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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt. 5

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.5
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Re: Avaline/Connor- For Those who want the rest of the story 3/4

(Anonymous) 2013-04-04 04:20 pm (UTC)(link)
It was more awkward than he expected, in some ways. He couldn't see what was going on, only feel it and that made it both worse and better. His trousers had been pulled down, and he'd allowed her to guide him into a position of being mostly bent over, with his ass sticking out; that seemed accurate to the memory of what he'd seen- despite his bold words, it had only been once that he had caught a pair in the act. Avaline's fingers were slender and warm where they trailed down over the muscles of his ass and between to stroke over his asshole

“Remember to relax.” She said coaxingly. “And to tell me what you want.” One of her hands spread his butcheeks, as the fingers of the other pressed in, it was a warm stretchy feeling and he found that he liked it- and he liked that he could feel Avaline leaning against him, and the shape of her body through her clothes, pressed against him, the smell of her leather and fine cotton garments, the faint smell of her soap, and whatever the oil was she was even now coating him with. Her fingers worked, in and out, deeper each time, and he fought to stay relaxed, when his body was quaking and tensing especially when the very tip of her pinky finger traced along the underside of his balls. The few times he had indulged in self pleasure it had certainly never felt like this.
“You liking this?” she asked.
“Yes.” he answered, somewhat confused.
“Can barely tell.” Avaline commented, wryly “What with all the noise you're not making.”
“It... I can not” whatever it was he couldn't she never found out because her questing fingers pressed past the sensitive muscle and this time stuck something that made him shudder all over, and gasp. The feeling of fullness and stretching was very welcome suddenly and he wanted more.
“Oh there we have it.” Avaline pulled her fingers out and he made a sound of disappointment, turning back over his shoulder to watch her. It was a clever device, and she opened the fly of her breaches tucking the knob at one end into herself a process that made her bite her lip in what looked very much like pleasure, the expression flitting over her face as she coated the smooth wood with the oil, and stroked it to give it a bit more warmth. She shifted back and forth, and pressed the end that looked far more like a penis in the dim moonlight, against his back dragging it slowly and teasingly between his buttocks.

“I want you to tell me what you want.” she ordered him. There was no question in her voice.
Connor found his vocabulary lacking in this regard.
“I want you to-” he tried to think of the term, “ride me like a sailor?” he suggested, not wanting to take longer.
“Oh that'll do. Naughty Connor.” she gave his hip a pat that was half slap, and pressed in, slowly at first then faster, rocking into him, giving like grunts and moans of her own, since the device was designed to rub her as much as whoever she was using it on. The sounds were almost as stimulating as the feeling, and he lost himself in it, forgetting everything else for the time being.

It only took a few hard pumps and thrusts before Connor gave in to the full body quake of his orgasm, spurting hot come over her hand. Her hips gave a few more thrusts, as his body sagged beneath her, momentarily limp. Avaline stifled a groan, given his lack of experience, she hadn't expected him to last long- he'd lasted longer than she'd expected frankly. She disengaged, and even helped him turn so he could sit- gingerly, leaning against the same post he'd been clinging to for support moments before.

Re: Avaline/Connor- For Those who want the rest of the story 4/4

(Anonymous) 2013-04-04 04:21 pm (UTC)(link)
But she herself was so close, and her body protested as she pulled the clever toy free. She worked her breaches open further- the support had been good for the equipment but they'd get in the way of her finding her release. To her surprise, Connor's hand touched hers.
“You're young and eager, but you're not going to be much use to me for a bit,” she informed him, as though they weren't the same age or thereabouts. “Not for this.”
“For what you're doing, I could be just as good.” he offered, and she gave a short laugh, straddling his thighs, which were still bare,guiding his hand down, over the wiry hair and between the lips of her labia. It was different than her own hand and that was kind of good. His hands had calluses from his weapons and his fingers were thick. Even hot and wet as she was two of them were a filling stretch and she moaned, rocking down on them. “Oh yes, just oh-” she moaned, and he crooked his fingers to a wonderful angle as she rocked, stroking his thumb over her mounds. Her hands clamped on his shoulders as she rocked back and forth, forehead pressing to his coat breathing in the fresh smell of his body, pine sap and even the hot smell of his recent orgasm. She was closer than she'd thought and the wave of pleasure took her by surprise, a wonderful delightful surprise, in a flood of warmth throughout her body. She collapsed against him, resting against the native assassin’s chest, until both their breathing calmed.

At last she took a deep a breath, and sat up.
“Not how I expected to spend time with you.” She said cheerfully. “But... I liked it. What about you?” He still looked a little dazed, and she rested her hands on his chest. “Connor?” she asked “Are you all right?” Suddenly his hand was on her face and he was kissing her- rather sloppily, but that wasn't surprising all things considered. It was definitely the kiss of someone who'd never really done it, but had seen other people, and it didn't take much coaxing for it to get better. It helped prolong the warm floaty feeling the rest had left her with and she was good with that.
“I would not mind investigating further.” he said very seriously, but she saw- thought she saw a hint of humor in his eyes.
“We'll see.” Avaline laughed low in her chest, and kissed him again.