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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt. 5

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.5
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Re: FILL: Breaking Free 3a/3

(Anonymous) 2012-11-25 03:15 pm (UTC)(link)
Malik wasn't able to ask the questions which burnt underneath his skin like hot stone. He would have to ask Altair later how he managed to get into the prison, how he managed to open the doors. But the most important question right now was how they were getting out of this without being noticed.

Right now, Malik was leaning heavily on Altair, one arm around the man's shoulders, one leg dragging behind him since it got twisted so badly as the warder had brought him back to his cell that it hurt too much to put weight on it now. His breath came labored and the blood was whooshing loudly inside his ears and made it sound like as if a waterfall was nearby. Altair lead him further into the prison and the air smelled even fouler here. The corridor was dark and only barely illuminated by a few torches. “Do you know what you're doing?”, Malik asked him after a while and out of breath. Too many questions were spinning around in his head and melted together in one huge, confusing mess, too big for him to grasp the meaning of them yet.

Altair didn't answer but kept urging him forwards, his lips pressed tightly into a thin fine line. Malik couldn't see his eyes as they were hidden by the shadow of his cowl. He hadn't thought it would be Altair coming after him. He hadn't thought anybody would be coming after him. It felt wrong though and tasted bitter on his tongue – it felt like as if he'd failed again.

They reached the end of the corridor and Malik saw a gutter embedded in the wall in front of them. Altair glanced sideways at Malik before he pulled his arm gently from his shoulders and maneuvered him against one of the walls. He didn't have the strength to stand and slumped slowly down. He felt hot, far too hot for his own liking and his joints hurt badly. His fever was rising.

Altair crouched down in front of the gutter and turned around to eye Malik. “We won't have much time once I opened this. It's going to draw the attention of the guards.” His words were hushed and hastily spoken and Malik realized that this was all Altair, the assassin, thinking tactical and only speaking when it was necessary. It actually calmed Malik – at least one of them was in control now. The whirling memories of Kadar's death, his own failure kept Malik's world in a state of chaos. Robert had rattled his cage and he didn't know how he could stop himself from falling. It felt good to have somebody at his side who didn't seem to be affected by his troubled mind.

He nodded at Altair to signalize him that he understood. He watched how the younger man turned back, fumbling with the gutter's hinges, then he stood up and kicked against it. One time, two times, three times and finally, finally it broke and fell to the ground on the other side with a loud clatter.

“Quick now”, Altair hissed at him and pulled Malik to his feet. He groaned in pain, but they couldn't afford to go slowl now. Altair shoved him through the opening and he stumbled through the small hole and found himself on the other side. Once Malik was through, something changed.

He could actually make it out alive – that thought hadn't crossed his mind for the last twelve hours now. If it hadn't been for Altair he would have never gotten the chance and even if the guards would catch up with them, Malik could actually put on a fight now – it would probably result in his death, but hell, he got a chance now. New strength blossomed inside of him like a rose in spring. It would kill him if the guards caught them but he'd rather die while fighting than being tortured to death by Robert. How Altair was able to put back the fighting spirit into Malik was something he had no answer for, but for now Malik had hope.

It was strange, odd really since he thought he didn't deserve such a thing – he had had let Kadar down, Robert had painfully reminded him of that. But Altair... Altair had come for him. Why, he didn't know but he'd come and he was risking his life to get him free.

“Move”, Altair told him, his hand pushing in between his shoulder blades and Malik stumbled forwards. They could hear angry shouts behind them only shortly after – the flickering light of torches illuminating the low corridor behind them told Malik that they were near and that they had to move faster. “Go Malik”, Altair hissed, his hand at his sword, ready to pull it out and fight if it was necessary.

Malik didn't look back anymore. He limped forwards, further and further while his legs grew heavier and heavier and his breath burnt inside his lungs. “Over your head”, he heard Altair's voice right next to his ear. “Stop”, and Malik did, looking upwards. There was a small opening right above his head, a tinytunnel, only wide enough for his body to fit in with a ladder inside of it. Altair grabbed him around his waist, hoisting him upwards and Malik took the first run to pull himself up.

Altair followed suit and when Malik had managed to climb up half the way, he could hear the guards standing right underneath them, shouting, and an arrow hit the stonewall next to his side. Malik risked a glance over his shoulder and saw how Altair had stopped, a throwing knife in his hand and aiming for a man who had started to climb the ladder as well. He threw and hit, the guard screaming in agony and falling down on his following comrades and in the dim light, Malik could see the hilt of Altair's dagger sticking out of his eye socket. It brought them some time and Malik continued climbing, his breathing heavy while adrenaline shoot through his body and provided him with new strength.

At last he reached the end, another small door blocking his way out. He pushed against it, gritting his teeth as pain shot down his arm but he managed and the small trapdoor gave away and opened.

Malik found himself in a small backstreet as he climbed out of the tunnel, making sure that Altair was still behind him. He rolled onto his back, gasping for air as the world didn't want to stop spinning.

“Get up novice”, he heard Altair's voice coming from somewhere but the victorious feeling of being outside again robbed him of his strength and lulled Malik into a false sense of security. He couldn't keep his eyes open and thick clouds of fog caused his vision to blur. He blinked his eye, but it didn't get better it got only worse.

“Novice!”, Altair barked above him and the trapdoor fell shut again and the assassin moved around to push a hay cart to block the exit.

Malik's heart was racing and sweat was running into his eye. He couldn't move as he felt paralyzed. He just couldn't. It was too much, his body too weak, his mind at the brink of falling apart, his heart and limbs heavy with sorrow and his voice gone. He shook his head – it was all he could manage at the moment.

Altair knelt to his side, one hand underneath his arm ready to pull him up.

“Well look at that.” The voice was calm, sounding amused. Malik's blood run cold and he stopped breathing for a few seconds. He didn't have to open his eye to know who that voice belonged too. He could hear the sound of several feet running across cobblestone, the loud clattering of armor and swords being pulled free from their sheaths.

Altair let go of Malik's arm and turned towards Robert de Sablé.

Malik cracked his eye open and he watched how Altair's hand hovered above the hilt of his sword, shoulders tense. He stood in front of Malik's broken body, shielding him from Robert's view.

“It's no use assassin. You're surrounded”, and Malik saw how Altair looked upwards, his eyes following archers who took their places on the roof above their heads. The younger man looked like a trapped animal, ready to take flight if it was needed – all he had to do now was to find a way for him and Malik to escape unharmed.

An arrow flew past Altair's ear and hit the ground to his feet. It barely missed him and Robert made a loud, angry sound, shouting in French. He lifted one arm, his hand closed to a fist.

“Hold back you fools! These men are mine”, he snarled angrily and his gaze settled back onto Altair and Malik as if they were his cattle to slaughter. It reminded Malik of when Altair had been thrown through the wall in Solomon's Temple and he and Kadar had faced the Templars by themselves. It was just as hopelessness now as it had been back then. There was no way for the both of them to escape.

“Altair...”, Malik murmured, pushing himself a bit up with a low groan. “You stupid novice, go. It was foolish to come for my rescue, it's even more foolish to stay and wanting to fight”, he said quietly with gritted teeth.

“Hush now”, was all which Altair replied, not bothering to even look at Malik. “We're in this together, we fight together. Up to your feet”, he ordered and for a split second anger rushed through Malik's body like a tsunami. He was Altair's superior, he hold no right to give him such orders! But then it clicked inside his head and he forced his limbs to move, pushing himself off the ground only to come to a stand next to Altair, weak on his legs.

“Would you look at that”, Robert said with a wide smile on his face, his arms spread to either side of his body in a welcoming gesture. “I came to mourn over a friend and what do I find? His murderer and the man who robbed me of my treasure.” His eyes narrowed and his lips were set into a grim smile. “I let you escape once, I won't let you escape twice.”

Altair hold his arm in front of Malik as the Dai made an attempt to rush forwards – the Dai's high fever was clouding his mind, forcing him to make the false decisions. Altair kept him back, pushing him behind his body as he walked slowly backwards, pulling his sword free and holding it in front of his body. “Today's not the day for us to shed our blood, Templar”, he heard Altair's voice and it sounded like as it had back at Solomon's Temple. Altair kept moving backwards, forcing Malik to walk backwards as well until they were close to a nearby wall, a hand pulley block right next to him.

Malik looked across Altair's shoulder. There were at least a dozen Templars standing behind Robert and as he glanced upwards he counted four archers on the roofs, aiming with their arrows at them.

“Malik”, he heard Altair whisper and he focused back on the man standing in front of him, “you have to trust me on this”, he murmured, his lips barely moving.

“No, it's not!”, Robert shouted and draw Malik's focus back onto him. “It'll be your blood to stain the streets!”, and with his last words, he made a gesture with his hand and six of his guards were rushing forwards, ready to take Altair and Malik in.

“Now”, Altair said and Malik felt an arm wrap around his waist as Altair turned around, kicking at the lever for the hand pulley block. As soon as he did, Altair's hand took a hold of the rope, pulling Malik with him as they were hoisted upwards. It all went so fast that it left Malik dizzy and for a moment he thought the world had turned upside down. Colors were rushing in wild chaos, the wind ripping at his clothes, but at last he found himself standing on his two feet on the roof, high above Robert's guards and the Templar himself.

Before he could say anything, Altair pushed him to the ground and he fell hard on his back, the impart knocking the air out of his lungs. Arrows were raining from the sky and he saw Altair seeking shelter behind a roof-garden, pulling his crossbow from his back and aiming for the enemy. It only took him four shots, four perfect shots who took out the archers on the neighbor roof. He could hear curses in French coming from the street underneath him and Robert, screaming at his men to go after them.

Altair fell to the ground next to him and rolled towards Malik, looking at him with calm eyes. “A leap of faith, brother”, he said and Malik didn't have the time to answer him, confusion washing over his face as Altair reached for his arm, pulling him and dragging him to the other side of the roof.

“Altair, wh-”, but whatever it was Malik was about to say, it was lost as soon as Altair pushed him over the edge and he fell down and into the street below them. He landed in a haystack and since he hadn't been able to control his fall, he was rolling rather clumsy out of it and came to a halt on his back, looking up the high building to find Altair standing at the edge. The moon was standing in his back, making him look like nothing but a figure of a shadow. He spread his arms to each side and jumped. Malik thought he could hear the cry of an eagle nearby but the thought vanished as soon as Altair's body hit the hay as well. The man rolled out of it with more elegance than Malik had managed, hay falling from his body like a waterfall.

“We need to go”, he said and hoisted Malik back on his feet.

It was the moment Malik broke free from his stupor, blinking his eye once before he leaned on Altair to stumble with him through the empty street. “We can't go to the bureau, they know the location”, he said through a hiss of pain.

“I know”, Altair said as they walked quickly around a corner and came face to face with a market – perfect. The many stalls and people would give them the opportunity to blend in with the crowd. Out of the corner of his eye Malik saw how Altair quickly stole a large piece of fabric from one of the merchants, black, and shoving it into Malik's hand. “Put this on”, he said and Malik wrapped it around his shoulders and head, covering his face and dirty clothes within the process. “There are two dead Templars laying in your bureau. I killed them when I came looking for you”, Altair murmured and Malik said nothing to it. After all, he didn't have had the chance to warm his fellow brothers when he got captured.

“I think we lost them”, Altair murmured when they couldn't hear any more angry shouts in French behind them but only the loud and busy murmur of the shoppers around them. Even though it was late in the night, Jerusalem never slept and its citizens were up and awake. “We go somewhere else”, he added and guided Malik through the streets. They had to stop every now and then and Malik leaned heavily against walls to catch his breath before they could continue their way. Altair lead him into the poor district, near the city's walls. They hardly met people or other guards in that part of the city and he allowed himself to take a deep breath of relief.

Re: FILL: Breaking Free 3b/3 (COMPLETE)

(Anonymous) 2012-11-25 03:17 pm (UTC)(link)
“Don't expect me to thank you”, Malik spat angrily once they stumbled into a small empty stable and Altair helped him to lay back against the ground. Malik kept himself up, using his remaining elbow to do so. “I didn't ask for you to come for me, I could have handled the situation myself.”

Altair didn't look up as his fingers flew over Malik's body, removing the shredded pieces of his robes and peeling the blood-soaked fabric off of him.

“You stupid novice! Is your arrogance so big that you think you could fight against an entire army of Templars?”

“Is your pride so big that you refuse to admit that you would have died there if it haven't been for me?”

No. Of course not. Malik knew that. He hadn't accept to die there but he had faced the possibility very well.

He hissed when Altair pulled away the last of his clothing only to reveal a rather large gash on his chest. There was no doubt that it would leave an ugly scar once it was stitched up. They didn't have the tools to do so here though – it'll have to wait, Malik would live. None of his injuries was fatal but hurt like a bitch.

“You could have gone after Robert”, Malik said quietly as Altair worked on his body, refusing to answer his question.

“Robert de Sablé wasn't my priority.”

It left Malik speechless for a few long moments, moments which seemed to never end.

“You were”, Altair added and Malik closed his eye, falling back against the straw his chest heaving as he breathed through the pain inside his heart.

“Why?”, he finally asked, his voice thin and barely above a whisper and Altair poured water from one of his bags over a piece of cloth and dragged it across his chest, washing away grime and dried blood. Some of the cuts started to bleed again as the cool water hit Malik's skin.

“Because you're a member of the Brotherhood.”


For a moment, Malik liked to believe Altair saving him hold a different reason. He didn't know what reason that should be but for a moment he wished... he just wished that for once, it'd be because he was important, to Altair. Not to the order.

“I can be replaced”, he said and swallowed thickly, shifting his weight and it felt like as if he was sinking deeper into the small bedding made of straw. Malik wouldn't mind if it swallowed him and he would never the see the light of the world again.

“Not to me.”

Only then did Malik open his eye and he looked at Altair and saw how the younger man was looking down on his hands which had stilled, the cloth dangling from between his fingers as if he had forgotten about it.

“What is this?”, Malik asked slowly and he felt himself growing irritated.

Altair sighed heavily. “I've been a fool, Malik”, he murmured quietly, his head hanging low between his shoulders, the hood keeping his eyes in a shadow.

“Normally, I would make no argument, but what is this? What are you talking about?”

“All this time, I never told I was sorry...”

Malik grew quiet, his breaths shallow.

“... too damn proud. You lost your arm because of me, lost Kadar.”

Malik's heart was aching, tears threatening to break free from his eyes. Couldn't he just shut up? After all he's been through those last couple of hours, he wasn't ready yet to have a conversation like this. Kadar... god, the guilt was eating him alive. Altair couldn't just talk about him like that, couldn't just act like as if it was his fault alone that Malik's brother had died.

“I do not accept your apology”, he managed to say at last, his voice hoarse.

Altair's shoulders slumped down. “I understand”, he said, his voice as distant as Malik knew it, as it always had been.

“No you don't”, he quickly added and his fingers wrapped around Altair's wrist to keep him from getting up. For a moment, Altair's eyes flashed up from behind the shadow, an amber gaze setting on Malik's face – if only for a split second, then it was gone just as quickly. “I do not accept your apology, because you are not the same man that went with me into Solomon's Temple. So you have nothing to apologize for.”

It was only true wasn't it? If Altair would have wanted, he could have had Robert's head today. But he refused, deciding that the life of a fellow brother hold more importance than the Templar himself. Eighteen months ago Altair would have made a different decision, not caring the least about Malik.

“Malik”, he whispered his name and the Dai thought he'd never heard somebody speaking his it like that before. Altair's voice was raw, full of emotions. He never thought he would ever see the day for that to happen.

“Perhaps... if had I not been so envious of you, I would not have gotten so careless myself. I am just as much to blame.” He couldn't forgive himself for what he did at Solomon's Temple, leaving Kadar behind – but he could forgive Altair because it was easier to show some kindness to somebody else than to himself.

“Don't say such things.” Altair looked up at him now, the hood falling back and revealing his bright eyes.

Malik's hand twitched but in the end he couldn't bring himself to reach out for the other man. Such things, such intimacy like the touch of another human being, was something he forbid himself. Instead he shook his head. “There were times where I wanted to see you dead and on some days I thought I would burn alive with my hate for you.” Malik looked off into empty space. “Huh”, he scoffed, “I think it was what kept me alive during those first days after they took my arm”, and as he looked up he thought he saw Altair flinching – but it was too dark in the small stable for him to be sure. It was probably only his imagination. “But then I realized that your dead wouldn't make it better”, and now his voice sounded thin and broken. “It wouldn't bring Kadar back to live or give me my arm.” He tried to smile. Truth was, his hate had been everything which kept him alive – and after a few months he had feared he would lose his will to live if it was gone and Malik had realized that hate couldn't be the answer, that his desire for vengeance was focused on the wrong issue.

“We are one, Altair. As we share the glory of victory, so too should we share the pain of defeat.” He swallowed hard. “In this way we grow closer, we grow stronger”, he finally said and it left Malik empty as truth tasted bitter.

Altair started moving again, dragging the cloth further over his chest, careful with the various cuts there. He brought the piece of fabric to Malik's left shoulder and he tensed. He glanced up at Altair and his face betrayed nothing when he washed down what was left of his arm.

“How did you know what happened to me?”, he pondered quietly and Altair turned away and took one of the small bags he was carrying on his back. He pulled out white, fresh linen to bandage Malik's wounds.

“A beggar”, he said simply and when Malik arched one eyebrow in question Altair sighed and continued: “He was getting beat up by guards, I helped him.” And Malik's eyebrow only rose higher because that didn't sound like Altair at all – the man really did change, didn't he? “He told me he saw something odd happening the other day. Guards beating up a man, taking him with them.”

“That's nothing out of the ordinary happening in Jerusalem”, Malik commented dryly and Altair gave him a stern look. “Alright, I shut up now. Tell your story”, Malik said and made a small waving motion with his hand.

“He thought it was odd because he kept hearing them saying the word 'assassin'. He doesn't understand French but he could hear the world very clearly and he told me that he thought that there must have been a mistake because-” Altair bit down on his lip and returned to unfolding the bandages, placing them next to Malik's body.

“Because?”, Malik urged him to keep talking.

The look in Altair's eyes had grown hard and distant and he avoided to meet Malik's burning gaze.

“Altair!”, Malik said after his patience was ready to tear like a thin thread.

“Because he thought that a cripple couldn't be an assassin.”

It was quiet for a few couple of breaths and Altair's shoulders looked tense as he started to wrap the first bandage around Malik's chest and he let the man do his work without showing any resistance.

“I knew it was you”, Altair added after a while, his voice thin and weak, so much softer now and full of regret. “I disguised myself as a beggar and let them capture me. I stole the keys from one of the guards and replaced them with a replica I made. That's all.”

“What about your mission? Robert de Sablé is in the city. He knows now that you're here. He will double his guards at the funeral, you won't get a chance to get to him.” Malik sounded angry but he felt as if he would shatter any moment now, his soul ready to break apart and to fall into million pieces. Altair would be the death of him.

“He would have known I'm here anyway”, Altair said calmly and took his time to tend to Malik's wounds.


There was the hint of a smile spreading over Altair's lips, empty and sad. “He has his spies everywhere, doesn't he?”

“Your mission is going to fail and for what? Because of your stupid stubbornness. Haven't you learned anything? You compromised the Brotherhood by coming after me!” New anger was blossoming in Malik's chest because he could accept anger better than he could accept the kindness Altair showed towards him. He wasn't ready to face the truth yet.

“The way I see it I would have compromised it if I hadn't come for you...” Altair tilted his head to one side and sat back on his heels, his hands resting calmly on his thighs and now that it was out in the open, there was no way for Malik to not see the truth.

He rubbed the bridge of his nose. Why kept Altair doing this to him? He'd done already enough and he just couldn't... he was in no condition to deal with all of these things, all of these raw emotions tearing at his soul, collapsing like a wave over him, carrying him away and leaving nothing but his vulnerability behind.

“Why?”, he whispered again in the end, squeezing his eyes shut tightly and covering his face with his one hand. He felt Altair's fingers brushing across his own, wrapping around his wrist to pull his hand away. He let him.

“I've already told you”, Altair murmured, his fingers entwining around Malik's. Malik opened his eyes, looking up at Altair and he was so close, too close, his breath caressing his face and it felt a bit intimidating. “You're my priority.”

“What?”, Malik mouthed the word because it was already too late, Altair had closed the gap between them, leaning forwards and kissing him. It felt weird, the man's lips moving in small waves across his own and Malik barely opened his lips and before anything more could happen, Altair had already withdrawn. Malik looked dumbfounded at him, Altair's gaze hard and unforgiving, almost angry, the kindness he'd seen only seconds ago gone.

“Forgive me”, he said with a pressed voice. “I had no right”, and he made to turn away to get up, but Malik grabbed his arm and forced him to stay.

“Don't”, he said, his voice as quiet as a whisper. “You've come for me?”, and he said it as if that thought had never crossed his mind even though Altair had already tried to tell him so many times. Altair had come for him – not for the Dai who had been captured, not for the Brother who got abducted by Templars. He'd come for Malik. It felt so very odd, so very out of place for Altair to do such a thing. In all honesty, it sounded out of place for anybody to do.

Altair barely nodded but in the dim light of the moon falling through a small window he caught the small movement of his head.

“You've come for me”, Malik repeated the words as if he didn't believe them. His eyes flickered across Altair's face and with his cowl down he was able to see everything of it. Malik's fingers curled into Altair's collar and with his last strength pulled him towards him.

He was acting insecure at first, slowly leaning forwards and licking over his lips. His breath brushed over Altair's face and the man's eyes were burning into his, making it feel like as if he was looking right into Malik's soul. But in the managed he gathered enough courage to kiss him and this time he was prepared, his lips moving over Altair's and parting for his tongue to enter. It was gentle, rather innocent but it was enough to leave Malik breathless. The world had slowed down and it were only Altair and him who existed at the moment. All he could feel was Altair, all he could breath was Altair, all he could taste was Altair. The man consumed everything of Malik like a storm of fire and he feared that once they would part that nothing was left of him anymore. He sighed softly into Altair's mouth and the man shifted closer, one shaky arm wrapping around his waist to pull him against his body and Malik groaned as his hand pushed down on a bruise on his back.

It broke the spell and Altair pulled back, his eyes slightly widened they roamed over Malik's body. “I didn't mean to-”

“You didn't hurt me”, Malik said quickly, his hand coming up to cup the side of Altair's face, his thumb trailing over the scar on his lips and Altair leaned into the soft touch.

“No, Robert did”, he breathed slowly out and his fingers buried themselves into Malik's short hair above his neck. Altair leaned into him again, kissing the corner of his mouth. “Rest now. You need”, he murmured gently against his skin and Malik looked up at him, seeing the reflection of himself in Altair's bright eyes. He leaned back to lay down and his heart was beating steadily and calm inside his chest, his fever still strong and his wounds still hurting but his mind was at ease.

Malik followed Altair's movements as he bandaged the last of his wounds, his skin tingling from where his fingers touched him and Malik slipped his eye shut again, breathing slowly in and out as his body screamed for the sleep he needed.

Altair came to him. It was still quite difficult to believe that since Malik couldn't understand what the other man saw in him. He would have to ask him, maybe in the morning. But it felt good and comforting and... and if it was possible for Altair to forgive Malik for letting his brother behind, maybe Malik could forgive himself. Lover was stronger than hate, he realized that now and maybe it hadn't been hate keeping him alive but... love.

Altair brushed his thumb across Malik's cheekbone and swollen eye. “Safety and peace”, Malik he murmured as he watched how the man's breathing got deeper and that it wouldn't take much longer for sleep to come for him.

“Your... presence delivers me both”, Malik said softly and he truly meant it as for the first time since his brother's death and Solomon's Temple his soul was at peace.

Re: FILL: Breaking Free 3b/3 (COMPLETE)

(Anonymous) 2012-11-25 10:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Ahhh, so good. Very in character as well - all too often, either Altaïr or Malik goes all gooey over the other without resolving the issues between them and that annoys me to know end. They're a) former enemies, and b) ASSASSINS. But this? This was perfect. Especially the end, where they're tucked up together. Reminded me of kittens, actually.

Re: FILL: Breaking Free 3b/3 (COMPLETE)

(Anonymous) 2012-11-26 05:09 am (UTC)(link)
PERFECTION! Oh God thanks for posting this! This pairing never grows old!

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2012-11-26 02:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Thank you guys and especially for not mentioning all those mistakes I made XD

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2012-12-17 09:57 pm (UTC)(link)
OP here!! I haven't read it yet but I am just SO HAPPY that someone actually filled this prompt that I came up when I was feeling down while writing my medieval Europe history paper. I will read it AS SOON AS I finish my medieval final tomorrow and I am so looking forward to reading this. Thank you so much for filling this and I will leave more comments once I finish reading...

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2012-12-19 07:25 am (UTC)(link)
OP here! I love it!! QwQ It hurt so much and is so intense at the beginning, and I loved the twist with de Sable and his mentioning of Kadar (*tears*)
I realised I was kind of a jerk in the prompt by saying Altair rescue "would also be nice" as if I don't want Malik rescued wholeheartedly (the whole history crusades thing was driving me mad at that point when I wrote the prompt), but let me just say YOUR ALTAIR RESCUE WAS WRITTEN AMAZINGLY and I'm also really glad you did it. The ending just made me squealed a little.
As another anon said, this pairing never grows old! Now I want to make fanart QvQ

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2012-12-24 05:02 pm (UTC)(link)
Author!Anon here and I'm so glad OP likes it <3 Best Christmas present you could give me, a happy OP, that's all I want (I don't even dare to say how awesome fanart would be because I think I would drop dead if somebody would actually do that ^^) :) It was fun writing it <3

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2012-12-28 04:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Okay, this writer!anon is writing a sequel for this, I hope you don't mind OP ^^

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2013-01-02 07:11 am (UTC)(link)
*GASP* OMG, OP here, where will you be posting it??! Will you be posting it here as well?? I'm so happy akjshdlaksjdh

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2013-01-02 12:24 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm going to post it here as well as AO3

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2013-01-03 06:36 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome ^^ Looking forward to it!

Re: Writer!Anon

(Anonymous) 2013-01-23 07:56 am (UTC)(link)
Hello? OP here...are you still working on the sequel? Can I tempt you to work with some fanart? ;v;