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filled - His Will Alone (1/2)

"This is not like you," Giovanni managed, and got a scowl for his troubles. "What is the matter?"

He had only thought to say goodbye more privately, since his preparations to leave for Rome allowed him some time. In truth, he hadn't thought to find Lorenzo the Magnificent at home, since the man slept barely a few hours each day. But home he had been, ensconced in his bed room, reading in such a way that Giovanni, coming through the open window on the fifth floor, thought that he was probably not seeing anything that was before him. He did not seem surprised to see Giovanni either; quite the opposite in fact - his eyes were dark as Giovanni came over.

And Giovanni had thought then, as sensitive to his master's thoughts and moods as he always was, that something was wrong. But then, leaning half on the edge of his large canopied bed, the lingering brush of his lips against the back of Lorenzo's fine hand had turned into a kiss on his mouth and a kiss on his mouth had become... Well, Giovanni did not like to complain about his current position, but Lorenzo was not usually quite so forward. Certainly, he had never been quite this aggressive with his passions; indeed, passion was normally slightly too strong a word for the Prince of Florence. The man was cool, calculating and in control, and right now he was in control of Giovanni, and he needed no racks nor ropes nor threats to exercise his mastery.

"You talk," Lorenzo pointed out gruffly, with a sharp shift of his hips, "far too much, Giovanni. I should have, oh, had you on your knees instead, where your mouth - ah! Could have been more appropriately engaged."

Giovanni let his thumbs rub gentle circles on Lorenzo's bare hips, but other than that, it was Lorenzo who set the pace and flavour of thier lovemaking, now as always.

"As it pleases you, Your Magnificence," he murmured, panting through his smile.

"Stop... calling me that," Lorenzo chided and lent forward to brace his hands on Giovanni's chest. The change in angle seemed to make Lorenzo's long, supple body shudder and suddenly Giovanni could not get enough breath, lying there on his back watching as Lorenzo rode him. He thrust once, hard, could not stop himself, and Lorenzo's spine snapped straight like a rapier.

"And stop...moving!" Lorenzo ordered again crossly, not for the first time in the last little while, and Giovanni removed a hand to the long, smooth arch of his throat to press his thumb against the pounding pulse of blood under the surface of Lorenzo's pale skin.

"You are making that..." He groaned sharply as Lorenzo shifted again. "Quite difficult, you realise."

"And I will make it more... difficult still," Lorenzo warned. "You will be still or next time... I will tie... you down."

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