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FFF discussion! I just bought a book called the memory cathedral, a fictional secret year of leonardo's life. Machiavelli is a young boy and wants to be leonardo's apprentice :3 :3 :3 there are all of these scenes where he grasps Leonardo's hand when leonardo is upset!! Its so cute and makes the AC girl in me squeal. Also the scenes with Lorenzo, ahhhhh Leonardo, Lorenzo and Machiavelli go exploring a cave together and Lorenzo puts his hand on leonardo and talks about how he is about to become part of the medici family coming to work for them and and and and I died andit made me want lorenzo/leonardo and leonardo.machiavelli so bad!!!!

Also this!


A comic book about Salai and Leonardo and their adventures!!!

just some stuff ive been nerding on in the wake of my assassin cred obsession, thought others might want to check them out :P

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Oh my god yes. This is AMAZING, especially since I ship Leo/Machiavelli like no other. And I've been nerding out on Thoughts on Art and Life and I was wanting for more Leo, so this is perfect.

On another, sort-of related note: on one part of the kink meme some anon mentioned a history book they were reading, and I believe it mentioned something about Leonardo being a complete badass and people saying he was able to BEND HORSESHOES. Does anyone know the title of that book, or have any other history-related recommendations?

No idea, but

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There's a fanfic out there where Leonardo does exactly that (bend horseshoes LIKE A BOSS and be badass); the AU premise being that Ezio was both acrophobic AND freaked out when he first manifested Eagle Vision as a kid, to the point of having physically let himself go, apprenticed to a banker, timid/shy and with Leonardo his only friend...

Found the fic!

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Scroll down about a third of the way for Leonardo...

Re: Found the fic!

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Arrgghh thank you, anon! <3

Re: Found the fic!

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Welcome fellow anon! While the fic is unfortunately not been updated in two months and is Ezio-focused, I chose this chapter specifically because part of his angst due to his life situation's contrast with Leonardo's.