Someone wrote in [personal profile] asscreedkinkmeme 2010-11-15 05:54 pm (UTC)

So, having just played through the Auditore execution scene again, I really want some family interaction.

Let's say that the three Auditores survived the execution somehow, but could not be reunited with the rest of the family for years (for whatever reason...maybe they were kept prisoner). By the time they make it to the Auditore Villa in Monteriggioni, Ezio is already in Venice or is on his way there. Hearing of his troubles, Federico and Giovanni go to Venice - cue reunion and shock at how much Ezio has changed and become ruthless.

Oh, and of course Ezio's relationship with Leonardo is another shock.

TL;DR: Ezio's family survived the execution, but he didn't know it. Giovanni and Federico meet up with him in Venice and are shocked by how much he's changed and his relationship with Leonardo.

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