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Original thread:

Have an abridged version of the prompt-

"Pets" (slaves) are common in the world and Leo and Malik are people who buys them and then let them go. Cue Leo finding three brothers who are pets, Altair, Ezio and Desmond, he wants to buy them, can't, and goes to Malik to try and make up the difference. By the time he goes to get them they're gone.

Some time later he finds Ezio all fucked up, buys him and fixes him up. Learns how he got like this, enter Altair through some way and learn that Desmond is still with the bastards that fucked Ezio up. Ezio and Altair go rescue Desmond who's all sorts of hurt. Cue major h/c (and revenge on whoever bought Desmond.)

Got it, okay!

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