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Blind Date [2/?]

“No way...” Becca seemed to be out of her shock, and pretty interested in the idea of Lucy's brother and Desmond. This woman...

“They never dated, Becca.”

“Shit.” She sounded pretty disappointed at that. Seriously? She went from wanting to date Desmond, to fantasizing about him and Lucy's brother? She did NOT need that mental image in her head.“So I can't get with Desmond, and you ruin my fantasy of him with your brother, who's hot by the way-”

“And married.”

“-but damn! And here I was hoping to convince Desmond that we are soul mates, and how we were meant to be...”


After having dinner together, Becca had managed to convince Lucy to stick around a little longer, and ended up going to a bar. Despite the disappointment of Desmond being gay, Lucy knew that Becca would not be satisfied until she knew everything Lucy knew about Desmond.

“So what type of guys does Desmond like?”

Sipping on her beer, Lucy debated whether or not she should tell Becca anything, it really was none of her business, but she had never been good at fighting her sad puppy look. Shit, sorry Desmond.

“Um, I guess he... hm, I don't think he has a type when it comes to physical stuff. He's kinda loose-”

“Dammit, why is he gay!?” Becca interrupted, banging her head on the table. “I'm loose, he's loose, we could have had soooo much fun-”

“Becca, please.” Lucy ducked her head, blushing as she noticed that Becca's outburst had caught the attention of the people around them, she whispered harshly. “Not so loud.” When the only response she got was mumbling, her tone became angry. “I can't understand you when you mumble.”

With a sniff, Becca lifted her head and looked up. Her face was flushed due to all the beer she had drank already. Lucy should have stopped her. Now here they were with Becca declaring to the entire bar that she was loose, and now there were some creepers looking at Becca with interest. This was the reason why she never partied with Becca... this always happened.

“I said,” Becca finally continued, “What turns him on?”

Lucy sighed at the question. She should have known Becca would ask these questions... especially now that she had some alcohol in her system.

“Seriously, Becca?”

“Come on!” Lucy's eye roll did nothing to ruin Becca's curiosity to find out more about Desmond. “I can't get with the guy, at least give me material to dream with!”

“Too much information.” she groaned at the other woman's begging stare. Again, sorry Desmond... “I guess he... likes, um... accents? There was this guy from England in his digital printing class, all he ever did was talk about him, and how sexy his accent was. And one time, when we were drinking, he kept saying how he was going to blow him during class, that sort of stuff.”

Becca grinned, and sat back on the chair. Taking a big gulp of her beer, she pointed a finger at Lucy before continuing.

“See? That wasn't so hard. Hm, British accents? Not my thing.”

“You don't like British accents? Really?” Lucy was honestly shocked. She figured a guy crazy girl like Becca would have all the bases covered. “I would think that...”

“Listen, after living with Shaun for almost 3 years, I can honestly say that the accent gets old, and in the way of an actual personality. Just hearing the accent come up, I think of Shaun and his bitch ass attitude...”

“He's good looking.”

“Yes well, even if I wanted to tap that, which I really don't, thank you very much, he cares nothing for the female gender, if you know what I mean... although, it was pretty hot that first year we lived together. He would bring in his boyfriend to the house and, well, you know... damn it was hot, I wish.... Lucy?”

Becca paused when she caught Lucy's expression. She looked a little shocked, but her eyes looked full of mischief, something Becca missed about their college days together. The blond woman suddenly grinned at her.

“Shaun's... gay? Really? Becca!” Lucy was pretty scary when she was excited.


“Don't you see? We have this guy who goes nuts over British men, and this British guy who needs to have sex before he kills you...” Lucy's grin widen. “See where I'm going with this?”

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