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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme
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[Fic] Best Served Cold [1/2]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-24 01:03 pm (UTC)(link)
[A/N: I have a hard time calling this a fic, since it's literally just porn written because I have nothing better to do at 3 am. Hope anon enjoys, nonetheless!]

He knew his words had struck their mark when the assassin whirled, cape billowing, and slammed him against the wall. The weight at Ezio's thigh told Cesare all he needed. With a smirk, he caught the other's hand in his and slowly licked the open palm, daring the assassin to continue. Growling, Ezio fisted the dark hair at his chin and, dragging him forward, muttered a curse against his skin. Stripped their clothes off and wrenched inside him, with only the barest of spit to slick the way.

It burned - his body immediately revolted, pushing back against the thick, invading length - like no other wound he'd received before, raw and visceral as a fanged beast, flesh penetrating further than any steel could reach. Despite his years of battle, Cesare let out a ragged cry, jaw snapping so tight he could feel the bones grind at his cheeks. He arched back against Ezio's hips, head colliding with the smooth paneling of the chamber wall. The room spun dizzyingly for a second, his crimson banner melting into tongues of flame in the fireplace, reflected back in the polished surface of his metal breastplate, and caught deep in the hard, mahogany eyes of the assassin... Ezio grit his teeth at the white hot sheathe around his cock, the muscles in his abdomen spasming as he tried to drive deeper inside his enemy. Pushing the heels of his palms flat on either side of Cesare's face, he thrust savagely against the leverage and, groaning, felt the other's body give to the hard throb of his member.

With a wet suck, Cesare took the assassin entirely into his hole, chest falling back as he locked his thighs around the assassin. He could feel Ezio shudder violently at the rough grind of their flesh, Adam's apple bobbing in an attempt to swallow a gasp. Despite the pain that sizzled his nerves, he grinned in satisfaction. With his free arm, he jerked the assassin closer and clenched himself tight, bucking his hips so the answering throe slammed straight into his pleasure. The first moan, he could not contain, lungs burning with the ache of passion, but the second he crushed against Ezio's mouth, teeth more than tongue finding their mark. Surprised, Ezio instinctively kissed back, lips parting for a moment, before the harsh rasp of stubble at his chin reminded him of who he had pinned beneath him. With a snarl, he bit down hard and slammed Cesare back into the wall.

The general laughed, eyes gleaming triumphantly. Tongued the tear on his lip and lapped up the blood.

Viciously, he scratched stripes of bright red down Ezio's flanks, even as the other thrust hard, a violent riposte that seared his spine with pleasure. Hissing sharply, Cesare jerked his fingers through the loose splay of hair beneath the assassin's cowl, down the nape of the neck, and was rewarded by a tantalizing taste of the other man's long, pale throat... before Ezio shoved him back with a growl, pinning his arm against the hardwood wall. Instead of a blow, however, the assassin angled his hips so his cock pummeled mercilessly against Cesare's weak spot, hands clasped around the other's wrists. Bones shifted beneath the rough rasp of blunt nails. There was a gasp, a cry of surprise, and Cesare convulsed, cock painting a wet stripe across Ezio's abdomen. But Ezio would not let the other go so easily. Tightening his grip, he set a punishing pace, each lurch bringing a sweet wrench around his member, each scrape of his fingers an uncontrolled shiver, until soon, the assassin found himself lost in the heat of his enemy's torment. Slowly, he could see the general's control shatter.