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I'm not a very good writer, but it pains me to see this meme so lifeless. So I'll give this a shot!

Having miscalculated a jump, Altair found himself pulled back down to the earth by that unseen force that he tried so valiantly to defy time and again, and it was as he was falling that he realized what he was to land on, or in. Water. He couldn't swim, and there was no telling how deep it was from here. He noted that there were people milling about nearby and surmised that he probably could yell for help, but he was too proud for that.

With a splash, the cool liquid enveloped him, soaking his robes, dragging him down with its volume. It was deep. He cursed mentally, thrashing about in an attempt to keep his head above it. Some water had managed to get into his lungs already, causing him to cough as he flailed and that is when he noticed someone jumping into the canal towards him. The stranger wrapped his arms around Altair and, thankfully, opted to save him in a fairly secluded place. It was a small grotto in what seemed to be an untraveled area of the city they were in.

Altair's lungs violently rejected the water that he'd managed to breathe in as he coughed, on his hands and knees. From his narrowed peripheral vision, he could just see his savior's boots, and when he was finished expelling what had gotten where it shouldn't have, he looked up and was surprised to see what... appeared to be another assassin. Well, the hood was akin to his, but the outfit he wore... was far flashier. An uneasy silence extended until the stranger finally spoke.

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