardo utterly undone, he released himself from Cesare’s hold, leaving him to the assassin. Cesare’s back arching his ass upwards, he vainly attempted to meet his better stroke for stroke. But Ezio had him under his full sway; his hand still securely at his waist, his other pumped the Templar’s cock in eager time with his ramming thrusts.

Mind spinning in a hazy daze, it took Cesare a few moments to realize that the shrill whines and hitched garbling was his own. Writhing and popping his hips, his breathless gasps were rather indicative that he was near losing this debauched game…the craving…the want…just… more.

He almost didn’t hear Ezio haughtily whisper into his ear in between his grunts, “And now, you may come.” With a final, dominating thrust, he let out snarl of release, groaning as he spilled himself into the younger man’s ass.

The sound began deep in Cesare’s chest, racing up his lungs, passing along his thoroughly used throat and escaping from his bruised, quivering lips. The Borgia howled in defeat, spending himself on his finely woven, crisp linen sheets. His skin was on fire, sweat pouring down his brow as he vainly struggled to catch his breath A tug and a jerk of his dick sent him reeling. All the while, Ezio continuing to pump out his release, massaging his cock with those deadly, graceful fingers…

And then, Cesare blacked out, the sound of the assassin's laughter echoing in damning reality in his ears.

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
When Cesare awoke in his own bed, the only evidence of his previous activities was his aching throat, the redness along his wrists, and that his ass throbbed as never before. Not to mention, he was completely naked. And sweaty. Otherwise, the sheets had been changed, his clothes left neatly folded upon his desk.

Judging the slivers of soft light beaming through his windows, it was around dawn or so. The rancorous sounds of the wedding reception floated up from the first floors, the music and laughter as loud as ever. But he didn’t care, expecting that the festivities would likely last well into the morning.

He’d have to check on the brides to ensure they hadn’t killed one another. Though he highly doubted it, considering how wrapped up in each other they were last night. Likely, they took their fucking to their bedchamber…or not.

He winced as he rolled out bed, his every limb sore and tender. The simple act of walking to the desk was also an exercise in smarting pain. God-damn, his behind ached…

And yet, despite all of that, he couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the words of the parchment pinned to his clothes.

He instantly knew who’d left it. For the letters were long and elegant, rather than written in the strange, backwards script one would be forced to read in a mirror. However, beneath it was a beautifully rendered, delicate sketch in red chalk; the eagle’s wings were outstretched in flight, its talons clutching the back of a prancing bull in profile.

While nothing is true and everything is permitted, may peace and prosperity reign in this new age of the Eagle and the Bull.

And remember, bello; a house divided never falls. Especially when it stands at as much attention as your lovely cock did last night.

That arrogant, swaggering, gorgeous, son-of-a-bitch assassin

Whew, that was WAY LONGER than originally intended. Anyway, and so, I am done. And I hope you are spent as well xD

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2010-10-29 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
That was amazing. Seriously, amazing. Did not expect to enjoy but I couldn't NOT look. XD (Not a fan of Cesare, tbh.)


Love how it played out. I'm glad I stayed for all of it. SO loved Leo and Ezio, as that is my OTP in this fandom. :)

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-27 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Posting to say a MASSIVE thank-you because this fill is epic and awesome and needs more love.