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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt. 4

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.4

Welcome to Constantinople

‡ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

‡ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

‡ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

‡ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

‡ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

‡ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

‡ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

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Princess Diary AU

(Anonymous) 2012-01-11 03:47 am (UTC)(link)
Desmond is the prince of a small country. Too bad no one ever told him. For whatever reason, he grew up pretty much unaware of his royal status. At least until it comes to light that he's the only heir to the throne. Cue the mad dash to make Desmond a presentable prince.

Altair and Ezio are either his Royal Guard or nobles in the court.
A clause that says he must get married by a certain date.

Umm... Yeah, that's about it. To anyone who knows the series, I really don't care if you reflect the movies, the books, or neither. I'm just hankering for unsuspecting-royalty!Desmond.

Re: Princess Diary AU

(Anonymous) 2012-01-11 09:37 am (UTC)(link)
This series was one of my favorites to read as a kid! Seconded so hard!

I may toy with the idea of writing this... Any shipping preferences just in case a muse decides to hit me, OP?

Re: Princess Diary AU

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Dreamwidth is run by Assassins

(Anonymous) 2012-01-12 02:50 am (UTC)(link)
and LiveJournal was run by Templars.

AU anybody? Eh?

+100: Lucy comments often on the meme with her awesome smutty slash.
+200: Vidic is that one author that never gets a beta reader.
+300: L335 HAX0r R3B3CCA (having hacked into Dreamwidth) keeps hiding
Vidic's posts and making him post a billion times.
+400: Trolltair and Trollsef (Altair and Yusuf) form a secret brotherhood
with all the l33t hAx0rZ to troll Vidic.
+500: Leo has no idea how to format his posts.
+600: Goofy or weird screen names.
+700: Shaun is the one writing pr0n of historical characters as a way to
vent sexual frustration at Desmond OR R3B3CCA is doing the same thing
with Lucy. Shaun's porn is good, Rebecca's... not so much.
+800: Lucy shows Rebecca how to REALLY write femslash or slash.
+900: Shaun is the admin.
My undying love: Cybersex

Throw in some other shit as you will.

A new activity

(Anonymous) 2012-01-12 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
Take inspiration from your Captcha when you respond.

[Mini-Fill]Of computers and geekwars

(Anonymous) 2012-03-25 10:48 am (UTC)(link)
Anon had to do it... It's just a mini-fill but I couldn't help myself. I hope it's okay, OP. Because we all know Rebecca is somewhat evil and totally would do it.


Shaun was staring at his screen, refusing to comprehend what was going on. No matter how hard he tried, he could not access his system and after twenty minutes trying to wrap his head around this 'faggotry of a password system', he was getting fairly irritated. Which can be easily translated to 'well beyond pissed'. But Shaun never got pissed. No Sir. Never mind how much he wanted to throw that godforsaken machinery out of the inexistent window.
Staring at the screen with his custom 'I don't take no shit'-look, he propped his chin on his left hand and stayed there. He did not move. Just staring and trying to get it. The numbers were easily decipherable but the whole text was not and it made it all the more complicated that the system apparently refused to use the right format. Long story short, he was stuck staring at instructions he did not even know the language they were written in. Only one person could have done this and he decided to wait until she showed up.

Which would be a while, as she was out in town for grocery shopping. Just his luck. Groaning, he closed his eyes, as though this would be enough to ward off the headache bent on gnawing his brain.

The sound of a door banging shut got him from his nightmarie and he glanced away from the screen - that was just the same as a hour ago - to the entrance of the room. When Rebecca came in, he was torn between several possibilities: scream bloody murder at her for whatever she did to the blasted system, strangle her to wipe that smug grin she was sporting, or simply ask her every so politely if she would be so kind to help him with his password because clearly he was way too stupid. And then strangle her.

Ever the gentleman, he picked the latter. And knew he had said exactly what she expected if the Cheshire grin on her face was anything to go by. Stepping in closer, she leaned over the keyboard and within seconds, tadam! The system booted and everything went back to normal. He just stared at her in disbelief. Either she was a total genius, or she knew the answer already. And from her 'I-know-something-that-you-don't-and-it's-awesome' expression, it had to be it. He sighed and took his glasses off so he could properly pinch the bridge of his nose. Headache was alive and kicking.

"Would you mind telling me what it was all about?"

"Really, Shaun, it simply asked you to enter the lowest number of 81, ninety three, sixty four, 87 or seventy six. It's not that complicated."

"In what language, pray tell?"

"Classical Arabic... I thought you knew it." She was having fun with that, it was about as obvious as a torchlight in a cave.

"Unicode doesn't take Arabic..."

"I know."

And with that, she was off, leaving Shaun to his own devices. Probably not a good move because the historian in him was making up plans for a proper payback. It was a declaration of war. And he would not let that slid by. No Sir. Cracking his knuckles, he set to work, a small smile on his lips. He heard Desmond coming in but didn't look up and certainly didn't ask why the man seemed to run off upstairs.

The Umpteenth Geek War has begun.

Re: [Mini-Fill]Of computers and geekwars

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(Anonymous) 2012-01-12 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
A Passerby!Anon would like to request something - anything, really - based off this picture:

Re: Gen

(Anonymous) 2012-01-12 09:41 pm (UTC)(link)
File not found?

Re: Gen

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(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
Ezio, Desmond, or Malik starts gaining weight and getting a little... round. Their partner eventually notices.

Fluff would be preferred, would rather not have it be just humorous. You can pair them with whoever you would like, male or female. I'm also not picky about how big they get, just as long as its noticeable.


(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 02:35 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so instead of writing more today I just spent today searching for one story...the one where Vieri is Leonardo's cousin and Leonardo has attracted the attention of nearly every male on Campus and around it.
Last I had seen it, Ezio had tricked Malik into baby-sitting Altair so Ezio could go see Leonardo.
(Brain, why can you remember every detail except which part and page the story was located? Brain replies- I thought it was in part three, page thirty-something!)
So, help, please? I need another set of eyes looking (since I can't find it).
But in the meanwhile, I was able to track down every story I am working on and categorize each in terms of how close I am to finihing, editing and posting (so if the person waiting on the 'Turn our favorite assassins into cats for the hell of it' sees this, it's just a little bit longer!)


(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 03:21 am (UTC)(link)
hullo :)

The story you're looking for is on pg 35 of part 3.

The story is called Pheromones


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X-Men crossover

(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 07:38 am (UTC)(link)
So, um... Spoiler-ish for those who haven't finished the Desmond memories yet...

Desmond ran away from the Farm when he was sixteen. Prime time in the X-men universe to start displaying a mutation. So while he's out in the wilderness thinking he's going to die, Professor Xavier does a sweep on Cerebro, notices him, and goes out with the team to save him.

So, young!Desmond in Xavier's Academy please?

A Midsummer's night dream?

(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 08:22 am (UTC)(link)
So here's the thing. Anon is currently trying to memories her lines from Shakespears "A Midsummer's night dream", and was suddenly struck with the image of the cast from AC starring in the play.

For you who don't know it, here is a very /very/ simplified version of the plot:

Hermia and Lysander are in love and want's to marry, but Hermias father Euges has already promised her to Demitrius. Demitrius used to court Helena, who is still madly in love with him, and also Hermias best friend. Euges takes them to the Duke of Athens: Thesus, and they agree that Hermia has to the next fullmoon to decided if she will marry Demitrius, go into a nunnery or be put to death as per Athenian law.
Hermia isn't very fond of either of these ideas, so she and Lysander run away and tries to get to Lysanders relatives outside of Athens. They tell Helena of this plan, who tells Demitrius, who follows them, Helena on his heels, proclaiming her love to him, even as he threatens her.

In the wood Helena and Demitrius accidentally disturb the fairy god Oberon, who takes pity on Helena, and orders his servant Puck to use the juice of a magical flower to make Demitrius fall in love with Helena. However, since Oberon only tells Puck that he should use the juice on a young man with athenian clothes, Puck does a mistake and enchants Lysander, who falls in love with Helena.

Oberon discovers this and puts a love spell on Demitrius, and now both Lysander and Demitrus are fighting over a very confused Helenas affections, and Hermia is furious, thinking Helena to steal away her man.

As I said, a very simplified version ^^,

Suggestion for castning?

Hermia - Leonardo
Lysander - Ezio
Helena - Altair (For the Lolz)
Demitrius - Malik
Egeus - Rodrigo?
Thesus - Al Mualim.

But these are just suggestions :3

Re: A Midsummer's night dream?

(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 08:54 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my God. Second like no tomorrow! If this prompt was an actual adaptation, I would pay to see it...

(Anonymous) 2012-01-13 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Passionately WANTED: kinky femmeslash porn! Seriously, the AC girls are getting far too little love as it is. I want someone to fix this. I want Lucrezia and Caterina get off down in the dungeons of Castel Sant'Angelo.

Hatesex is extremely appreciated. Big time bonus for dirty talk and furious battle for dominance. I will love you forever if you'll come up with something about that iron rod Lucrezia used on Caterina to, ahem, channel her fury. I'd prefer Ezio excluded from the sexy time, although he may witness some physical abuse and (metaphorically speaking :b) sharp tongues confronting each other before proceeding in his infiltration.

I beg of you - make it happen! *Slyly wipes a trail of drool off chin*

Naughty OP is naughty

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 03:17 am (UTC)(link)
I want some really intense AltMal sexy times. It can be set wherever and whenever you like (novice Altaïr and Malik, in the Jerusalem bureau, after Altaïr becomes grandmaster or even modern AU). I honestly don't mind as long as it's hot, smutty and ovary-explosion inducing.

Re: Naughty OP is naughty

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)


Re: Naughty OP is naughty

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Altair Carves Malik A Wooden Arm

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:37 am (UTC)(link)
To formally apologize for the incident in Solomon's Temple, Altair carves Malik a wooden arm. Malik appreciates the effort, unfortunately, Altair isn't exactly a master carpenter. I would really prefer to be just friendship with no pairings.


(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
[What this is I don't even know..]
Malik stared at Altair's offering. It was what appeared to be a very, very loose approximation of an appendage. Specifically, a left arm. At least, he assumed it was supposed to be a left arm.
He eyed his friend. "If this is a joke, it is in poor taste," he said acidly.
Altair's eyes widened slightly- not so much that it broadcasted his emotions to everyone, he was fair too disciplined for that. But Malik thought he saw a flash of hurt on the Master Assassin's face. "I did not seek to offend you."
"What could such an offer do, other then offend me?" Malik snapped.
Altair cast his eyes to the floor. It was surprising to see him look so bashful. Bashful was not a word Malik would have ever assosciated with the hardened killer.
Taking pity on Altair, Malik relented. "Novice, I have already given you my forgiveness. It is a fool's errand to try to make it up to me, because nothing you will do will be able to. But you have done much for the brotherhood, and redeemed yourself."
"I know," Malik could have sworn he heard Altair sigh.
He smirked. "Nonetheless, brother, I appreciate the effort. Despite the fact your carpentry is rather lacking, and your time would have been better spent helping rebuild the brotherhood."
He took the arm, and examined it. It looked like Altair had tried carving with his short sword or throwing knife.
Altair reached for it back, embarrassed. "I'll contribute it to the stocked firewood."
He held it out of his friend's reach. "No, I think this is worth of a destiny other then becoming charcoal." He put the wooden appendage in his bag, and clapped Altair on the shoulder.
That night, Malik sat sketching out a map of Masyaf. Despite being promoted beyond rafiq, he fond he still had a fondness for drawing maps. Novices always were in need of them anyway, and it was something to keep his mind sharp.
The task was made easier by his new wooden paperweight, keeping the edges of the parchment from curling up.
(captcha- synthesis (haha) settsbe)

Op here

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(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Anything with this pairing as long as it is something cute and fluffy...Ok, Vieri is definitey not the romantic type, but Federico seems like the perfect gentleman, right? :)

Re: Fed/Vi

(Anonymous) 2012-01-14 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
seconded x infinity!!!

Write anons write!!!

Let's gangbang Desmond!

(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 07:43 am (UTC)(link)
Desmond is my absolute favorite character, therefore my number one person to slash with about everyone.
This humble anon would like her five other favorites (Altair, Malik, Shaun, Ezio and Leonardo) to shower Des with their love (amongst other things). I'd like them all to have varying degrees of showing their bedroom prowess e.g. Altair is dominating and possessive while on the other end of the spectrum Leo is compassionate and gentle. Notice I say "gangbang" and not "rape", so I would also appreciate it if Desmond is a bit scared/hesitant at first, then scared at how much he likes it, then finally he's just begging for it; read: cockslut.

Extra points for:
-toys, including but not limited to: anal beads, cockring, vibrator (of Leo's somewhat dubious invention)
-double penetration
-if Shaun stays behind to clean Desmond up
-if their focus is solely on Des, meaning no AltMal, EzLeo, etc.

tl;dr version: all of our hot men pile on Miles!


(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
Finally we bring back the kink.

Mmmm... cockslut, and Shaun cleaning up?
Sounds great!
As long as Shaun cleans up with his tongue...

Re: Let's gangbang Desmond!

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Re: Let's gangbang Desmond!

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Re: Let's gangbang Desmond!

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Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Shaun enjoys milk with his tea. More specifically, Shaun enjoys Desmond's milk with his tea. To preserve the taste the milk must be fresh of course, so Shaun will do anything to get what he needs to make his tea perfect: fuck Desmond until the man spurts into Shaun's tea cup, prostate milk him until he gives it up, or hell, even deny Desmond an orgasm from the night before so it'll be extra easy to collect his milk in the morning.

Extra points if toys are involved~~

I'm going to hell for this...

Re: Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 06:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I will join you in Hell.


Re: Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

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Re: Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

(Anonymous) - 2012-03-23 00:30 (UTC) - Expand

I was drinking tea while reading this.

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Re: Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-15 21:10 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Shaun/Desmond - a rather twisted prompt

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Rubix Cube

(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
(College AU) Altair got a Rubix Cube for his birthday and hasn't put it down. He's constantly solving and resolving it every hour and Malik isn't too happy about it. The cube has all but been cock-blocking him from doing ANYTHING with Altair. He's been pulling off all the stops to get Altair to do anything, and it's not working. So how does he feel?

To sum it up: he's pissed.

So what does he do? He shows Altair what happens when you ignore him for a week or two. Aka: Rough sex multiple times...

*Is shot*

Re: Rubix Cube

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 12:40 am (UTC)(link)
All this anon can imagine is Altair trying to solve the cube during sex. Malik topping the hell out of him in all different kinds of positions while he's just like, "Wait, this blue tile needs to get over here..."


Re: Rubix Cube

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Cubie Had A Little "Accident"

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-17 12:40 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Cubie Had A Little "Accident"

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Re: Cubie Had A Little "Accident"

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because this is what the kink meme is for.

(Anonymous) 2012-01-15 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Malik is captured by Robert de Sable in the Temple of Solomon. Bonus points for kink and Robert making reference to Malik's master's plans-which Malik has no idea about. Because things would have been rather different if Malik hadn't brought back the piece of Eden to Masyaf in the first place.
I want Malik's back against the wall-literally.
Have fun.

because this is what the kink meme is for. [FILL 1/?]

(Anonymous) 2014-12-05 06:07 pm (UTC)(link)
Not sure if this was what you were looking for OP, but here is my attempt at a fill!


Awareness comes to Malik in brief, inconsistent bursts after the surgery that he barely remembers while under the effects of the opium they'd given him to help dull the pain.

When he does come to, he finds the room stifling, unbearably hot, but he can't find the strength to push the blanket off him.

But then there's a cool hand on his forehead and it is such a relief on his heated skin that he summons enough strength to lean in towards it slightly.

He makes a sorry sight, face flushed and lips parted, in the grips of a fever that he's not even aware enough to process as being there.

A thumb strokes over his brow gently.

"The doctors say it is unlikely that you will survive this."

Opening his eyes was a chore, but he manages to blink them open even though they felt like they weighed more than they should. It takes another moment to recognize the face by his bedside...then he recoils from the touch, half pushing and half-wriggling away from the hand touching him as if it were poisoned. His eyes when they focus on the figure of Robert De Sable at his bedside are murderous.

"Get out." His voice comes out in a rasp (raw from all the screaming he did when they took off his arm).

He scrambles to sit up to...he's not sure what, but he never gets the chance to find out because he find himself pinned to the cot he's laying on.

Oh, and Malik can still find enough of himself through the haze of drugs and fever to be furious at how easily Robert achieves this. His is a giant of a man, sure, but Malik is an assassin, and he's being pinned like he's nothing but a frail maiden.

He thrashes, but it does not last long, his body still weighed down by fatigue and narcotics. Then he's laying on the cot, shoulders pressed to the cot by two hands, panting as Robert Fucking-De Sable smiled down at him.

Malik wanted nothing so much as he wanted to claw the man's (his little brother's murderer) eyes out.

"They say you are going to die." He says conversationally. He leaves one hand on Malik's shoulder while the other trails down his front towards his naval, "I do not often argue with doctors, but in this case I believe they are wrong." Malik grits his teeth when Robert's hand drifts past the waistband of his breeches and palms his cock through the fabric, but doesn't have the strength to fight the hand holding him down. "You see, you do not strike me as the sort of man who would just give up like that."

The pressure of the Templar's hand disappear briefly only to pick at the ties of his breech, in order to reach under the cloth and stroke him.

He bites back a moan, but cannot fight the way his hips twitch up into the first touch. After that he resolutely does not move, unwilling to concede this.

Oh, but the up-and-down stroke of Robert's hand is distracting even without needing to decipher the casual drone of his voice as actual words.

"You hate this," He twists on the upstroke and thumbs the head of Malik's cock, and Malik bites his lip hard enough that it bleeds, "You hate that your body betrays you, that I can do this to you."

His touches are gentle, everything their previous coupling hadn't been (when he'd pushed into Malik's body roughly when they'd broken camp after leaving Solomon's Temple, pressing his face into the dirt as he bit at the back of Malik's neck like an animal marking its property and told him that no one would come save him).

But Malik hates this more.

"Your hate will sustain you." He continues, looking right into Malik's face as he continues to stroke him off, "you will live because you hate me more than you desire escape."

Malik glares up at him, despite the flush in his cheeks that had spread to his neck, despite the fact that he was all too warm in an entirely different and wholly unwelcome way, "Fuck you." He manages to spit out.

Robert's smile does not falter and his hand leaves Malik's body only long enough to manoeuvre himself onto the bed, "No, I don't believe you will." And Malik didn't have the strength to stop the way his legs are parted by Robert's hand as he leans in to press the assassin' into the cot with his body weight. "But I may oblige you one day." He leans down and bites at Malik's ear before running his tongue over the shell, "that is, if it pleases me to do so."

~ + ~

Robert visits him in the infirmary a couple more times. Every time he does, the doctors will clear out of the room Malik is being kept (alone) in.

Malik is never sure who he hates more when it happens: Robert, the doctors who shuffle away or himself for being weak enough to allow it to happen.

"I would not need to be rough with you if you were more complacent." Robert notes thoughtfully as he pulls slowly out of Malik's body, allowing him to feel the slow drag of skin on skin before he fucks in sharply causing Malik to tighten his fist in the sheets.

They've lessened the amount of opium he's given, but still he doesn't have the energy to fight Robert off for long and it always, always ends something like this.

"It is a pity about the other one." Robert continues to talk (he was always talking when he forced himself on Malik, inane things that did nothing but make Malik's blood boil), "your brother, I believe? I should have liked to have both of you at my mercy."

And that, that has Malik snarling and reaching out blindly, wanting to dig his nails or sink his teeth into the man, anything at all to make him shut up and hurt. His traitorous body, however, only managed a weak grip on the man's forearm.

"Don't you dare--ah!" Robert chuckles when Malik clenches his eyes tight against the pleasure and disgust Robert pulled from him with each thrust of his hips, "Don't you dare talk about him."

"So much anger." Robert leans in close so his breath ghosts over Malik's face. It is muggy and warm and Malik wishes he could say it smelled foul but Robert is a gentleman and would not allow himself that. All the same, it made his skin crawl, "And yet, who is really to blame for your brother's death?"

Malik bares his teeth and weakly attempts to push Robert away and out of his face. He could have easily blamed Altair, the fool for the disaster in Solomon's Temple (and in a way he did) but that was nothing to the blame he could lay on the shoulders of the man who ran his brother through.

"You--" He bites back a moan, but when he speaks again his voice is still sharp and far more lucid than it has been in days, "who else is there to blame except the man who held the sword that killed my brother?"

Robert seems to contemplate it as he reaches between their bodies to take Malik's cock in his hand (and he hates it, feels disgusted by the way his body reacts without his permission to the touch).

"Who indeed?"

~ + ~

Reobert chuckled as he ran his hand up Malik's bare thighs. His white robes had been beyond saving, so they'd dressed him in a tunic in the European style. They'd neglected, however, to provide him with leggings. It meant that as Robert's hands trail up and under the bottom of the tunic, his hand slides right over the curve of the assassin's bare ass.

Malik had put up a fight, of course. It is amusing to see that he has so much fight left in him even now. It meant, as he began to regain strength in his body, that he had to be tied down, but Robert found he enjoyed the sight Malik presented, all trussed up like a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

"No words today?"

Because he never runs out of those, for all that he tries not to make any other sounds. He's cursed Robert more times than can be counted, and the man's tongue is sharp as a knife. Oh, and Robert did not hate that mouth, loved the broken edges to it as the assassin tries so very hard to keep himself together through sheer will alone. Today, though, there are no poisonous words spilling from that mouth.

The gag in his mouth probably had something to do with it.

Insolence, after all, cannot always be rewarded.

Malik glares up at him, defiant and hateful as Robert smooths his kneads the flesh beneath his hand, thoughtfully.

"I wonder," He begins casually as he turns Malik from his side onto his stomach, Malik twists away from his hand, but Robert only changes the trajectory of his movements, grasps the ruined remains of the assassin's left arm, and watches him jerk. The gag muffles the pain of noise that would have drawn from him. In that moment of distraction, Robert turns him over and covers the slimmer body with his own, "are you this quiet when your...master doles out punishment?" His voice ghosts over Malik's ear with each word and the body beneath his bucks up, no doubt trying to dislodge him. But they are both veterans in this game of violence and death, and both of them know that this is not a position from which there is any escape.

It will not work, least of all because Robert is larger and heavier. He only purrs and presses down against the rise of Malik's hip, pushing his gorwing erection against the man under him.

"Do you ever question what he does to you? Or do you just accept it?" He grinds down again, feels the way Malik shies away from the motion and ends up grinding himsef against the bed. There's a hitch in his breathing and Robert pushes up enough so he can watch the way his eyes are clenched tight and the way humiliation paints his skin a pretty, rosy colour.

"But of course you wouldn't." He continues as he ruts against the trapped body under his, "You would do everything he says without question or comment." He nips at his neck, braces himself on his elbows so he has a better angle with which to press down harder. Malik squirms again, makes one last, desperate bid for freedom, but the motion only draws a moan from Robert, " would do it even if it led you to your ruin."

He doesn't see the assassin's hand clench in anger, but he feels the scratch of his fingertips as they move. There is no sound, not even a muffled protest coming from Malik.

~ + ~

Robert watches with an indulgent smile as he thrusts the fingers of his left hand almost lazily in and out of the tight body sitting on his lap. Malik trembles from trying to hold himself still even though he wanted nothing more than to rut against the fingers pressing into him. Robert leans forward and licks over the assassin's collar bone, eliciting a whine.

All at once he pulls his fingers out with a tut and admires the way Malik whines at the loss.

He brings his left hand up, and grasps the assassin's chin and tilts his head up. His pupils are blown wide, but there's a glassy look to them that is entirely unnatural.

"You will not touch yourself." He says as his hand drifts from Malik's chin to his neck, then over his shoulder and onto his back. "You will not stop until I finish. You will find pleasure and release by your own efforts: you will receive no help from me."

Malik doesn't nod or respond, only raises himself at an unspoken signal, lines up Robert's cock with his entrance then seats himself with a wanton moan.

For once, Robert does not talk as they have sex, only drags his fingertips over Malik's back as he fucks himself on Robert's cock, wriggling sometimes to find that perfect angle. He braces his hand (his only) on the headboard for balance, and a string of wordless sounds are pulled from him, rising in a cresendo when he manages to hit that bundle of nerves that made his vision white out in pleasure.

He does not stop even when Robert's hand drifts up, tangles in his hair and pulls his head back, bearing his throat for Robert to bite and suck. The Apple of Eden continues to glow a faint gold in his right hand.

"Scream my name when you come." He says in between nips at the tender flesh of the man's neck and smiles when the body around him tightens and the sound of his name is ripped from Malik's throat, loud enough that anyone passing by in the halls could have heard it even through the thick, wooden doors.

Robert himself only barely holds on as Malik finishes, pausing only long enough to gather his breath before he's moving again. His body is trembling from effort with his eyes squeezed shut, head tilted back, mouth open and panting. The pace he sets can't be anything but uncomfortable when his body is still over-sensitive after an orgasm. Still, he rides Robert's dick until it's too much for the Templar Grandmaster and he thrusts up and finishes inside him with a groan.

The indulgent smile returns as he leans in and kisses Malik on the mouth, slipping his tongue between unresisting teeth. He does not move an inch from where he's still seated on Robert's lap.

"Good." Robert says right before shoving Malik off of him. Good like one might say to a well-behaved pet. The word cuts into Malik's mind sharper than anything else as the glow of the artefact faded and Malik's eyes lost that glassy look. He falls to the side like a puppet with its string cut, but the hate with which he looks at Robert is so intense it was almost tangible.

"This is the power you would have given to your Master." He says, as he leans over to pet the assassin's hair, "it should frighten you, how close you came to giving him what he wanted."

Malik snarls and sits up. He is unbound for this session and he throws himself at Robert with all the precision of an animal of prey, something feral and dangerous, pressing Robert into the bed with his forearm across his throat, hard enough to block the passage of his airway.

There is a second of panic, when he couldn't breathe, but it is not difficult to flip them back over because Malik still instinctively expected to be able to catch himself with his left arm.

Any struggle he may have tried to put up died as the artefact glowed once more.

"It seems you have learnt nothing."

~ + ~

Malik is tied to the bed when Robert isn't here, (and tied which ever way Robert wanted when he was), but when the door shuts and he's left alone he slides off it and sits on the floor instead.

He leans back, head resting on the edge of the luxuriously large bed, feeling filthy and used and, not for the first time, he wishes he could burn this room and every thing to do with that bastard to the ground.


I feel like there needs to be some kind of rescue happening at the end, but for now I've sort of lost steam...but I do want to finish it because, ugh. I feel so bad for Malik. D:


(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 04:20 am (UTC)(link)
This spawned from my friend (who cosplays Desmond) Sitting at a train station and getting harassed by a pigeon.

Desmond is sitting at a train station, and (for some unknown reason) Shaun in pigeon form, comes up and starts harrassing him. Crackiness ensues.

Re: Pigeon!Shaun/Desmond

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
When I read the subject line, I got this image in my head of Shaun in a pigeon costume doing....uh...bad things to Des.


This is crackier than the OP's prompt! WHAT HAS THIS MEME DONE TO MY BRAIN?!

Re: Pigeon!Shaun/Desmond

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-17 01:04 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Pigeon!Shaun/Desmond

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-17 08:08 (UTC) - Expand

OP here!

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-18 02:46 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
I would love for any kind of fill based on this pic:

O u O

Collar kink

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 05:00 am (UTC)(link)
Yup, I have a raging collar kink that I haven't been able to satisfy with the meme so far.

So. I want someone to put a collar non-sexually on someone else, only for the collar-wearer to really, really like it. The non-collared on then exploits that fact. Could be as a joke or a disguise or whatever. Any pairing, though I have a fondness for Mal/Alt, Shaun/Des, and Lucrezia/Ezio, in this case.

Re: Collar kink

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 05:02 am (UTC)(link)
Oh...please writeanon's take up either the Malik/Altair or Shaun/Des one (with Alair or Desmond being collared. This is seriously one of my big kinks. *puppy eyes*)

Safety and Trust - Part 1

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Re: Safety and Trust - Part 1

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-16 06:19 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Safety and Trust - Part 1

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-16 06:44 (UTC) - Expand

Safety and Trust - Part 2/?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-16 07:12 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Safety and Trust - Part 2/?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-16 20:49 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Safety and Trust - Part 2/?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-16 21:29 (UTC) - Expand

Safety and Trust - Part 3/?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-17 08:14 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Safety and Trust - Part 3/?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-17 20:09 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Safety and Trust - Part 3/?

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Re: Safety and Trust - Part 3/?

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Re: Safety and Trust - Part 3/?

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Lucrezia Gets Gang banged

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 09:20 am (UTC)(link)
Because i have a sick, sick mind. here are my personal favorite candidates Ezio, Cesare, Micheletto, and Machiavelli. So let's have some explicit smut. I NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Animus Island!

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 09:38 am (UTC)(link)
What if Subject Sixteen was a porn star and Animus Island was the set for his next big film?
Enter Desmond Miles as confused extra/supporting actor and ACTION!


(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 09:39 am (UTC)(link)



(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 05:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Can't see the pic, anon. :(

image mirror

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Re: image mirror

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Healing is an Art too.

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 10:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Altair has a hobby that nobody would have guessed... healing, because if you want to heal someone you have to know where to stab and where to not. It would explain how one little knife can kill an archer in one try, or how he knows where to stab to make a death as painless as possible...

Ideas for anons?
- Malik gets sick and Altair has to get stuck caring for him and he's shocked that Altair knows what to do.
- A novice gets injured and nobody knows what to do, so they leave to find a doctor and when they come back the novice is all patched up.
- Or, a mission goes wrong and Altair is hurt so he has to talk someone through what to do...

If there is or isn't smut, I don't mind, but if there is I'd like to see a little bit of bottom!altair... or one that knows where to and where not to touch for someone to get all hot and bothered...

I feel awkward requesting this.

Re: Healing is an Art too.

(Anonymous) 2012-01-16 11:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Seconded like burning!
And if no one does this I may take a crack at it, but I know little about medieval medicine in the middle east.

Re: Healing is an Art too.

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Re: Healing is an Art too.

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Penance 1/?

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Re: Penance 1/?

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Re: Penance 1/?

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Penance 2/?

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Re: Penance 2/?

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Assassins would be awesome gunslingers

(Anonymous) 2012-01-17 04:54 am (UTC)(link)
I feel bad since I haven't yet posted the fills I'm still working on, but it is coming to an end of a very long day so I feel entitled.

If I remember right Desmond was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Which some of you may know as the location of Deadwood. And if you didn't, quick history is one of the most well known locations of old west/cowboy/whatever-you-want-to-call-it history. Wild Bill and Calamity Jane being a few of the names there.

So I want a western. Specifically, I want gunslingers (but they don't have to be doing any shooting) With whoever you see fits.

Re: Assassins would be awesome gunslingers

(Anonymous) 2012-01-17 05:42 am (UTC)(link)
Holy shit anon I am working on two fills and am ignorant about wild west except for a few cowboy movies and frontier books, but I just got the image of La Volpe in a cowboy hat and now I have to fill this.
Would anon be okay with a oneshot?


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Leonardo, world's only consulting detective.

(Anonymous) 2012-01-17 07:24 am (UTC)(link)
I just finished the Sherlock finale and well, I'm sort of an emotional wreck. But it got me thinking that I would kill for a modern day AC detective AU. Maybe Ezio is a retired mercenary who just so ends up living with the scatterbrained genius Leonardo, a self proclaimed "consulting detective". Add a slew of characters such as Ezio's family who hold mysterious positions in government and his cousins Desmond and Altair in the police force and all sort of sleuthing problems. Obviously things must be changed as far as the Sherlock forumla but I would love to see this sort of situation.

There must be amazing sexual tension and sexy scarves since those are essential.

Re: Leonardo, world's only consulting detective.

(Anonymous) 2012-01-18 05:17 am (UTC)(link)
Holy shit. I don't just want this, I NEED this. NEED THIS LIKE BURNING.

So yeah, seconded. I also miss Ezio/Leo fics. It seems Altair has all the fun these days.

Re: Leonardo, world's only consulting detective.

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