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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt. 6

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.6

Sky World

≈ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

≈ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

≈ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

≈ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

≈ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

≈ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

≈ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

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I'm just Too Close to love you

(Anonymous) 2014-08-18 06:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I was listening to Too Close because it is the best song to ever exist. Then I started reading the kinkmeme. And I am angsting so hard right now.
Person A and B are in a good relationship, or at least B thinks so. B is unwittingly in love with A, but A feels like they can't do B justice. Can't give B what B wants, but all B wants is A. The spark dies for A because of the falsehood they've forced upon themselves, and they grovel even more, until they break up with B, thinking it's for the best. B is utterly heartbroken and believes it's something they did wrong. A!As, I leave it up to you whether or not we get a happy ending or an angst ending.
I can see this working best with Altaïr and Malik (I'm probably just biased because of all the AC1 love circling around XD), or Ezio and Leonardo. If you want to use another pairing, though, go at it.

Re: I'm just Too Close to love you

(Anonymous) 2014-08-19 02:09 pm (UTC)(link)
This prompt. THIS PROMPT! Do want! Seeeeconded!

Re: I'm just Too Close to love you

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(Anonymous) 2014-08-19 05:11 am (UTC)(link)
This isn't so much of a prompt as a fic-finder. I've been looking around and I just can't find a story I read about Malik and Altaïr as novices, where one does something wrong and the other gets him a cup of snow to apologize, but it melts before he can return. I LOVE that story.
And another thing, I've been looking and I just can't find it: how old was Altaïr when the whole "Oh yeah, Abbas, your dad killed himself in front of me. Feel better?" "Oh yeah man, let me show how thankful I am BY TRYING TO STAB YOU" thing happened? I can find the dates for Umar's death and Haras's betrayal, just not the one I'm looking for. I'm writing a fic and I'd like to know if Abbas and Altaïr are still two peas in a pod.


(Anonymous) 2014-08-19 11:34 am (UTC)(link)
Anon! I remember the cup of snow one, it's called Eternity in Their Hands. Google that and it should pop up.

Idk about that second one tho.


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"Wait, what did you just say?"

(Anonymous) 2014-08-20 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
So I was looking through the meme because of reasons. Realized how incredibly stupid we must sound to outsiders.
"Altair cloning himself with the help of the apple"
"My immediate reaction was "Assassin Turkey!""
"Then I got the brilliant idea to go the day without using my left arm."
"A male character ends up with an impressive rack in some way or other. Apple shenanigans?"
I'm pretty sure if I didn't know what the Apple of Eden was, I would probably call a mental institution (we do have a tendency to be rather stabby and murder-y, too. Stabby and murder-y people tend to go to jail a lot.)
I just want someone who just joined the Brotherhood hearing all these terms and going "Okay, who put shrooms in ALL of you guy's breakfast?" Maybe it's Desmond after he escapes Abstergo, maybe it's Shaun after the Assassins save him from Abstergo. Perhaps even Ezio. He was just kind of flung straight into the middle of the conflict. Edward might work well, too. If you want to use someone else, though, by all means go ahead.
I promise I'll love you forever if you make it hysterically funny. :D

Re: "Wait, what did you just say?"

(Anonymous) 2014-08-20 05:13 am (UTC)(link)
IMO, Edward seems more like the guy that wouldprovide said shrooms. "What, you call that a high, mate? Here, try these I found growing in Nassau."

Re: "Wait, what did you just say?"

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Re: "Wait, what did you just say?"

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Re: "Wait, what did you just say?"

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Cracky fill with Desmond being impossibly dense

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Re: "Wait, what did you just say?"

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But why, brother?

(Anonymous) 2014-08-21 12:30 am (UTC)(link)
We've got quite a bit of Altaïr loving lately. But in my opinion, not enough hydrophobia.
I just want to see WHY he's so deathly afraid of water (shhhhh Lucy, it isn't a glitch). I've only got one requirement for the fic- romance and smut are not the center. I'd rather not hear about the time Altaïr was getting frisky in some water, blah blah bad thing happens. If you can work romance into the reason(s), then I'll give you an extra internet!
(I have a soft spot for young-novice-Altaïr, btw)

Re: But why, brother?

(Anonymous) 2014-08-27 03:50 pm (UTC)(link)
W!anon is on it, OP.

Water Under the Bridge (1/3) (PLS NO MISFIRE LOL)

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Water Under the Bridge (2/3)

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Water Under the Bridge (3/3)

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Re: Water Under the Bridge (3/3)

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Re: Water Under the Bridge (3/3)

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Re: Water Under the Bridge (3/3)

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Guardian of His Mentor's Child

(Anonymous) 2014-08-21 05:01 am (UTC)(link)
All right, going with the AU in which little Connor is taken in by Haytham after Ziio is killed, who will take care of Connor should anything happen to Haytham when his son is still a child? I would imagine that if Haytham wanted his son to be still raised in the Templar Order in case of his death, he would have named one of Inner Circle as a potential guardian. And if he really wanted Connor's true potential to be fully tapped, who better to raise Connor in his stead than his successor, Charles Lee.

It is completely up to the writer on whether or not if Lee is still a racist prick at first who is only taking on this responsibility out of respect for his late mentor.

It is also up to the writer on whether Haytham does actually die or whether he mysteriously disappears for a while and is presumed dead.

What I definitely would like to see is some fluff, hurt and comfort, and a fair amount of angst in this fic.


Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

(Anonymous) 2014-08-21 09:28 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, I don't actually think we've had this pairing before. Which is a shame.

Maybe Rosa and Leonardo find out they have both slept with Ezio, and when huge egos flare and they strongly insist that they could satisfy Ezio the best, the master assassin suddenly finds himself the filling in a sandwich. And, of course, ends up being so well-fucked that he cannot remember how to talk, much less decide which of his lovers is the best at sex.

Bonus points if Leonardo and Rosa are not in the least attracted to each other, and lavish all of their attention on the hapless assassin instead.

And toss in a sprinkle of kinks! Bondage and gagging is always awesome. As is a lovely heaping of orgasm denials and edging and teasing. And as this is a kink meme, let's toss in multiple climaxes and unrealistic quantities of cum. :3

Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

(Anonymous) 2014-08-21 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)

Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

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Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

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Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

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Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

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Re: Rosa/Ezio/Leonardo threesome

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Please someone fill this odd...thing. Ezio/Leonardo?

(Anonymous) 2014-08-23 03:06 am (UTC)(link)
So after watching some Brotherhood playthroughs and Captain America I had a very strange dream.

This might be a challenge but I really hope someone fills it.

In the dream Ezio touched the Apple, mulling over a failed mission and how it cost him dearly, cursing his weakness. It sparked and shocked him but nothing came of it so he thought. However over several weeks something happens. His joints ache, nothing new he is a erhem mature man afterall, but that doesn't explain the fact he sleeping more, eating more.

He's changing.

Now it was over several weeks with Leonardo charting the changes.

He is growing taller, more muscled. Think Captain America but step it up a notch.

It sounds good at first but as we all know we aren't the most graceful of people during puberty and this 'change' might as well be called a second puberty for Ezio.

He is strong yes, enough to bend swords and snap the shafts of axes like twigs. Durable yes, arrows do little and bullets still are fatal as before, but what is the point when you're so thrown off by your new weight and height you end up with more injuries than before your 'improvement'? Mercifully it seems he heals quicker than before. Still the dottore gets frequent visits from him.

Not to mention he has to relearn his freerunning skills and sense of balance as he has to learn which handholds can still take his weight and which can't. Lets have some epic fails here anons.

All of his robes and armour not to mention his hidden blades and hidden gun need to be changed in accordance to his growing physique. This is extremely frustrating as the change happens rapidly over the course of a month or two so Ezio has frequent visits to the tailor, constantly is aching from the rapid growth and is very annoyed that the skills he has worked to hone over the years has taken a nose dive.

The only good thing to come of this is once the process is done he will be all the more better an assassin.


So in short the Apple sees fit to 'improve' Ezio in accordance to his wish. Perhaps some UST when Ezio has weekly visits with Leonardo for measurements and tests because this process is truly fascinating and-oh my.

I'm not saying Ezio has to be some invincible superhuman. He grows tallers so I'm thinking from his 'canon' (I say this tentatively) height of 5"9 to around 6"2-3? Increased musculature, something significant to really throw Ezio off so say 40-50 pounds heavier? He's stronger and more durable but not to the point he can do a leap of faith and not go splat if there's no hay.

Please put in plenty of moments where Ezio is the butt of jokes about this 'second puberty'. He can have some bamf moments when he is testing the limits of his improving body but make it all about epic fails, subverting the superhero cliches. He is relearning his body afterall.

Sorry about the long fill, just this idea won't leave me alone but I lack the skills to write it and characterize everyone properly.

Re: Please someone fill this odd...thing. Ezio/Leonardo?

(Anonymous) 2014-08-23 07:42 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh, this sounds fascinating. You should give it a try anyway, nonny! Passion can more than open make up for any lack of experience in writing, and your prompt is already better written than a third of's stories.

OP here.

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Re: A!A

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Re: A!A

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Shy op is shy.

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Re: Shy op is shy.

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Re: Shy op is shy.

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Re: Shy op is shy.

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Re: Shy op is shy.

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Re: Shy op is shy.

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More crack!

(Anonymous) 2014-08-23 08:02 am (UTC)(link)
So nonnies, OP here was scrolling around on tumblr and saw some Sim's personality traits for the Assassins on everythingassassinscreed. Thought, yeah, that's cool. OP has some Sims games, let's play them.
Made Altaïr, Malik, Ezio, and Leo. OP, however, did not anticipate the lung-bursting laughing fits she would endure.
Within the first ten minutes, OP had Altair and Malik making out on Malik's bed, and Ezio watching some weird piano-love-story thing on television. Leo was off painting a turtle thing that a toddler could have done better on, and soon enough Ezio got bored with the repeating television program. Ezio then decided to go sit in Malik's room and watch the couple make out half naked on the bed for another five minutes, continuously attempting to interrupt the Levantines so that he could tell Malik an "amazing ghost story" before OP had to head to bed.
OP has nothing but wishes for a possible A!A to give her more side-splitting laughter sessions following sim's shenanigans. Shower OP with crack, anons!

Re: More crack!

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 10:52 am (UTC)(link)
What other characters/pairings would you like? Possible-writer!anon is just thinking about everyone's reactions when they find out that Desmond's not getting fat because of all the time he spends sitting around, but because he's actually alien pregnant.

Re: More crack!

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(Anonymous) 2014-08-24 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
OP haven't seen many (really any as far as OP can remember) prompts where the player isn't a specific person and the assassin has an interest in them.
So OP would like to see a fic where the player is a just a presence that the assassin is aware of (whether the player has a gender is up to the anon but OP would like that to be the only identification), and while the player stays with them the assassin begins to fall for them even though to the assassin they're most likely a spirit or something of the sort.

OP would think it'd be especially interesting if the personalities of the assassins were because of their reactions to the player.

Maybe Altair is a cocky s.o.b. because he thinks if he impresses the player that the player will reveal themselves to him.

Maybe Ezio sleeps around so much because he knows he will never be able to be with the player and is trying to move on (or he's trying to make the player jealous).

Maybe Connor doesn't show any interest in anyone else because he has secretly pledged his heart to the player for always being there for him.

Maybe Edward is so fixated on striking it rich because he not only wants to prove himself to Caroline, Mary, and the others but also to the player.

OP has a serious love of Connor and would appreciate a fill for him, but any fill would be greatly appreciated, and any other pairings the anon would like to throw in there are fine as long as the player and the assassin are the focus (though DesCon and Altmal tickle OP's fancy).

Thanks for reading!

Re: Assassin/Player

(Anonymous) 2014-10-01 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd totally read this!

Re: Assassin/Player

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Re: Assassin/Player

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Re: Assassin/Player

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Sex and misunderstandings (from others)

(Anonymous) 2014-08-25 06:09 am (UTC)(link)
So person A and person B are in a happy, consensual relationship. A has a thing for being tied up and gagged. Which B has nothing against, as their particular fetish is to gently fuck and tease their partner until A is mindlessly drooling and crying because it feels so fucking good.

Except then someone happens to wander in (I dunno; random novice?), takes one look at B, who is buried balls-deep in a tied-up, crying, whimpering, and gagged A, and jumps to way too many conclusions.

All nonny asks is that this doesn't get a HaythCon fill... Nonny doesn't like incest. D:

Re: Sex and misunderstandings (from others)

(Anonymous) 2014-08-25 02:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy shit this prompt is gold! random anon vote for Malik/Altaïr!

Re: Sex and misunderstandings (from others)

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Possible A!A

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Re: Possible A!A

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(Anonymous) 2014-08-27 05:26 am (UTC)(link)
Ooh! I get to be the reviving!anon!
So, did everyone on the meme spontaneously combust? Like, where are you all?
Altaïr is doofing around in his first year of grandmastering, visiting various places because of reasons and he comes back after a long trip. Alty is tired and looking forward to spending time with his wife and bff, but wife and bff decided to play a prank!
By hiding every Assassin in another city. Every single one. Cue confused and scared Altaïr and possible crack!fic.
(Captcha: "If a person is called Daniel, what is their name?" You know, or we could just delete all of that and have an Amnesia: The Dark Descent crossover. Either's good, really.)

Altair/Malik or Haytham/Connor - Hunter

(Anonymous) 2014-08-27 05:59 pm (UTC)(link)
I’d like to see a fic based on the song “Hunter” by Heather Dale. Listen to it here:

Loving Fear

(Anonymous) 2014-08-28 01:20 am (UTC)(link)
*sigh* Long prompt with explanations, so find a seat anons.
So anons, OP is crushing hard on a guy she knows, yet she is also deathly afraid of him. Like, when OP meets him in the hall she wants to cower in fear (and no, not the crush kind. The kind where you feel helpless and in desperate need of sharp objects to defend yourself with) yet she still gets the butterflies. OP also understands that this is extremely unhealthy, but he's moving next year anyways. It's not like he's a bad person, he's charismatic and charming, but he's an intense free runner and good god it's scary to see him, how quick and efficient he is at scaling walls twice and thrice his size.
I think that Assassin sidekicks may have felt this way. Obviously, not Malik (he would be the one being feared. XD) but namely Leonardo and some other side characters. The power, the force, how helpless they must have felt against their Assassin. OP has trust issues herself, so it's mostly the thought of "What if he tried this and I couldn't stop it" that makes her quake in her boots. So basically, I'm asking for an Assassin sidekick (or maybe a recruit crushing on a much more highly ranked Assassin? Yeah... I like that idea) who's got it bad for their Assassin love interest, but also wants to go sit in a corner and cry whenever they see them. Assassin love interest may also love them, or be completely oblivious, doesn't matter to me.

Re: Loving Fear

(Anonymous) 2014-08-28 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
This is amazing. And I totally see Clipper being this way with Connor, to the point I swear that they're teasing us in canon. I mean, Clipper is just soooo eager to please Connor and every other sentence out of his mouth either concerns his undying loyalty to him, how awesome it is to be an assassin. And how there was pretty much nothing before Connor came into his life, lol. And it's totally adorable.


(Anonymous) 2014-08-29 03:18 am (UTC)(link)
OP is craving some Connor/Ezio. Modern AU, Apple Shenanigans, Time Travel, whatever the anon wants to have happen can happen as long as it's consensual (although a modern AU with Ezio singing love songs outside Connor's window with a protective Papa Kenway would be very cute).

Thanks for Reading!

Fem Altair/ Ezio

(Anonymous) 2014-08-30 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
My first kinkmeme post!! Always-a-girl!Altairx male!Ezio It doesn't matter if it's ModernAU or not Cousin or Friend Connor can appear Cousin, Friend, or Son Desmond can also appear

Re: Fem Altair/ Ezio

(Anonymous) 2014-09-21 09:00 pm (UTC)(link)
Thinking I might do this, as I have a Altair, Desmond and Connor living together as college students AU thing sitting around in my head. Altair is a few years older than Connor and protects her like a little sister since they grew up together when Altair's Syrian refugee family moved near the St. Regis Mohawk reservation in New York, where Connor lives with Ziio. Desmond is Altair's cousin through his mother. All three end up at Cornell, as Connor’s getting her masters in Environmental Science as she's into conservation and the school is only a few hours drive from the reservation. Desmond is getting his MBA, but his dream is to open a restaurant (the only way William will pay for college is if he gets a "real" degree). Altair was in special forces in Afghanistan, where he met Malik. His actions caused Malik to lose his arm, and now Altair is also at Cornell earning his degree on the GI bill, as is Malik.

Ezio is a rich, Italian playboy and part of the wealthy Auditore family, who are in real estate development. Tired of the scandal he brings the family through his playboy antics, Giovanni sends Ezio to Cornell for an conservation bachelor's since the real estate company is becoming environmentally concious. It's punishment because the university is in the middle of nowhere and Ezio is used to city life having grown up in Florence. Ezio needs a tutor and hires Connor (because she refuses to allow Haytham to pay for college, she's on scholarship and pays her way through)...and of course attempts to seduce her. Anyway, just thinking out loud.

Re: Fem Altair/ Ezio

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Re: Fem Altair/ Ezio

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Re: Fem Altair/ Ezio

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Opress me or reject me

(Anonymous) 2014-08-31 04:26 am (UTC)(link)
So, OP has recently converted to Islam after leaving the nest for a year, and exploring. OP decided that on her trip back home while passing through Washington, she would visit her loving family, and she did. The night was well, I had a good reunion with my parents, grandparents, and younger siblings yet to leave home, and all was pretty peaceful. But then the conversation turned to religion after the young'uns went to go play outside. See, OP comes from a long line of devout Christians on one side and logical Atheists on the other, who are both utterly bigoted.
All four were talking about how much they hate Islam because every Islamic person that exists is a suicidal terrorist intent on destroying everything and everyone to believe differently, etc, etc, more stereotypes. OP was feeling a little scared because her parents tend to get a little too... passionate. I wanted to stand up for my beliefs, but I also wanted to retain the love and respect of my family. I ultimately decided that it wasn't worth it and said I'd gotten tired and wanted to call it a night, but it still sickens me. The fact that I would have been disowned had I spoken up.
I'd like to see another feeling so. Perhaps an [insert religion] Ezio is caught in the middle of a family conversation about how horrible said religion is. Maybe Desmond ran away from the farm not only because he hated the shut-off-ness, but because he was [insert religion] and the Assassins were not. I'd like to see how those who protect freedom and equality react in the face of such a blatant disregard of it that leads to oppression or rejection. Use any Assassin or Templar you like.

Re: Opress me or reject me

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 08:46 pm (UTC)(link)
Dear OP: I sincerely hope that you will manage to turn your family's opinions around and make them accept you and your choices.

However, religion is a very touchy subject, and all but impossible to approach without causing arguments in the comments. :(

However, would OP accept a small twist, perhaps? And one, to boot, that would, perhaps, only be possible in this very fandom... Namely, replacing outright religious belief with the core concept of Assassin vs. Templar - maybe a young person of an Assassin family finds that they agree more with the Templar point of view, or vice versa, and the reactions of the family and friends around them.

(driveby anon will not be writing it, though; they have far too much on their plate already, and any fill from their side would just end up being a rant about how hating someone for their beliefs is idiotic)

Re: Opress me or reject me

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Re: Opress me or reject me

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Re: Opress me or reject me

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Re: Opress me or reject me

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"I love you, and I shall KEEP you"

(Anonymous) 2014-08-31 05:22 pm (UTC)(link)
(srsly, wtf happened to the sickish prompts? too much fluff in this place!)

So assassin Z is very much in love with their best buddy/comrade-in-arms/quartermaster/mechanic. Said sidekick gently lets down Z, because of reasons.

Z does not take that well, and decides that the only way to gain sidekick's love is by demonstrating their own passion. And will not take no for an answer, no matter how much the sidekick protests - after all, they are just in denial about their true feelings for Z.

Cue the gentle rape and mindfuck and being all lovey-dovey with the terrified sidekick, while keeping the sidekick under lock and key and guard to avoid them running off and "getting into trouble" (aka getting away from Z).

Re: "I love you, and I shall KEEP you"

(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 09:51 pm (UTC)(link)

-stalks this prompt yandere style-


(Anonymous) 2014-09-01 06:32 am (UTC)(link)
My girlfriend has freakishly high pain tolerance. Like yesterday, we were sitting at the table eating after she'd gone and did one of her crazy exercises and her hands were hella bruised and cut up, yet she drenched her food in lemon and she looked at her hands for a second and said "Oh. Forgot about those." And kept eating like nothing happened. She has stubbed her toe before and not even flinched. She is cray. I stub my toe and I'm a blubbering mess. Sometimes she makes me wonder if I am the weakest man on the planet.
Makes me think that any of the Assassin's love interests would feel similar. It's got to be hardcore to jump off buildings and have people hacking and slashing at you all the time. I'd like to see that. An Assassin's love interest completely bewildered by their disregard of pain.

ConEzio is real

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 05:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Recently at a panel at SacAnime, this happened...

Please, someone write a fic about this. Modern ConEzio sleeping together and Connor stealing the blankets and snoring... Please.

Re: ConEzio is real

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 09:28 pm (UTC)(link)
As soon as I heard that, I had started to write something. It's not finished yet, though, so hang in there!

Fill: Odd Couple 1/1

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Re: Fill: Odd Couple 1/1

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first assassination

(Anonymous) 2014-09-03 08:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Anon just started her first job today, which naturally has sparked a prompt of course.

So, here, without further ado, the prompt.

Fanfics, drabbles, anything about an assassins first kill, from their sidekicks' perspective or theirs, or for a twist, even their targets.

Go wild and let the plot bunnies loose!!

Water Under the Bridge (1/3)

(Anonymous) 2014-09-04 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
(( I tried to connect Altair's aquaphobia with real experiences that, as OP wanted, didn't involve smexy times.


-- Water Under the Bridge --

When Altair was a child, he worried incessantly; he feared everything. When the clouds closed over Masyaf and thunder roared in the distance, Altair feared that he would be struck by lightning and die. He worried that Abbas would shear off his eyebrows while he slept, as the boy threatened. He lost sleep over that pretty girl selling milk and cheese at the market, not knowing what to say to her or how to say it. Altair also concerned himself with his family’s welfare from a young age, knowing that his father had no outrageous salary to speak of and that their next meal would be indefinitely uncertain. Though he was a Master Assassin, Umar could boast neither possessions nor riches, especially not after the death of Altair’s mother. When he went away on a mission or tasking, Altair fretted over his safety, stricken with fear that one day his father wouldn’t come back. He knew that Umar was a formidable assassin, and yet Altair also knew that no man was invincible. After all, thunder could strike anyone.

Eventually, Umar had to sit down and have a talk with his son. Altair was not born particularly healthy; premature and much lighter than most newborns, he’d battled a number of illnesses already. Through his constant worrying all the time, Altair was becoming prone to fevers and bouts of lethargy. Umar was no doctor, but he knew that of all the threats to a man’s health, worry and fear were the most dangerous. And Altair was all he had left.

“What are you afraid of, Altair?” the assassin asked his son, taking a sip from a bowl of water. Their home was not particularly large, nor was it particularly sturdy, but Umar felt blessed for the fact that he no longer lived in a tent.

“Fire,” the boy replied, “what if the candles we light burn the house down? What if-”

“Fire?” Umar laughed, “boy, have I ever told you the story of the abandoned mosque of Ayn Jalut?”

Altair shook his head and listened intently, for he was always curious of all the places his father had once been.

“This great mosque was unlike any other you have ever seen,” Umar reminisced, “though abandoned and desolate, two centuries it stood tall. It did not look very impressive at all, but it was built of strong stone. Dozens of storms poured itself upon it. Lightning and thunder tormented it in the wet seasons- men fought and died on its steps in the battle seasons. When the Christians arrived, they heaved flaming tar at it. Women and children would often hide inside while the men fought in the villages. It was a wonder to behold when I first witnessed that sight. I was only eight years old when our caravan crossed it. Four years ago I visited it once more on my way to assassinate a target, and it was no more.”

“No more?” Impossible! “How?”

“Water.” Umar leaned back on his cushions, heaving a sigh. “Water built up in the foundation. The wood and rock collapsed. Water ate the mosque from the ground up. From the inside out.” The man paused, watching the realization play out on his son’s face. “See, boy, it is never the obvious thing that kills you. It is what lies beneath the surface, what cannot be seen.”

“Water doesn’t hurt anybody,” Altair argued back, for all he knew of water was that one had to drink it or die. He’d never encountered water as a killing force. He’d never yet seen the ports of Acre, nor the palace moats of Damascus.

“Do you know how the Mongols torture their prisoners of war?” Umar poured himself more water out of a clay jug, and held the bowl over Altair’s head, tilting it slightly so that a small dribble of water fell over his forehead and down his face. His son was terribly confused. It was almost endearing, but Umar had to keep focused to teach Altair this lesson. “They’d put a sack over their heads and pour drops of water onto them. One drop at a time. The prisoners could not see, but over time each drop felt like a hammer falling on them. These drops of water drove them mad.”

The boy was trembling at this point, his eyes wide. Obviously he’d never imagined such a thing was possible.

“So, Altair, your worry is like these drops. It will slow your blade, it will stop you from enjoying your life. It will kill you. A man is resilient against most sudden misfortunes. When your mother died, I was beside myself… and yet today I am here. But worry and fear-” he pushed Altair’s nose with his thumb. “Worry and fear will end you. It will make you sick, as you are now. When you are afraid, just breathe.”

To emphasize his point, Umar took a deep breath and released it slowly. Altair did the same, giving the exhale so much attention that the assassin could hear his young lungs quivering. “Remember that Allah watches. Keep your feet on the floor and keep walking, never fear, just take life one breath at a time.”

This was a revelation for the young Altair. He never again feared the thunder; he fought back against the bullies who threatened him. His illnesses vanished. It was as if dark clouds had lifted out of the sky, for Altair’s skill with the blade skyrocketed, to the surprise of all his peers. Even Malik was stunned. Suddenly, it seemed that Altair no longer had fear. When Umar left on his missions, Altair carried on with his training and schooling, laughing and eating and joking. Days, weeks, months passed. Altair even grew four inches. For him, these days were the best time of his life, before everything changed.

-- x --

It was an evening like any other- sweltering, but with the promise of a blissfully cool night. Altair was having his evening meal with his peers when shouts rang out throughout the Masyaf fortress:

“Attack, attack! We are under attack!”

Then all became chaos. Senior assassins mobilized first, their blood red sashes trailing them as they fluttered like birds to defend the gates. The Quartermaster threw knives to the novices, who caught them with wide eyes and open mouths, fear in their every line but their bones knew to act. Meanwhile, the Blademaster Nazir hurried down into the courtyard to gather up all the young boys. With instructions to bunker down in their quarters and remain quiet, the boys scurried.

Lying on his cot, Altair could hear his heartbeat hammering in his head. He frequently forgot to breathe and had to take deep, gasping breaths. Sweat erupted on his skin and made his mouth dry. For the first time in many months, Altair was scared. He could hear the sounds of swords meeting at the gate and in the court. From the yells they heard, the boys could tell that their attackers were not Franks but in fact Saracens.

“It is Salah ad-Din,” Malik groaned, all the color gone from his face. “I’ve heard tales of his campaigns.”

“But why?” Altair struggled to understand. “Why attack us? Why now?”

Down in the court, suddenly the noise fell to silence. The sound of one man’s voice:

“For I am a merciful man, I offer an ultimatum. I ask for the head of the nobleman’s killer: Umar Ibn La’ahad.”

Altair shot up in his cot. His mouth opened but he could not make a sound- “…no…!” A pitiful whimper emerged from his throat as he scrambled to the window, tripping over his own feet on the way and struggling to get up. He flung open the wooden windows and peered down, his nerves in shambles. In the courtyard dotted and peppered with dead bodies of his masters and idols, Al Mualim stood across a Saracen man clad in a chain mail tunic. At his side, Altair’s father stood with head bowed. At the Saracen’s back, a half circle of armed men- cavalrymen, Turkish archers, and footsoldiers held their weapons at the ready. Behind Al Mualim and Umar, four assassins waited with their blades raised, but the blood from their injuries could easily be seen against the white fabric of their robes. Malik and Abbas refused to leave their cots. They shook and trembled, staring wordlessly at Altair.

The Saracen man boasted an impressive beard, but it was his booming voice that truly amazed. “If you will not punish him by death, I will kill your spy and continue my siege upon your so-called… fortress. What say you? On behalf of my nephew Salah ad-Din, I request this blood debt be paid.”

Al Mualim was silent, mulling this over. Meanwhile, Altair saw his father move to touch the old man’s shoulder. He whispered something to Al Mualim, and the boy saw something change in Umar. The Master Assassin raised his head and heaved up his chest.

“Very well,” Al Mualim relented.

It wasn’t until one of the Saracen’s calvarymen stepped forward with a sharpened scimitar that Altair finally understood what was happening.

“No! No!” He found his voice and threw it down the walls, “father! No!”

Below, Umar’s shoulders tensed. He refused to look up at the direction of his son’s voice. He could not. It would break him.

At this point, Altair was screaming himself hoarse. The continuous shrilling pulled Malik out of bed and forced him to drag Altair from the window, the boy not knowing what to say to comfort his friend-rival. He and Raul ended up holding Altair in a tight embrace while the other tried to kick and twist his way out. Abbas watched from his own cot, curled into a tight ball.

Eventually the commotion ended. The Saracen called for the siege to end, satisfied that the blood debt had been paid. In his quarters, Altair leaned against his cot and cried and cried and cried. He didn’t stop crying when Al Mualim came to confront him. He didn’t stop crying when Al Mualim moved him to separate quarters to recover from the loss.

He was still crying when Ahmad Sofian barged into his quarters in the middle of the night.

He couldn’t even understand what the man was trying to tell him- Altair was altogether too upset to listen. His father was everything, the one constant at the center of his world. Now that he was gone, what was Altair?

The boy had to stop, however, when Ahmad brought his hidden blade to his throat.

“I can never repay you what I have done to your father, what I have done to you,” Ahmad whispered hoarsely, tears gathering at his eyes. “Al Mualim will not punish me as I should be for the failure I am, so I will go to Allah.” With those words, Ahmad dragged the slender blade over his throat and a thick burst of blood spurted from the gash. It was as if Altair was dreaming. He could not believe what he was seeing. Time seemed to stop. His eyes followed the blood droplets and they seemed to emit steam when they hit the floor, splotches of black like so much evil. Then the rest of the blood came, and it was like someone emptied a bucket of the stuff. Ahmad crumbled to the floor and he was immediately soaked in his own blood, his brown eyes wide and his lips trembling… a shrill keening came from his gashed throat, and the panicked gurgling was the absolute worst sound Altair had ever heard-

he was screaming again.


After having listened to Altair’s terrified babbling, Al Mualim hastened to take care of the mess Ahmad had left, and ordered the boy to take a bath. Blood clung to his skin, and Altair ducked into the servants’ baths to avoid being seen by the scores of assassins bathing their battle wounds away.

The servants’ baths was minimalist but it was blessedly empty, yet the emptiness just unnerved Altair even more. It was a miracle that the boy had gotten here at all; he couldn’t even feel his legs. He tried to remember what his father had told him: to breathe, to take life one step at a time. But he felt like he had stepped over a cliff and he was free-falling. He settled into the hot bath and felt like he was drowning. He had forgotten to take off his clothes. The blood that clung to him broke off and tendrils of it clawed into the clear water.

Altair was mesmerized.

His eyes followed the blood that spread over the water… and it seemed to form into the image of Ahmad’s face, contorted by excruciating pain. Altair gasped deeply, his vision swimming in and out. His head began to spin.

Without being aware, Altair had begun to slip further and further into the bathwater.

When he woke, his eyes burned. He opened his mouth and hot water rushed in, carrying panic and a suppressed scream. Altair thrashed and tried to grab something- anything- but the sides of the bath were slippery and Altair was too disoriented to find the bottom and heave himself up. He’d somehow laid down into the bath and he’d taken the water into his lungs. His brain reared up and forced him to keep trying to breathe, and each time Altair opened his mouth to breathe or shout for help, he ended up swallowing huge gulps of water. His chest and lungs burned, and in an instant his limbs gave up. The flickering lights on the water’s surface from the bottom of the bath played a final vision for Altair: the sight of his father’s head rolling on the floor, his body falling as easily as Ahmad’s.

It was two entire minutes before Altair’s swordmaster, the assassin Nazir, came on orders to check on him. He found the boy drowned in a shallow pool, and jumped to pull him out. Already devastated by the deaths of his two good friends Umar and Ahmad, Nazir was petrified that he was going to lose Altair as well.

As soon as Altair’s head cleared the water, fluid gushed from his nose and mouth. He was limp like a dead fish, and Nazir quickly settled his hands over the boy’s stomach and pushed. A ridiculous amount of water forced itself out of the boy’s mouth, as if it were its own spirit. A djinn, Nazir thought- a demon had taken over Altair.

With one last push, Altair burst into life again and started to cough and hack up the rest of the water in his system.

He had finally stopped crying. Nazir had to slap him twice before Altair found his voice again. “Wh-what happened..? I-I was just taking a bath, and…”

“You were possessed by a djinn, Altair,” Nazir told him solemnly, worry etched into his forehead. “The djinn dragged you under the water and he tried to drown you. But for now you are safe.”

“Djinn…” Altair knew all about djinns. They were powerful spirits who were as old as time- while some were benevolent, others were malevolent and spiteful. They found entertainment by toying with people, and those who had suffered losses or were out of their right frame of mind were more easily targeted by djinn.

“You would do well to avoid water until you calm down,” the assassin warned him, and Altair nodded without really understanding. Already his eyes were closing again. In one day he’d not only lost his father, but he’d witnessed a suicide and almost died to a djinn attack.

He dreamed of a dark, empty void. And when he awoke on his cot, he took a deep breath and vowed to never again put himself in a position where he could not follow his father’s advice. That same day, despite Nazir’s protests, Altair went to the baths to confront the djinn that almost drowned him. He bathed properly this time, keeping his head well above the surface. Nonetheless, he still could not bear to look at the flickering in the water’s surface, lest he be shown a vision of death a third time. His father was dead. Ahmad’s suicide was a burden of a secret on his soul.

It was at this time that he developed a serious fear of open waters. Lakes, oceans, ports, any sort of water deeper than a bath’s depth would terrify him from that point on. Though Altair was a fighter and he recovered with more strength than anyone could have imagined, his crippling fear of deep water became his only shortfall. The experience of near-drowning had left a mark on Altair, and this fear wasn’t something that could be whittled down with practice.

Thankfully, the boy put endless hours practicing literally everything else that this one vulnerability paled to comparison to his skill with the blade.

-- x --

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Panic attacks/anxiety cw

This anon usially doesn't ask for fills but... Hear me out.

This anon just started teaching English at Grammar school, and is under a lot of pressure. Colleagues try to help - though it's more like 'do this or that', and 'oh but you deffo should give them tests!'

Except that tonight, two weeks into it, I'm having a terrible panic attack. (Couldn't breathe, hot flashes, pain in my chest and just so much crying I'm surprised not to have turned into a husk.) actually, it's still not totally settled.

So I'd like something where a Recruit is suddenly moved to be 'Bureau leader' and freaks the hell out because they are do afraid of failing, even if everyone tells them they'll manage. I want them to get a lot of love, and Master Assassins just understanding and not ask for reasons bit just hold said recruit through a panic attack. Anyone being 'the comforter' is supportive, and doesn't try to offer advice. Just shows understanding. Maybe they went there too?
It can be gen, but if you can/wish to add pairings, pmease do. Or a huge recruit pile of fluff. Just something where the recruit gets love and feels loved, because this is something I desperately need.

If you could get it into ACR setting, I'd love you.

Marvel Cinematic Universe/AC Crossover

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So I finally got to see Captain America: Winter Soldier and the whole Hydra versus SHIELD thing reminded me of the Templars vs. Assassins. Both Hydra and SHIELD want order, albeit in very, very different ways. I see Hydra an arm of the Templars, with Adrian Pierce as the Grand Master and SHIELD as the arm of the Assassins (who have secretly rebounded despite what we've heard from the games from Desmond and Company), with Nick Fury as an awesome Master Assassin. I see the Avengers as being neutral, as they sure in the heck don't trust SHIELD (well, save Black Widow, Hawkeye and Coulson)...though they really aren't down with Hydra, admittedly

Anyway, would especially like to see Desmond and Company as part of SHIELD. It would be awesome if you could include Altair, Ezio and Connor, either as them being immortal or an AU. If immortal, I can see them as neutral like the Avengers, due to getting fed up with humanity because they've lived so long, though they haven't completely abandoned SHIELD. Wouldn't mind Haytham thrown in there either.

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Edward discovers something in bed

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*black flag spoils re: james kidd, you know what I mean*

Edward is finally ready to consummate his relationship with James but he, or rather, she, has neglected to mention a crucial detail

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Passerby!anon is always going to second gender shenanigans with James Kidd, lol.

Can you say "KaniEzio"?

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"KaniEzio" A.K.A. EzioxZiio (Pronounced like "Ezio Exio") (hey that almost sounds like something from Harry Potter)