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So I am assuming you have all seen our "lovely" new comment system LJ has implemented on us. I love this kink meme and I would hate to see it die. Is there any sort of back-up plan should nothing be resolved since this current layout makes it near impossible to enjoy this community? Just curious.

Also, fuck you LJ. FUCK YOU.

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I'm not seeing the problem per se, unless you were unable to go anon...

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They can explain it better than I ever will.

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Yeah, I kindda like it. Much easier to anon. Sure it looks kindda derpy, but it doesn't stop the porn being hot as Malik's sass.

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I hate hate hate hate hate the new layout. It's no longer possible to preview comments. The lack of subject lines means I can't easily tell which prompts already have fills. It's much harder to jump directly to a specific subthread now. There are no margins so it hurts my eyes to try to read this on a widescreen monitor.

And the worst part is that now it lags like crazy! It's more common for a page to not load all the way now. It should be the other way around.

If we don't move to DreamWidth (which is going to have the option to import entire communities at the press of a button soon) can we at least turn custom comment pages on? Please? I have a fill I need to post and I can't because the page won't load.

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GOD, I'M GLAD THIS PISSES YOU OFF. This makes me so mad. I can't not look at every single fucking post anymore, because I have to actually pay attention to find my prompt I'm filling. I used to be able to just read the large print in the title and gloss over the others. This INFURIATES me.

Slight fix for Derpy!LJ?

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Okay, so like many already have, I found the new comment layouts not easy on the eyes. (I'm trying to be nice....hush.)

But! I think I figured out a semi-fix.

I went into my settings and changed my theme to something that is somewhat close to what we're used to seeing. Then I went and set up everything to override the default, so anything I look at on this page will default to my journal theme. Now it doesn't collapse the replies, and I'm getting the subject lines like we used to.

This should work, if you don't mind your journal being very minimalist. (I gave up on caring what my journal looks like. Nobody goes there anyway. ;__;) Since this is so new, I don't know of any other work around for this. I'm also fairly certain that you can do this on any account (free or premium.) But I'm a premium subscriber, and it's been a long while since I've used the free accounts. Let me know if it doesn't work!


How To:
Go to the Navigation Bar --> Journal --> Journal Style. The theme I used is under Minimalism: "Georgia" by igor_safonov. (But test around, you might find something different that works better for you.)

Then, go to the Navigation Bar --> Profile --> Settings. Click on the Display tab, and in the Other Journals section, select the "View all journals and communities in my own style." Save and you should be good to go.
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It is only able to work on Premium. Damn.

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Well, crap. Sorry. *digs around in LJ settings* I'll see if I can come up with another fix for people then. (That's stupid that free users can't do that. >:| A function like that should be for everybody.)

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I'm also having a lot of trouble with lag when trying to load pages. It's really disheartening, to say the least.

Until the meme mod decides what to do, there's a a workaround involving custom CSS and leaving customized comment pages on that's a a lot easier to work with. You can see a preview and get instructions for installing it here ( It's not exactly the same, but it's much easier on the eyes and the internet connection.

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May I suggest moving the meme Dreamwidth?

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Does Dreamwidth allow free users to subscribe/track new comments? As it is, that's how I keep on top of fills for prompts that interested me on LJ, just subscribe to every part, the fills-only post and the discussion post so that I'll be notified whenever anyone posts to the kinkmeme (i.e. resuming a "dormant" fill), and I really don't want to lose that feature.

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Dreamwidth allows free users to track new comments to posts, yes. They also allow subscribed members to track individual comment threads (I think this is also a feature currently available to free users as well, at least the option is available to me right now -- might not be permanent, though).

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I heartily second moving to Dreamwidth. Like the other anon said up there, it's possible to export the entire journal with just a couple steps. It'd be pretty painless for the mod.