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Re: Blah, Fill with proper formatting (continued)

(Anonymous) 2010-11-03 03:16 am (UTC)(link)

“Altair.” the angry man growled behind him. The newly named ‘Altair’ radiated amusement as he turned towards the man and replied, “Malik.”

‘Malik’ snorted, his full upper lip curling in disgust or annoyance, Rohan couldn’t tell which. There was an odd affection around his eyes though as he shook his head and stomped off towards the bathing room, taking off his long, dark blue jacket as he went. With a jolt, Rohan saw that the man was missing an arm.

A hand fell on his shoulder, making Rohan jump a little. He looked up the arm to see the white-clad man, ‘Altair’, pulling back his hood. Rohan absentmindedly noted that while his hair was dark, it was closer in shade to his hair than the other man’s hair. “You insult him.” he said, jerking his chin after the one-armed man. Rohan paled and began to stammer apologies, his mind working furiously to figure out what, exactly, he had done wrong. The man smirked at him, the scar that ran through his lip warping oddly. “He work long and hard to be seen as more than a cripple. You offer help…” he shook his head, mock-pursing his lips. “Very bad. He declare feud now.”

Rohan’s eyes widened in horror, causing the gold-eyed man to burst into laughter again. “I joke, I joke,” he said, wiping away a tear. He turned around to go seat himself in one of the chairs in front of the fireplace, mumbling amusedly to himself the entire way there.

“Come,” he gestured imperiously once he had sat down, the effect softened by the traces of a smile still around his lips. “Speak. What court like? Who watch out for?” Rohan inched forward nervously, sitting down on the seat gestured to. It took some prodding on the part of the white-clad man, but eventually Rohan was babbling as he normally did about the Hawkbrothers, Karsites and the other exotic ambassadors at the court.

A harsh growl ending in the white-clad man’s name made Rohan’s babbling trail off. The man smirked and looked over his shoulder. Rohan followed his gaze and saw the one-armed man, still damp from the bath and clutching a towel around his waist. Rohan blushed at his nudity, noticing the man’s still-strong body.

Standing up, the man began to usher Rohan out, an odd gleam in his eyes. “W-wait!” Rohan yelped as he was pushed through the doorway. The golden-eyed man paused and quirked an eyebrow. “W-what is your name – I mean, who are you representing.” The man’s smirk returned to his face. He leaned over, putting his face close to Rohan’s. “The Assassins.” he said simply, and shut the door with a final-sounding thud.
* * *
Sorry if you can tell, but I haven't read the books lately; no room in a dorm room.


(Anonymous) 2010-11-03 01:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Why do I totally get the sense that Altaïr speaks perfectly fluent Valdemaran and is simply faking the accent?

This was hilarious. I admit that I have a little trouble buying why the Brotherhood would bother making such an open gesture, but the interactions - Malik being all snarly, Altaïr being quietly Amused and testing the people around him to see their reactions - is great! (And he'd probably be a bit more relaxed than Malik anyway - given that Eagle Vision would probably do a lot for verifying that these people are not potential enemies!)

They make a very deft Good Cop/Bad Cop team, now that I think about it...

Re: Blah, Fill with proper formatting (continued)

(Anonymous) 2010-11-03 09:16 pm (UTC)(link)
omg omg omg omg omg omg

anon. I love you. You cannot even begin to imagine how much I love you, or how happy I am that you are writing this. *starry eyes*

"Very bad. He declare feud now."

Altair with a sense of humor is a terrifyingly awesome thing.

Re: Blah, Fill with proper formatting (continued)

(Anonymous) 2010-11-30 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
Would be lovely if you had more, write!anon. <3

This will be kind of a story, kind of a bunch of one-shots

(Anonymous) 2010-12-11 04:35 am (UTC)(link)
There was a large rush over to Rohan’s seat when Karal and Altra had to temporarily leave the room. Mellus, a large boy mud-coloured hair from Hardorn’s capital plopped himself down in the seat beside him and leaned towards him. “So,” he hissed, “what are they like?”

“Huh?” Rohan said intelligently.

“The Assassins!” Mellus snapped, still keeping his voice down. “Oh, them,” Rohan said hastily, putting down his pen, “they seem pretty nice. At least, Altair is. Malik is kind of mean. Actually, so is Altair, I think he likes to scare people, he scared me when he jumped down from the rafters -”

Rohan stopped when he realized that Mellus and the others were staring at him. “You know their names?” Mellus said weakly. “Um, yes?” Rohan said warily. Mellus, despite being a Heraldic trainee, was seen by most of the Collegium as a bit of a jerk. He had picked on Rohan for being younger than anyone else in the class before. “Altair talked with me for a bit.” Rohan offered. “He seemed really interested in who else was at court.”

“And you told him?!” Mellus whispered in a horrified tone of voice. Mellus turned away from him to stare at his hands, shaking his head in wonderment. “Why are you so interested, anyways?” Rohan asked curiously. Besides the bullying, Mellus usually left him alone. “You’re the only one they let in their rooms.” Mellus said to him sternly, jabbing a finger at his chest. “They sent away the trainee that came this morning.” Forgetting Rohan, he leaned towards the others and added, “And before I came here, I heard stories from some of King Tremane’s soldiers about them.”

“Really?” said Rohan. The rest of the group had turned their attention away from Rohan and began to bother Mellus for details. Mellus looked smug under the attention despite his words. “It’s only some stuff I overheard one night when I was waiting for my mother to come back,” he said, flapping his hand like he was brushing away a fly, “She’s one of the cooks there, and Dad was sick that night, so…”

“Forget that, what did the soldiers say?” asked Yarrow, a blond Bardic trainee. He was always looking for fresh gossip and had been the second one over to Rohan’s desk after Mellus. Mellus’ expression changed; he looked a little nervous now, like he was about to talk about something priestly. “One of the soldiers had been stationed in the province where they lived, and he said,” his voice dropping to a dramatic whisper, “that one morning the administrator of the province, who’d been close to finding out where they actually lived, had woken up with a knife on his pillow and cake that only the Assassin’s make on the table. Nobody had seen anyone go in or out, and none of the wards had been tripped. It was like a spirit had done it.” Everyone shivered with delight.

“What happened to the administrator?” asked Yarrow, his eyes practically glowing with interest.

“He gave orders to keep looking for the Assassin headquarters and tripled the guards and wards around him. The next morning, he was found dead in his bed, his throat slit from ear to ear.” Mellus said with relish while miming getting his throat cut.

“How ghoulish.” Karal remarked. The other students agreed before realizing who had said it. They then did a double-take and rushed back to their seats. Mellus, however, was too slow. Karal caught him by the shoulder, holding his firecat Altra awkwardly in one arm. “While it is fun to gossip,” he said dryly, staring off into the distance while Altra’s eyes pinned the boy to the floor, “I must ask that you keep it to a minimum about visiting dignitaries.” He let go and went back up to the front of the classroom as Mellus scrambled back to his seat. He smiled slightly at the class before adding, “Especially ones that are currently having an audience with Queen Selenay.”

The classroom broke out in excited whispers. Rohan sat in his seat, frozen. A private audience with the Queen so soon? They had only arrived yesterday! Only Rethwallen ambassadors got that treatment; everyone else had to wait for a few days before seeing Queen Selenay privately. And they called themselves the Assassins openly too. He suddenly couldn’t wait to see the two men again and ask them what they wanted with the Queen.

Re: This will be kind of a story, kind of a bunch of one-shots

(Anonymous) 2010-12-11 04:41 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my oh my oh my I thought this would never be continued. <3 <3 <3!!!