Someone wrote in [personal profile] asscreedkinkmeme 2011-11-16 10:52 pm (UTC)

In memoriam

As I'm trying to avoid Spoilers on the first request, I'll try and be vague about it.

The man who kept his word to Ezio, and dies trying. Died between the books. Funny man.

I'm really sad about his death, and even more with how unexpected and lame it is. I would've wanted him to outlive Ezio, maybe have a little chat when they're both REALLY old.
But that didn't happen, so what I ask right now, is a fic about him, anything goes, but I want it to embody his character.

Can anyone do that for me? (Alternatively, there's another character death, supposedly, with the 'due deletion' and all, if someone would care to write about him, I'm okay with it)

Darn it, why did I had to finish the game, now I'm sad! (and anxious for part 3)

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