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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.2

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.2
Fill Only

Welcome to the Brotherhood

∆ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

∆ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

∆ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

∆ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

∆ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

∆ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

∆ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

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Fills Only

Can it be rape time now?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
Not sure what is wrong with me but i have a sudden carving for some non-con.
Don't care what pairing, just give me some rape to fill my carving, writer!anons.

Re: Can it be rape time now?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 05:29 pm (UTC)(link)
I am taking this and running with it! As I have a terrible rape!kink as well....and this meme needs more non-con....

Free Will [1/3]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 22:36 (UTC) - Expand

Free Will [2/3]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 22:37 (UTC) - Expand

Free Will [3/3]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 22:38 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Free Will [3/3]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-22 10:50 (UTC) - Expand

I feel old -_-

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 01:38 am (UTC)(link)
So, it's, like, what? 2011, now?

Anyhow, anon here is sad because she's a procrastinator.
--and she has a major, MAJOR, horde of projects due tomorrow.

Thus, I request one of our main assassins, or any assassin, having an oh-shit-I'm fucked moment due to procrastination; I dunno, maybe the Grand Master Altair is drowning in despair when he realizes that all the work he's pushed back in order to find the magical anus is supposed to be archived by tomorrow.

O.O Oh, lord.

(Um ... I do indeed feel a divine presence in my bathroom.)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 03:54 am (UTC)(link)
This anon has recently come upon a problem when long hair vs a fondness for hoods.

Seeing as Ezio has hair enough to tie back and wears a hood every moment of the day, I'd like HIM to face the same difficulties - namely, matting. After a long day avenging, he takes down his hood and finds his hair a tangled mess.

Totally out of his depth, he runs to Leonardo who helps brush it out.

TL;DR Ezio getting his hair brushed by Leonardo.

Bonus points if Leonardo has Ezio sit on the floor between his legs to do it.

My ungodly spawn if Ezio keeps rolling his head back and purring sweet promises that get our poor genius all hot and bothered.

(Anonymous) 2011-03-06 08:53 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh my God seconded. Why has no one filled this yet?

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-06 21:58 (UTC) - Expand

Fill: Unfortunately not a well groomed Assassin

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-01 06:15 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Unfortunately not a well groomed Assassin

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-03 04:12 (UTC) - Expand

A Hairy Situation

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-02 22:10 (UTC) - Expand

A Hairy Situation fin

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-02 22:12 (UTC) - Expand

Re: A Hairy Situation fin

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-03 04:14 (UTC) - Expand

Re: A Hairy Situation fin

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-03 20:51 (UTC) - Expand

Dirty Graffiti

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
I was bored at work and stumbled upon some hilarious Roman grafitti that modern historians have found. This takes the cake though and I would love to see what sort of fic that would inspire:

"Weep, you girls.  My penis has given you up.  Now it penetrates men’s behinds.  Goodbye, wondrous femininity!"

Interpret that how you may...

Re: Dirty Graffiti

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 01:24 pm (UTC)(link)
oh god, this made me laugh, i second this

Re: Dirty Graffiti

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-03 13:29 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Dirty Graffiti

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-04 16:44 (UTC) - Expand

Bone and Sinew [1/1]

[identity profile] 2011-01-03 06:21 am (UTC)(link)
User [ profile] modico referenced to your post from Bone and Sinew [1/1] ( saying: [...] Written for the Assassin's Creed Kink Meme [...]


(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 01:40 pm (UTC)(link)
So the Apple and other artifacts are supposedly what helped with/caused miracles, right? Like the parting of the Red Sea and other Great Events. And I mean, WE'VE all see it do some pretty cool shit in the game.

Surely it could re-grow an arm, right?

Anon, let Altair and the Apple give Malik his own personal miracle. :)

And if you feel inspired to have Malik test out his new arm with sexytimes and Altair, well... that'd earn you a gazillion bonus points.

Re: Skelogrow!

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 02:28 am (UTC)(link)
I second this!!! ^^

Re: Skelogrow!

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 06:59 (UTC) - Expand

Filling - Link

[identity profile] - 2011-06-07 11:30 (UTC) - Expand

Sassy Gay Friend Leonardo?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 06:10 pm (UTC)(link)

not exactly a kink but I NEED IT!!!!!!

Re: Sassy Gay Friend Leonardo?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 07:03 pm (UTC)(link)

I've been meaning to prompt this for a while but never got around to it. I think we've had SGF stuff but not for Leo.

I just want Ezio to swagger into Leonardo's workshop with this postcoital smugness and Leonardo takes one look at him and says, "Ezio, you big slut! Good for you!" and claps excitedly.

Re: Sassy Gay Friend Leonardo?

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-09 02:30 (UTC) - Expand

Sassy Gay Friend Leonardo!!!! What are you DOing?

(Anonymous) - 2011-07-25 20:52 (UTC) - Expand

altaïr/malik: Kadar is dicking around and making Altaïr angry (and Malik is just confused)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 08:09 pm (UTC)(link)
The subject I want to bring up is: Kadar. But not the usual Kadar.

I want Kadar to be bigger (in height, shoulder-width and such, you anon who have your mind in the gutter) than Malik and very possessive and protective of his older brother. Especially when it comes to the little matter of Altaïr, and his constant tries to bed Malik.

Bonus points if Malik and Altaïr actually get to be in a relationship that is somewhat sane and stable, and Kadar is still openly hostile towards his brother's lover. And vocal about it too.

Just not teeny-tiny cute and uber wussy Kadar, please.

Re: altaïr/malik: Kadar is dicking around and making Altaïr angry (and Malik is just confused)

(Anonymous) 2011-01-03 10:32 pm (UTC)(link)

Unwanted Attention

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 07:06 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Unwanted Attention pt 2

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 07:07 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Unwanted Attention pt 2

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 14:07 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Unwanted Attention pt 2

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-20 03:05 (UTC) - Expand

Roads not taken

(Anonymous) 2011-01-04 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
Recently, I realized something.
Desmond is as much a descendant from Altair as he is from Maria.

I wonder what would have happened if he would have accessed her memories instead, what has her life been like, what did she do, etc.
She must have had a turbulent life even before meeting Altair, and what she has done after must have been nothing short of amazing.

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) 2011-01-04 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
There is the technicality issue that a female ancestor cannot pass on genetic memory (eggs being formed along with the other reproductive organs, and thus unlikely to contain any new material).

But SECONDED! if a writer!anon can make it work.

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 02:47 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 13:24 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 18:56 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 23:45 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 14:21 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 07:31 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 07:33 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Roads not taken

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 14:21 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2011-01-04 09:54 pm (UTC)(link)
Something involving Ezio and those minstrels.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-04 11:25 pm (UTC)(link)
Can it just be him drop-kicking them into the ocean?

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 23:26 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-04 23:48 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 00:29 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 22:21 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-09 16:37 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 12:51 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 20:09 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2011-01-12 22:34 (UTC) - Expand

Re: OP

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-13 20:17 (UTC) - Expand

Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
This anon would looooove to see either La Volpe/Leonardo/Ezio with Leo's ass on the recieving end of two cocks simultaneously, or replacing him with a moaning, writhing Machiavelli. :D

My first born if there's some orgasm denial/dirty talking/passing out from coming so hard.


Re: Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 01:54 am (UTC)(link)
Seconds this sooooo much! ^^

Re: Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 02:13 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 07:35 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 06:31 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Threesome Double Penetration

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-09 06:06 (UTC) - Expand

Potential Filler...

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-07 18:49 (UTC) - Expand

FILL {1.a/1}

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-07 21:26 (UTC) - Expand

FILL {1.b/1}

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-07 21:27 (UTC) - Expand

FILL {1.c/1}

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-07 21:28 (UTC) - Expand

Re: FILL {1.c/1}

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-08 08:00 (UTC) - Expand

OP here

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-13 20:49 (UTC) - Expand

Re: OP here

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-16 18:39 (UTC) - Expand

completely non-sensical crack idea

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 03:31 am (UTC)(link)
Altair can't touch water because he is a mermaid, and changes when he gets wet.

Re: completely non-sensical WIN crack idea

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 06:56 am (UTC)(link)

Re: completely non-sensical WIN crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 07:07 (UTC) - Expand

Re: completely non-sensical WIN crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-05 07:26 (UTC) - Expand

Re: completely non-sensical WIN crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-06 15:06 (UTC) - Expand

Re: completely non-sensical crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 06:04 (UTC) - Expand

Re: completely non-sensical crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-06 22:18 (UTC) - Expand

oh yeah, above post is a fill

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-08 19:42 (UTC) - Expand

Re: completely non-sensical crack idea

(Anonymous) - 2013-12-07 21:07 (UTC) - Expand

Ezio / Lady of Choice - Pregnant sex

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 05:24 am (UTC)(link)
Ezio and his wifey of choice get with child. Ezio can't get enough of pregnant sex.

Pretty please with a naked Ezio on top?

Engineering relationship?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
So, I've done a few fills around, and I finally came up with something I'm dying to see. :)

Gaspar de la Croix is a weapon's engineer and more or less sniper for Cesare. He clearly is intelligent, with no care for the lives or well-being of others, and has that 'gets what he wants' mindset. Imagine how he would have clashed with Leonardo (they were working for the same man; they probably met at some point under Cesare's orders?). This anon thinks Leonardo's brilliance would captivate, but his passion for all life, his pacifism, would get on Gaspar's nerves. These two things have put Leonardo uncomfortably in Gaspar's crosshairs. (LOL Check out dat pun. /shot.)

tl;dr - Gaspar/Leonardo, can be sex(if sex, I'm seeing dub-con for this, honestly), can be not, battle of the minds and wills would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Engineering relationship?

(Anonymous) 2011-04-10 11:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Anon still checking this prompt? I need something to write while I wait to get over my block on a different prompt.

And this one is sounding very lovely, let me say. Can't promise sex, but I am falling in love with the prompt.

fic blitz!

[identity profile] 2011-01-05 12:45 pm (UTC)(link)
User [ profile] manic_intent referenced to your post from fic blitz! ( saying: [...] fill all the non-overlapping, purely Giovanni x Lorenzo prompts on the meme. [The Price of Failure [...]


(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 08:41 pm (UTC)(link)
I want some light hearted times with the Modern Assassin's. I don't care what they are doing, just make sure they are having fun.

Bro, bonus points if you can work in Desmond and Shaun being boxers without relating to sex. 8D

Re: Fun

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 09:02 pm (UTC)(link)
You know. I think I want some fun too.

I'm totally filling. :3

Re: Fun

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-13 02:23 (UTC) - Expand

Boxers 1/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-18 08:09 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-18 08:11 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-19 07:09 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-20 04:49 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-20 22:20 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 06:10 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-08-12 09:51 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Boxers 2/2

(Anonymous) - 2011-08-12 12:16 (UTC) - Expand

Ezio/Metal Cestus/Anyone

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 09:29 pm (UTC)(link)
Ezio gives someone a handjob while wearing the metal cestus. That is all.

Anon's gauntlet fetish is blatant and shameless
...Bonus points for La Volpe, though.

Re: Ezio/Metal Cestus/Anyone

(Anonymous) 2011-01-05 10:22 pm (UTC)(link)
Holy. Fuck.


Re: Ezio/Metal Cestus/Anyone

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-06 06:33 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Ezio/Metal Cestus/Anyone

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 04:10 (UTC) - Expand

Fill: Metal and leather

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 21:27 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Metal and leather

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-12 01:09 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Metal and leather

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-12 16:26 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Fill: Metal and leather

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-13 03:00 (UTC) - Expand

Why the floors are always so sticky...

(Anonymous) 2011-01-06 02:39 am (UTC)(link)
I'd love to see the modern assassin gang going out to the movies...

And then Shaun giving Desmond head while the movies on. Desmond freaking out because the girls might hear/see.

Bonus points for Lucy and Rebeca knowing the entire time.
Double bonus points if they decided to have some lesbian time while the theater is dark also.

Re: Why the floors are always so sticky...

(Anonymous) 2011-01-11 03:30 am (UTC)(link)
I might try to fill this, but it may take some time. I'm still a virgin on here.

Re: Why the floors are always so sticky...

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-04 03:46 (UTC) - Expand

Fill: Fun at the Movies

(Anonymous) - 2011-05-03 06:30 (UTC) - Expand

Giovanni/Lorenzo + optional Apple?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-06 07:02 am (UTC)(link)
I'm craving some Giovanni/Lorenzo, with either Lorenzo being absolutely frustrated with Court life and having no wishes of taking the reigns (figuratively OR literally |D) giving Giovanni the opportunity to dominate; OR with Giovanni just deciding he wants to be more mischievous than usual and tying Lorenzo down (for his own good? idk) and having his wicked way with the ruler.

Or perhaps Giovanni or Lorenzo has looked into the Apple and seen the other's death in the future, leading up to some desperate!sex?

idk man, I just need this pairing, and I hope anon has fun filling this! xD

Re: Giovanni/Lorenzo + optional Apple?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-08 12:37 am (UTC)(link)


Re: Giovanni/Lorenzo + optional Apple?

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-09 06:08 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Giovanni/Lorenzo + optional Apple?

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-13 21:06 (UTC) - Expand

The Long Game [1/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-28 12:26 (UTC) - Expand

The Long Game [2/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-28 12:28 (UTC) - Expand

The Long Game [3/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-28 12:29 (UTC) - Expand

Re: The Long Game [3/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-11 08:30 (UTC) - Expand

Re: The Long Game [3/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-04-04 23:10 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) 2011-01-06 06:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Altair stumbles wet and injured into the Jerusalem Bureau. Malik at first gives his customary "&#%* Novice!"-reaction, but actually tries to comfort Altair after witnessing how distraught the other man is. Altair finally confesses the (of course very tragic) reason for his hydrophobia which results into more comfort and maybe (hopefully) sexytimes. :)

Make this as fluffy, tragic, angsty or sexy as you like, dear Anon, and I would love you even more, if Malik is the experienced top who seduces Altair.

Re: Hydrophobia

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 12:34 am (UTC)(link)
This meme needs moar Altair.

I want this.

Re: Hydrophobia

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 02:30 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Hydrophobia

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-05 06:12 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Hydrophobia FILLED

(Anonymous) - 2017-02-17 23:03 (UTC) - Expand

WWII Assassins

(Anonymous) 2011-01-06 10:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Just noticed the comment amount is 1945.

What happened in 1945? - WWII
What does WWII have? - Nazies
Who doesn't love a man in uniform? - 8D

Let's get some WWII assassin's up in here. I don't care how they get there, just get the assassin's into 1945.

Re: WWII Assassins

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 01:28 am (UTC)(link)
Hopefully we don't love Nazis though. :/

Re: WWII Assassins

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 06:33 (UTC) - Expand

Re: WWII Assassins

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-23 02:24 (UTC) - Expand

Perfection 1/?

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-23 19:11 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Perfection 1/?

(Anonymous) - 2011-02-07 06:34 (UTC) - Expand

Re: WWII Assassins

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-09 20:47 (UTC) - Expand

OP -

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-12 09:18 (UTC) - Expand

Wartime Fill.

(Anonymous) - 2011-03-07 04:17 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 01:50 am (UTC)(link)
I want modern assassin sexy times.
Desmond reminiscing about sex with each of the other modern assassins at some point. Lucy looking after him after a rough animus session, Desmond helping out a needy Rebecca after she's watched too many of Ezio's 'conquests,' and Shaun ... let your imagination run wild with Shaun/Des. Or Des/Shaun.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-22 11:05 am (UTC)(link)
oh god, I love this prompt!

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
Okay, so Lucy shows Desmond alliance with the assassins at the end of AC1.
I want a fic about Desmond missing the reference and just wondering why she's thrown up the shocker.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 03:55 am (UTC)(link)
Desmond wasn’t exactly sure what he was saying. It was coming out in a flood of panic and frustration and maybe it wasn’t very convincing because it looked like Lucy was ignoring his increasingly loud rant.

“I am screwed, ok? What do you want me to do?” he finished. He was completely helpless and she was just fucking standing there.

“Just try and have a little faith,” she said softly, holding up her hand.

He glanced down, barely registering the fact that she had great tits because he already knew that. He’d had little else to think about in his free time.

No, what was holding his attention was the gesture she was making.

“What the fuck?” Desmond shouted, throwing his hands into the air again in exasperation. “How does that help anything?”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed as she shook her head slightly.

“Desmond, what-”

“God, am I fucking speaking English right now? People are down there dying!” He flipped her off. “Does that translate?”


She angrily waved her hand in his face.

“I get it! Two in the rut, one in the butt. But there are people dead because of me! Do you have any idea what that’s like?”

Lucy pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Yeah, Desmond. Actually I do.”

“Really?” he said sarcastically, pleased by the amount venom he managed to cram into two syllables. “Did you finger them to death?”

Lucy glared at him.

“Rest up, Desmond. You’re going to need the energy.” She brushed past him, returning to the Animus screen.

“Don’t you think you should wash your hands first?” He smirked at his own joke.

“No Desmond, I don’t,” she said clearly, not taking her eyes off of the panel. “Aren’t you tired?”

“Yeah, you know what? I am. I’m tired of asking questions and knowing even less than when I got here because you can’t give me a goddamn straight answer. I’m tired of saving citizens and eavesdropping on boring conversations over and over again. And I’m tired of that fucking thing,” he said, pointing to the Animus. “It sucks and my back hurts.” It was a lame finish, he knew, so he stormed into his room in an attempt to preserve a bit of dignity.

He could have sworn he heard Lucy laughing after the door had closed.

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 05:45 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 06:37 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 14:39 (UTC) - Expand

Re: OP~

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 15:01 (UTC) - Expand

holy fucking shit

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 15:37 (UTC) - Expand

Re: holy fucking shit

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 20:45 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-07-06 12:19 (UTC) - Expand

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 06:38 am (UTC)(link)
Either Shaun/Desmond or Desmond/Lucy.

I'm convinced that Desmond's a man whore; when I was a bartender, I'm ashamed to say that I used to get as many guys as I could because of the job (give them a free drink, wink, bam! Their cell number!). With that in mind, the gang decides to take a day off and go to a bar (I'm ignoring the fact that Desmond can't go out in Brotherhood), and they notices that Desmond flirts a lot, women and men. Then someone gets jealous. Smut not needed but welcomed, although I do want some Desmond flirting.

(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 06:50 am (UTC)(link)
Oh man, I want this. Seconding.

Also do not be ashamed of using your bartender powers for good. I'm sure you had to deal with plenty of assholes, so it probably balanced out.

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 15:24 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-07 23:47 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 02:26 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 02:53 (UTC) - Expand

Re: OP

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-08 06:20 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [1/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:28 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [2/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:29 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [3/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:31 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [4/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:32 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [5/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:34 (UTC) - Expand

Should I Walk By Again? [6/6]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:36 (UTC) - Expand

Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:57 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 04:31 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 05:18 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 09:21 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 21:03 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Not OP...

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 21:04 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Should I Walk By Again? [6/6]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 03:59 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Should I Walk By Again? [6/6]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 04:34 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Should I Walk By Again? [6/6]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 04:56 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Should I Walk By Again? [6/6]

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 05:17 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 16:45 (UTC) - Expand

Re: OP

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 18:08 (UTC) - Expand

writer anon

(Anonymous) - 2011-01-11 04:23 (UTC) - Expand


(Anonymous) 2011-01-07 06:40 am (UTC)(link)
Tea is a sexy beverage. It's steamy, smells good, and contains antioxidants. unf, tea. Get in me.

Anyway, Shaun is drinking some and Desmond watches out of the corner of his eye. Bonus points if Desmond ends up having a cup himself.


(Anonymous) 2011-01-11 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
uuuuuuunf tea.

I'm going to work on this, anon. I have no idea how long it'll take me, but it shall be filled.


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A Quiet Happiness 1/3

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A Quiet Happiness 2/3

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A Quiet Happiness 3/3

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