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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed [Fills]

We're about to reach the posting limit on pt.1&2, this is for those who wish to continue/write on prompts on both these parts.

Writers! It is your responsibility to link back to the original prompt.

There are no request in this part of the meme.

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Fuck being anon...

[identity profile] 2011-06-02 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
... I like my name on my criticism.

Throughout the whole fic there's been one thing that's bothered me: at the start of almost every chapter there is a gigantic block of exposition or Shaun!musings. It's not that the text in them is in any way less good than the rest of the fic, but the fact that it's a BLOCK, sometimes several hundred words long, bothers me. First of all, it's eyestraining, and second it's a "fuck, again?" moment because otherwise your paragraphing is excellent.

There, got that out of the way, commencing brainless fangirling now.


I could go on and on about how excellent this fic is. How much utter perfection it contains. How beautiful and realistic (in a fandom like AC where realism is decidedly hard to pull off) it is, how good your characterisation is, how well you carry a story arc. How utterly compelling your use of language is, how well your humour works, how good you're at creating memorable scenes.

I could MST this and sing praise to EVERY LINE WRITTEN GUH.

People like you. You're a godsend I swear. You're freaking angels. Thank you, sincerely, for existing and writing awesome stories like this.

Re: Fuck being anon...

[identity profile] 2011-06-03 11:08 am (UTC)(link)
Ah, thank you so much for bringing that to my attention! I have become increasingly aware that my paragraphing can falter, especially at the beginning of chapters, in the last couple of weeks or so. Partially because of classmates and teachers complaining about my essays. So I'm definitely working on that and I will try my best to keep your criticism in mind for my next project. Thank you so much. It's wonderful to get constructive criticism!

And it's also wonderful to have people compliment my writing. I'll be honest, towards the end I found myself upset with my characterisation, so it's a great and fantastic relief to hear from a reader that it is good! I'm grinning from ear to ear here, you've really cheered up my mood. I'm also glad that my humour works and that the story comes across realistic.

You have made me blush! I can hardly type!