Someone wrote in [personal profile] asscreedkinkmeme 2013-05-14 02:36 am (UTC)

How about some femslash?

I know I should be finishing a fill, I've had this prompt saved up for weeks.

Behold, a femslash-centric prompt! And goodie, choices!

Option 1: Paola and Teodora wish to congratulate Claudia on her initiation into the Brotherhood, and steals her away after her celebration to ravish her properly.

Extra points if Claudia surprises them both by showing some form of sexual expertise (she is an Auditore after all)

Option 2: Lucrezia/Caterina hatesex, with a bound/gagged (with Lucrezia's panties) Caterina.

Bonus points if Cesare comes in, getting turned on by a Dominant Lucrezia and takes her from behind.

Option 3: Rebecca and Lucy perform an erotic strip tease to some of Bec's music. Shaun and Desmond can only watch helplessly as they are tied to their chairs, pants-less but unable to touch themselves as the girls get busy in front of them.

1-Up if ONLY one of the boys comes without physical stimulation, and the other doesn’t get to come at all

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