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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme
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Filled - desmond's got a boo-boo pt1

(Anonymous) 2010-10-26 10:36 pm (UTC)(link)
Ok, um yer, this is probably not the best thing written on here, and i'm happy for any one who want's to have a better go at this to go ahead, but, as some one who can take 3 to 4 hours to write a short email and is also total new to this fic writing malarky i'm hoping it's an ok attempt

secondly, i know some wanted this to have more of Des being a bit of a perv and all but i just cant write that sort of thing so you'll have to put up with the pg ratted fluff i've produced

any ways hope this is close enough to the OP original idea





Ezio cringed to him self as he heard the guard's yelling at one another, and the clatter of heavy boots as they gave chase across the roof.

Part of him was annoyed at the hassle of being spotted on what was meant to be a quick errand, to collect a package for Leonardo, while another was enjoying the challenge that came form giving the local city guards the run around,

Jumping across a gap, his boots slipping on tiles still wet from the rain earlier that day, only years of practice and quick reflexes saving him from a fall into the ally below, he refocused on the task at hand, only smirking a little as he heard a yell and a thump as a unfortunate guard suffered the fate he had just avoided.

5 minuets later, Ezio, limbs balled up and hidden behind the limited cover of a couple of chimney stacks ,held his breath as he heard the last of the pack that had given chase, clatter past ,yelling fading as they lost site of there target, and moved away,

Huffing to him, he slowly stood up, stretching his stiff legs. A hissed curse was the only warning he got, spinning round, he only caught a glimpse of the guard that had doubled back, or was a straggler of the main group,it didn't matter in the end, as momentarily forgetting the tiles that were still slick under his feet, the world twisted as he skidded and lot his balance, and with a yelp went off the edge of the roof.

Time seemed to slow as he fell, the wind rushing past, tumbling, his view going from sky to the street below and back to sky, panic that Ezio knew he should be feeling be crushed down by the knowledge that he had only second to save himself,

A flash of sunlight on metal had him grabbing out with his left arm, hand closing around the flag pole bracketed there, coming to a sudden, jarring stop, something popped, Ezio's vision went white as pain seared through his shoulder.

synchronization failure, ....... desynchronization

Desmond, didn't hear the computerized voice, as he bolted up-right, a strangled scream escaping, as his shoulder flared, the white hot pain causing spots to flash across his vision, didn't hear the questioning, worried voices, asking what was wrong, as he reflexively grabbed at it with his other hand,
curled in on himself, breath coming in quick gasps as he tried to ignore the nausea that was quickly making its self known

"Des, mate?" Shaun's voice right in-front of him, caused Desmond to look up sharply, which turned out to be the wrong move as it jolted his arm, and with a sudden gasp and "Oh shit" from the english man, Desmond's world narrowed to the rubbish bin that was hastily shoved before him as his lunch made a second appearance,

Re: Filled - desmond's got a boo-boo pt2

(Anonymous) 2010-10-26 10:38 pm (UTC)(link)
He groaned as he finally stopped reaching, and became aware of the slow circles that were being rubbed on his back, the bin taken away, and replaced with a mug of water, taking a few tentative sips to wash away the aftertaste, Desmond looked to the side, and was only slightly surprised to see Becca instead of Lucy there,

Straightening up slightly, his question of where the leader of there little group was, disappeared, as the pain that had caused his sudden ejection from the Animus, came back with a vengeance, screwing his eyes shut as the world spun, it took him a few moments to realize that his position had changed and he was now leaning heavily against the resident techie,

"Des you with me there?"

Blushing slightly as he realized his head was resting on her chest but finding that any attempt to move set off another spasm of pain and that Becca didn't seem to mind as she hadn't shifted once knowing that Desmond hadn't passed out on her, bracing him with one arm, while the other alternated between rubbing his back and through his short hair.

"Yer, i'm alright," A snort from Becca letting him know that she didn't believe that at all, and Desmond sighed, closing his eyes as Becca's hand went through his hair again.

It was a sort of side-effect to the 'bleed-effect', he remembered the discussion after the first time it had happened, had rolled his eyes when he had first heard Shaun's theory,

"Think about it. Desmond is learning how to be a assassin by living his ancestors life's, his body is having to learn years worth of 'muscle memory' in a few weeks, and not only dose that mean how to jump across roof tops, but it probably also means every twisted ankle or over stretched muscle too"

It had sounded extreme at first but having gone though resent events several times now, he was be-grugenly , starting to think the historian might be on to something,

It wasn't like every little bump and scratch effected him, usually it had to be some thing big, an arrow through the leg had done it , and a beating off some city guards, while having no immediate results beside being dizzy, had left him so stiff and sore the next morning, his head ringing from a concussion that it all rights belonged to someone else, he had been bed ridden for 2 days,

"So what happened?" Becca's question brought Desmond back to the present, and he blushed again as he released he'd almost dozed off

"Ezio was being chased by guards, he almost got away, but got surprised by a straggler, the tiles were wet and he slipped of the roof, he managed to stop him self from becoming a splat on the ground below by garbing a flag pole, but, and i'm pretty sure about this, i think he managed to dislocate his left shoulder"

This time it was Becca who sighed "Yer, i figured it was some thing like that" fingers twirling a lock Desmond's hair absently "you'll need a hair cut soon, it's almost long enough to put little bowes in"

Desmond's eyes shot open at that "you wouldn't, would you?"

The hand on his head stilled "only if given enough of an incentive Des, ask Shaun he'll tell you i don't make idle threats" not being able to see the smirk that appeared on the other's face, Desmond gulped at that "ok note to self - don't ever piss Becca off "

"See that you don't" Becca agreed, her hand resuming it's movements

They continued to sit there, and Desmond enjoyed the calm, and almost fell asleep again, untill

"Sorry, am I interrupting something"

Re: Filled - desmond's got a boo-boo pt3 -end

(Anonymous) 2010-10-26 10:39 pm (UTC)(link)
The two sat on the Animus chair shot apart, like a pair of teenagers caught making out, at Shaun's comment, the english man having come back from cleaning the bin Desmond had up-chucked in, and finding the situation on his return best described as cute, not that he would let any one know he thought that,

And all would of been fine had Becca who had been sat on the edge of the chair to start with, over balanced and landed on her butt on the floor with a rather undignified squawk , the room stayed silent for all of a second before both Shaun and Desmond started to snicker ,as Becca grumbling climbed back to her feet, dusting off her jeans, , "Oh ha! ha! very funny, just for the record you both jerks" leveling a glare at the two men who were failing miserably to hide there amusement

It was only when Desmond let out a muffled grown, the phantom injury he had sustained, letting him now that it didn't agree with all the moving about that the others attention moved back to him and the matter at hand

"Lucy called while i was cleaning up" Shaun mentioned as he moved towards the others, "i've let her know what happened and she on her way back, you look like shit by the way mate" he said as he got a proper look at the novice assassin,

"Feel like it too," Desmond replied as he tubbed at his eyes suddenly tired " where Lucy go anyways",

"She got a message about some info and went to see a contact of her's 'bout half an hour before you booted you self out of baby" Becca answer settling her self back on to the chair by Desmond, giving him a concerned glance "you gona be ok"

" 'M fine" he replied "just tired" he added letting lose a yawn

"Come on then let's get you to bed then" Becca said standing back up and moving to help Desmond stand as well

"Yes you put the little baby assassin to bed and i'll go and put the kettle on" ignoring the double glare sent his way as Shaun turned round and headed through the door that lead to the small kitchen

"Asshole" Desmond mumbled as he snuffled over to his bed in the corner of the room, Becca at his side incase he needed surport

"Oh don't let him get to you, he cares, just doesn't like to show it" the techie supplied as she watch Desmond lower him self down on to the mattress with a hiss of pain, his right hand once again griping at his left shoulder as he tried to ease the pain there,

Quickly going over her desk she opened the top draw and rummaged around for the packet of aspirin she kept there, before moving back toward Desmond snagging his mug of water on the way pass

"Here this will help" pulling his right hand down and pushing two pills into Desmond's palm, she stood back as he took the pain killers before toeing of his trainers and slowly lying down on top of the covers,

Worrying her lip for a second as she saw Desmond shifting slightly as he tried to find a comfy position, before muttering a soft "bugger it" Becca kicked off her own shoes and moved over to the bed, sitting gently beside it's occupant, who opened tired eyes as he felt the extra weight, looking at her questionably

"Just shush, and go to sleep Des" was all Becca said as she once again started to run he fingers through his hair, feeling the body next to her tense slightly before relaxing again, and allowing his eyes to close and a content sigh escape his lips, it was not long till Desmond drifted off to sleep.