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Fill: Blind Date (AU; Shaun/Desmond) [1/?]

Summary: AU; Desmond likes British accents and Shaun needs to get laid. So the girls set them up on a blind date.

There will be smut at the end.


Between two part time jobs and school, Becca barely found time for a social life. Of course, just because she was lacking the time and sleep, that did not mean she didn't make time for the occasional party and hang out. She had no problems when it came to having fun, despite the lack of free time she had. What was a problem though, was usually her friends. Shaun, her room mate/friend, would rather stay at home and work on school projects (no wonder he was single) than to party and try to find himself some ass. God that man needed to get laid... it was becoming a nightmare living with him.

And then, there was Lucy. Smart, boring, pretty little Lucy, who was the biggest workaholic Becca had ever had the displeasure to know. The only good thing about Lucy was that at least she did try to hang out with friends every once in a while, although it still was pretty rare, and that was when Becca would use her magic (whine) to get the blond woman to finally stop working and studying, and go out with her.

And so here she was, waiting for Lucy to get out of work. The blonde said she could only be out for an hour or two, since she needed to work on some paper for a class, but Becca was going to work her magic on that woman and get her to stay longer. However, as much as she was looking forward to hanging with Lucy, the main reason Becca was so excited to see Lucy today, was that the woman was bringing a friend she knew from high school.

Becca had seen this guy once, when she came over to drop off something at Lucy's apartment, and damn! She had left in a hurry, thinking she was interrupting Lucy from getting some action (God knows the woman needs it!), and the next time she had seen her, Becca had demanded to know who he was. Lucy had waved it off, saying that this Desmond guy was a friend from high school and nothing more. Becca had not believed it for a second, but if Lucy was not interested in the sex god that this man was, well... Becca was NOT going to let this opportunity go to waste.


Looking up, she saw Lucy waving and running towards her, a huge smile on her face. See? This was why she liked Lucy, she tried to hard to be so matured, but deep down she still was that crazy girl Becca had met in college.

“Hey Luce!” Becca grinned and stood up to give her friend a hug. “Man, its been so long since I've seen you!”

“Becca, you saw me last week.”

“Exactly! We used to hang out every day girl, what happened?” Becca play punched Lucy on the shoulder as the two sat down. “You were so much fun, but now you're like an old lady.”

“Well,” she paused to push her chair forward and place her purse on the table. “Some of us like to do well in class.”

“Hey, I do well in class too! Still that's no excuse, I'm your best friend!... speaking of friends,” She paused to look around. “Where's your hot friend?”

Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Desmond? He has an assignment due tomorrow, so...”

“Aw man!” Becca whined, and slump back on her chair. “I wanted to meet this hottie! You said he was single, so I was kinda hoping I could put on the moves and get myself some.”

The blonde woman laughed as the waiter came up to them to take their order. Becca placed her order, confused at Lucy's reaction, while the other woman tried to get herself together. She managed to place her order before another laughing fit took over her, at this point managing to make Becca a little angry. Eventually, Lucy was able to calm down, and smiled at her annoyed friend.

“Well, Becca, unless you suddenly grow a penis or become a man, I doubt Desmond will be interested.”

“What!?” Becca squeaked, making Lucy laugh once again.

“There's a reason why I never dated him. Don't you think I tried? Jesus, Desmond is.. I used to invite him to my house all the time, you know? Dress up and hope he would make a move, but then one day, I noticed how he kept staring at my older brother.”

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