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Informant Blowjob

Altair blinked and stared at the informant. He could not have just heard what he thought he heard. The informant looked back at him, smiling under his face-cloth. Altair glanced around, but there were no convenient places to stash the informant’s body.

Right, well, since he couldn’t just kill him for his insolence, it looked like he would have to go through with it. Altair grimaced and sank to his knees. There was already a tent in the informant’s pants. Slowly he reached out to the waistband, the informant helping him pull down his pants. His cock nearly smacked the assassin in the face. It was only half-hard and already looked like it could choke at least a goat. It smelled like sweat and musk, making his nose wrinkle. He had never enjoyed this with Malik; he much preferred to be on the receiving side.

Altair sighed and steeled himself, reaching out to grasp it firmly, stroking it to get it hard as quickly as possible. He didn’t want to linger over this. When the cock began to drool onto his hand, he took a deep breath and, covering his teeth with his lips, began to suck. Bobbing his head and laving at the slit every time he drew back, he ignored the groans above him. Listening would have made him lose all control and bite down. Listening would have just reminded him of what he had used to have with Malik. The cock in his mouth felt enormous now, nearly choking him as the informant began to thrust. Again, the assassin swallowed his pride and allowed the man above him to tangle his fingers in his short hair. He just wanted it over with so he could go kill his damn target.

With a final thrust down his throat, the informant released with a gasp. The slimy seed trickled down his throat, forcing him to swallow. He’d have to vomit later. Pulling back, Altair wiped the drool that had trickled from the corners of his mouth away with the back of his hand. The informant was leaning against the wall, still panting with his pants around his thighs. “The square,” he gasped, a dazed yet satisfied look in his eyes, “you’ll find him in the city square.” Altair grunted and strode out of the alleyway as quickly as possible, spitting in the dirt at its mouth.
* * *
“Well, done,” Malik greeted him sarcastically, “you only managed to have half the city’s guard chasing you.” Altair grunted and crossed his arms. “No witty words, Altair?” the dai mocked, “Is your mouth filled with too many cocks?”

Altair’s head shot up. Malik smirked at the look of humiliation on his face. “You think I wouldn’t know? He’s been bragging all over the city about how the great assassin Altair was on his knees before him, without a word of protest.” An ugly note of jealousy stained his voice. “So nice to know what we had meant so much to you. Then again, I don’t know why I’m surprised. You never did seem the faithful type.”

Altair wanted to shout about how he had never taken another to bed with him after Malik, how the informant had forced him to do so to get the information in time. He settled for bowing his head in humiliation. He flinched at the disgust in Malik’s next words.

“You can get your own dinner tonight. Here’s some money; you don’t have to sell yourself tonight.”

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