Someone wrote in [personal profile] asscreedkinkmeme 2010-11-15 10:29 am (UTC)

Lol we filled the meme

Assassin's Creed 2 never happened.

Desmond never gets saved. Lucy holds a grudge against Desmond for leaving the brotherhood, just like everyone else in the Brotherhood. So they let him rot, hell, they use his captivity as an opportunity to gain more information from the Animus. Desmond is emotionally and mentally abused horribly during his stay, he hallucinates, and slowly goes crazy.

When he has outlived his usefulness in the Animus they send him downstairs for actual medical testing. Fuck him up. Seriously, do not hold back. You know that gang rape fic? Do that.

One thing that would be awesome? Hypothermia due to exposure of some kind. His cell is bare, there is nothing in this cell but the pants on his ass.

Bonus points: Shaun, and Rebecca are in the story, and since Shaun wasn't born an assassin he is left out of the loop as to the real reason why Desmond was abandoned. Eventually he hears Lucy and Rebecca talking about the truth, and he feels really bad. He sympathizes with why Desmond left. He hacks in to the security system and watches from afar watching the suffering of a person he will never know.

Make me cry, goddamnit. Make me not want to read the end because it's so damned sad.

Do it. >:C

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