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Evening Chatter [1/2]

[A/N: Somehow this moved from flirting to Rosa breaking Leonardo's brain. Sorry, Leo.]


Leonardo knelt down once he was at a deserted pier, setting down his purchases carefully onto the creaking wood. The first songbird had to be coaxed out of its cage, and the next was a flutter of brilliant yellow into the breeze. As he was flipping the latch to the third cage, a woman spoke behind him, her tone low and amused.

"What are you doing?"

Startled, Leonardo nearly fell into the water, clutching quickly at the wooden edge and steadying the cage as the bird within it squawked and panicked.

The woman looked distinctly familiar. Short dark hair, a blouse cut to show an unseemly amount of cleavage... "Oh! You are the thief."

"Rude as well as crazy."

"I mean," Leonardo scrambled to his feet, fighting his blush, "The young lady who ran into Ezio on our first day in Venezia, likely not connected at all with the reason why Ezio suddenly found himself financially disadvantaged."

"Better," The woman grinned, planting her fists on her ample hips. "My name is Rosa. Yours?"

"Leonardo da Vinci, signorina Rosa."

"So, what are you doing?"

"Freeing the birds," Leonardo said, somewhat confused. It was fairly obvious.


"Because they are caged?"

"You do know that all of these birds are bred in cages, cretino Leonardo? If you let them free, without someone to feed them and keep them safe from the cats, they will all die."

"I know. I am giving them a chance to be free. What they do with the freedom is their choice." Leonardo knelt down again, opening another cage. "There are many wild birds in Venezia. They will learn."

"And what you do is a drop in the ocean. There will always be caged birds."

"It is better to do something than nothing, signorina."

Rosa stared at him for another, long moment, then she sat down abruptly, cross-legged beside him. "May I help?"

"Of course." Leonardo smiled warmly.


"... and then he says, Antonio, what is the meaning of this?" Rosa slapped her thighs, utterly unladylike, roaring with laughter, and Leonardo found himself joining in. The empty cages sat in a neat row behind them, and they were seated on the edge of the pier, their legs dangling over the murky water.

"It seems he usually causes all of you a lot of trouble."

"It is how he treats people. He uses them." Rosa leant back, against her palms. "You do not begrudge him because you know that he does not do it for himself."

"I know," Leonardo said, more soberly, copying Rosa's gesture. Above, the sun was sinking slowly over a bank of yellowing clouds. "I do not see him often."

"Truly? But he says you are his best friend!"

"He has an odd definition of 'friend', signorina Rosa. 'People to keep safe', not 'people to live life with'."

"You sound wistful." Rosa's smile was knowing, and then Leonardo froze as she edged over to press against him, soft and supple, from this angle giving him a clear view down her blouse. "Wistful and lonely, friend Leonardo."

"I, ah," Leonardo tried to inch away, and tensed further as a slim hand slid over his hip. "Rosa. I, ah, have no interest, in women, so-"

"Truly? That is very interesting." Rosa grinned, undaunted. "I think I have never met a man who did not think first and foremost with his pene." She paused, concerned. "Did you lose your balls? Some sort of accident, perhaps?"

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