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Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [4/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 04:34 am (UTC)(link)
Cesare loathed the shrill whine that was torn from his lungs as a result of his brother-in-law’s exceedingly talented hand. So he settled for barking, “Over my dead body-”

“Which can easily be arranged,” Ezio chuckled.

However, he let his hand slide from around Cesare, the latter's ass bucking in protest at the lack of contact. Sitting up higher on his knees, he leaned over him a bit, weaving a hand through his hair again. At first, his touch was soft and familiar, almost an affectionate pet of sorts. But within the blink of an eye, he gave a sharp against his scalp, causing the younger man to let out a cry of distress.

“Enough of your infernal squirming,” Ezio languidly ordered, lightly smacking Cesare’s behind with his other hand. Yet the steel dancing along the edges of his voice unmistakable.

Cesare knew if the assassin wished, he could truly harm him. Wounded pride and a bruise or two was small price to pay to avoid broken bones and/or potential garroting within the span of a few seconds. So he stilled.

Well, everything but his mouth.

“I doubt either of you can last, old man,” Cesare retorted, voice strained and muffled in the sheets, “Besides, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” he spat, erection thick and twitching at ever feather-like caresses of the assassin, who resumed his salacious games with his straining member.

But rather than smack his ass in punishment again as he assumed he would, Ezio only chuckled. Nonetheless, he gave his inner thigh a swift pinch, causing Cesare to jump in surprise.

“You mean like this?”

Ezio shoved Cesare’s head down into the artist’s crouch, Leonardo eagerly guiding him to his throbbing prize. The Borgia forced to take his cock in his mouth, the lewd slurps of Cesare’s mouth and tongue working the instrument of the key to his satisfaction steadily filled the room. Head bobbing up and down, he at first fought the inventor’s guidance. But the firm hand threading through his hair lent him no mercy. And soon, he was forced to relent. The blond exercising his reckless authority, he set the pace of fucking Cesare’s wickedly heated little mouth.

Jesu Cristo,” Leonardo gasped, eyes snapping open for a moment and meeting Ezio’s sparkling hazel, his hips repeatedly bucking into the blazing hot wetness, “He’s….he’s…he’s certainly had practice!”

“Why does that not surprise me?” Ezio drawled. “You little puttanna,” he licked his lips, giving Cesare a sound spank on the ass. He didn’t bother to hold back a chuckle as The Templar let out a exhalation of surprise, eyes widening.

Loosing his concentration allowed Leonardo to thrust up into his mouth even more. It caught him off guard, causing his throat to contract for a quick moment. Of course, the inventor didn’t protest the vibrations now pulsing around his cock. Squeezing his eyes closed in ecstasy, his fervent moans nearly drowned out the additional sound of Ezio's smacks as he popped Cesare on the behind a few more times for good measure.

“And so it looks as though I shall be obliged,” the assassin laughed, recalling Cesare’s earlier words of encouragement back in the dining hall.

His own hand down his breeches, Ezio watched the spectacle for a few tantalizing moments. After a bit of self-pleasure, he then knelt behind Cesare, his hand fisting around the younger man’s arousal without warning. Giving it a good tug resulted in the desired effect.

Cesare gasped, gagged for a few precious seconds and then moaned around Leonardo’s cock at the unexpected, rising satisfaction. And soon, Ezio was jerking him off in perfect rhythm to the artist’s increasingly frantic groans of approval. Their staccato echoing in the air, it swirled around him like some wanton song.

Glancing up, Ezio saw the Leonardo’s usually pale cheeks flush almost delicately pink, hos breath fluttering past his lips in louder and louder gasps. It took all of the assassin’s self control not to just jerk himself off right then and there at the sight. Especially as Leonardo let out a snort of disappointment when Cesare inexplicably dropped his dick from his lips.

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [5/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 04:43 am (UTC)(link)
Fuck you! the Templar snarled back at Ezio. “Fuck you…and…all of you bastardi assassins!” Admittedly, the poison it reeked of was made rather ineffective as his breath suddenly hitched, climbing into a steadily louder groan as Ezio’s hand continued its devastating assault up and down his member.

“Oh, I believe I promised to do that, once you finish him off,” Ezio lazily grinned.

Though Cesare couldn’t see his expression, the smirk in his voice was unmistakable. And he hated himself even more as he gave a whine of disappointment as his brother-on-law abruptly dropped his cock. “You could always watch,” he shrugged as he nearly painfully snapped Cesare’s bound hands further behind his back, “For one way or another, my friend will receive his satisfaction. Either from your mouth, or from me as I fuck his brains out.”

“P-please,” Leonardo stammered, his hips jumping towards Cesar’s pouting lips.

Leaning over so the hard expanse of his chest pressed tightly against Cesare’s tanned back, Ezio huskily whispered into his ear, “I’ll even wager you’ll be able to come of your own accord, should I sit you on that chair,” he nodded at said chair behind the desk, opposite the foot of the bed. “And even with your hands still bound behind your back, no less. But if it should come to that, neither of us will grant your release.”

Cesare let out a growl of frustration as Ezio suddenly broke the skin on skin contact. Another hitch of breath came as the assassin crawled from behind him and up to Leonardo.

“It seems he has made his choice, mio amico,” Ezio shrugged, giving Leonardo a wink of regard. “It’s just you and me now, I suppose.” Pushing the artist back so that he leaned up against the headboard, he cupped his ass in his hands, taking his throbbing member into his mouth with practiced ease.

Jesu Cristo dolce e tutti i san qui sopra!”* Leonardo bit the corner of his mouth, running a hand through Ezio’s tousled hair as he sucked him off. Those beautiful lips worshiped his cock like no other, bobbing up and down with artful abandon. Licking up the length of him, he dropped down again, laughing against his skin as Leonardo snappishly bucked and kicked. The usual graceful touch of the artist’s hand upon his neck only made him smile even more. And Cesare’s prattling curses behind him as he struggled to pull himself up from his position, face down on the bed, simply drove him on further.

Unfortunately, it took less than a minute for the Templar to comply. Ezio was nearly about to write him off before he heard Cesare bellow, "Fine, you SON OF BITCH! I’ll…” he gasped with need, “I’ll do it!”

“Not…f-fine!” Leonardo stammered, running his hands through Ezio’s locks even more, fingers massaging his scalp is desperate little circles.

“No, no! I swear, I’ll finish him!” Cesare hissed and growled, “Just-”

“Just what, exactly?” Ezio paused, withdrawing form the artist and looking up and behind himself, resting his cheek on Leonardo’s thigh. However, his hand still continued to mercilessly run up and down Leonardo’s turgid length.

“Just…Madre del dio!* Fuck me, for godsake!” Shaking with unreleased desire, he spat out the words with venomous disregard.

“That’s actually ‘Fuck me, Ser Ezio,’” the assassin drawled, sitting up.

Ser Ezio-”


“FUCK ME, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” Cesare nearly screeched. Eyes widening at his own outburst, he pathetically muttered, “Ser Ezio, if you may?”

“Just, what I like to hear,” Ezio smirked, as he moved to his knees. “Until later, mio amore,” he whispered to his dear friend before taking his face in his hands and pulling him to his lips for a rather thorough kiss.

“Indeed,” Leonardo gasped against his mouth.

* Jesu Cristo dolce e tutti i san qui sopra! - Sweet Jesus and all the saints above!

*Madre del dio! - Mother of God!

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [6/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 04:50 am (UTC)(link)
Giving Leonardo's bottom lip one last possessive nip, Ezio withdrew. Making his way behind Cesare again, he hauled him forward, dropping his face into the inventor’s lap. “Get on with it, bello,” he ordered with a chuckle, though he grabbed the Templar’s tied wrists for leverage and balance, “As you said before, that cock’s not going to suck itself, now is it?”

Cesare was about to fire back a curse, but it was swiftly cut off as a Leonardo’s member once again filled his mouth. And Ezio’s hand once again jerked him to near fruition, all in time to Leonardo’s muttered ramblings and gasping breaths yet again. But the assassin proved distressingly crafty, always bringing him to the edge of ecstasy, yet never sending him over the precipice.

The minutes ticking by, Cesare was nearly in tears at being foiled at every chance of release. So when the artist finally exploded into his precious mouth, he reflexively loosened his throat, taking it all. Having embarked upon such activities for years now, he patiently rode it out as Leonardo’s hands twined in his hair. His dick twitching in his throat, the vibrations of Cesare’s moans as Ezio worked his cock in turn made Leonardo send up a cry of satisfaction to the heavens above.

And suddenly, the Templar found he didn’t so much mind being the instrument of these two partners in crime.
So long as Auditore’s hands kept cupping his balls like that, massaging, pulling and tugging at his cock. Cleaning the dick his mouth like a willing whore whose very livelihood depended on it, he sucked and slurped until the task was completed absolutely.

“Just like that, assassin,” he barked, hips bouncing in frantic time, “Please…Lord on high, just…like…THAT…”

To release himself over to such power…those same hands that now worked his aching dick with such experience could so easily rip the life from him. All within the blink of an eye and a flip of the wrist, if he so desired.


“I think,” Leonardo breathed, slouching back against the headboard, face flushed and utterly spent, “That it is time my patron get his just rewards…the oil is on the nightstand, next to the bed, you will find.”

Grazie,” Ezio chuckled, speedily retrieving the vial.

Making sure the younger man was well prepared, he played with is ass for a bit, reveling in his alternate curses and moans as he eventually inserted a third finger. Cesare’s back arching, he needed no other tease. Just watching the haughty little Templar get his due, Leonardo taking it from him and for once only caring for his own satisfaction, was enough to make him rock hard.

Dropping his breeches, his only warning was his cock resting against Cesare’s bare ass for a moment. Giving the boy a playful jerk that sent him moaning, his hands took those slim hips into vise-like grip. And then, he pounded into him, filling him in one swift stroke.

Letting out a guttural shriek as he was sent flying forward, Cesare would’ve cracked his poor head against the headboard, had not Leonardo remained sitting there. The artist was apparently ready for a second round; languidly jerking himself off to his patron’s dominance with one hand, his other played in Cesare’s raven locks. With no place else to go, the Templar growled as Ezio pushed him forward to rest his head on the artist’s thigh, much in the same position Ezio was a few moments ago when he threatened to make love to inventor all by himself.

“So fucking tight, bello mio” Ezio lustily rasped into his ear, leaning over and pressing himself against his back, “Such a delicious little squeeze, eh?”

Hands caressing Cesare’s waist for a quick moment, he easily found a suitable place for them to guide the thrashing young man beneath him. Nibbling his ear, his next words sent a shiver down the Cesare’s spine.

“And here I thought your lewd little culo would be wholly worn out from all of the other men that have fucked you so roughly,” Ezio smiled against his flushed neck, the scruff of his beard leaving a rash of red along his pale skin as he rode him, “A pleasant surprise to contrary, no?”

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [6/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 05:06 am (UTC)(link)
You. Are. God. O_O

Re: Writer!Anon Here

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 05:29 am (UTC)(link)
Aww, thanks :) Meanwhile, I'm finishing this up...brb in a bit.

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [6/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 06:49 am (UTC)(link)
Stay up and finish my article review paper that is due tomorrow or wait for this.... I think I know which will win...

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [7/?]

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
“Fuuuuck!” was all Cesare could whimper as the Florentine withdrew nearly fully, only to thrust in again. He despised how his surprised noise at being so thoroughly taken was rapidly followed by his panting gasp of delight. How impossible it was that the god-damned assassin was nearly one of the biggest he’d ever had, his thick girth soundly stretching him. And how, with a mere tilt of his hips, a seemingly casual uptick in speed, the older man sent a howl of pleasure spilling from his lips.

Ezio glided into his pounding rhythm, one hand still at his waist, the other taking Cesare’s cock and lightly twisting at bit. Applying just enough pressure loosened him, allowing the assassin to bury himself to the hilt. By now, Cesare was babbling utter, filthy nonsense, eyes fluttering, the edges of his vision blurred.

Leonardo’s growing groans colliding with Ezio’s grunts as he let himself be squeezed by the hot little channel he conquered, the artist came with a shuddering howl. Cesare was of course right there to take him back into his mouth. And this time, he needed no compelling. Sucking him off with vigorous fervor, he welcomed Leonardo’s grip on the back of his neck as he held him in place, hips thrusting home.

“Take it, ragazzo,” Ezio snarled into Cesare’s flushed ears, pounding into him with seemingly boundless zeal, “Take it all down that precious little throat…you’re a teasing little cock-slut, aren’t you?” A spank to the ass and Cesare let out a shuddering, muffled whimper of agreement around Leonardo’s straining dick. “You just adore a man’s cock in your mouth, do you not?” Another slap, and Cesare bucked back against the fullness now in his ass, his eyes nearly rolling to the back of his head.

Leonardo utterly undone, he released himself from Cesare’s hold, leaving him to the assassin. Cesare’s back arching his ass upwards, he vainly attempted to meet his better stroke for stroke. But Ezio had him under his full sway; his hand still securely at his waist, his other pumped the Templar’s cock in eager time with his ramming thrusts.

Mind spinning in a hazy daze, it took Cesare a few moments to realize that the shrill whines and hitched garbling was his own. Writhing and popping his hips, his breathless gasps were rather indicative that he was near losing this debauched game…the craving…the want…just… more.

He almost didn’t hear Ezio haughtily whisper into his ear in between his grunts, “And now, you may come.” With a final, dominating thrust, he let out snarl of release, groaning as he spilled himself into the younger man’s ass.

The sound began deep in Cesare’s chest, racing up his lungs, passing along his thoroughly used throat and escaping from his bruised, quivering lips. The Borgia howled in defeat, spending himself on his finely woven, crisp linen sheets. His skin was on fire, sweat pouring down his brow as he vainly struggled to catch his breath A tug and a jerk of his dick sent him reeling. All the while, Ezio continuing to pump out his release, massaging his cock with those deadly, graceful fingers…

And then, Cesare blacked out, the sound of the assassin's laughter echoing in damning reality in his ears.

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2010-10-28 07:13 am (UTC)(link)
When Cesare awoke in his own bed, the only evidence of his previous activities was his aching throat, the redness along his wrists, and that his ass throbbed as never before. Not to mention, he was completely naked. And sweaty. Otherwise, the sheets had been changed, his clothes left neatly folded upon his desk.

Judging the slivers of soft light beaming through his windows, it was around dawn or so. The rancorous sounds of the wedding reception floated up from the first floors, the music and laughter as loud as ever. But he didn’t care, expecting that the festivities would likely last well into the morning.

He’d have to check on the brides to ensure they hadn’t killed one another. Though he highly doubted it, considering how wrapped up in each other they were last night. Likely, they took their fucking to their bedchamber…or not.

He winced as he rolled out bed, his every limb sore and tender. The simple act of walking to the desk was also an exercise in smarting pain. God-damn, his behind ached…

And yet, despite all of that, he couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the words of the parchment pinned to his clothes.

He instantly knew who’d left it. For the letters were long and elegant, rather than written in the strange, backwards script one would be forced to read in a mirror. However, beneath it was a beautifully rendered, delicate sketch in red chalk; the eagle’s wings were outstretched in flight, its talons clutching the back of a prancing bull in profile.

While nothing is true and everything is permitted, may peace and prosperity reign in this new age of the Eagle and the Bull.

And remember, bello; a house divided never falls. Especially when it stands at as much attention as your lovely cock did last night.

That arrogant, swaggering, gorgeous, son-of-a-bitch assassin

Whew, that was WAY LONGER than originally intended. Anyway, and so, I am done. And I hope you are spent as well xD

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2010-10-29 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
That was amazing. Seriously, amazing. Did not expect to enjoy but I couldn't NOT look. XD (Not a fan of Cesare, tbh.)


Love how it played out. I'm glad I stayed for all of it. SO loved Leo and Ezio, as that is my OTP in this fandom. :)

Re: A House United Never Falls: Part 2 [8/8] (Complete!)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-27 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Posting to say a MASSIVE thank-you because this fill is epic and awesome and needs more love.