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Oh my god yes. This is AMAZING, especially since I ship Leo/Machiavelli like no other. And I've been nerding out on Thoughts on Art and Life and I was wanting for more Leo, so this is perfect.

On another, sort-of related note: on one part of the kink meme some anon mentioned a history book they were reading, and I believe it mentioned something about Leonardo being a complete badass and people saying he was able to BEND HORSESHOES. Does anyone know the title of that book, or have any other history-related recommendations?

No idea, but

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There's a fanfic out there where Leonardo does exactly that (bend horseshoes LIKE A BOSS and be badass); the AU premise being that Ezio was both acrophobic AND freaked out when he first manifested Eagle Vision as a kid, to the point of having physically let himself go, apprenticed to a banker, timid/shy and with Leonardo his only friend...

Found the fic!

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Scroll down about a third of the way for Leonardo...

Re: Found the fic!

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Arrgghh thank you, anon! <3

Re: Found the fic!

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Welcome fellow anon! While the fic is unfortunately not been updated in two months and is Ezio-focused, I chose this chapter specifically because part of his angst due to his life situation's contrast with Leonardo's.