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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.2

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.2
Fill Only

Welcome to the Brotherhood

∆ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

∆ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

∆ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

∆ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

∆ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

∆ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

∆ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

List of Kinks
(Livejorunal) Archive
#2 (Livejournal) Archive
( Archive
(Dreamwidth) Archive <- Currently active
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Fills Only

Re: Lol we filled the meme

(Anonymous) 2011-01-21 05:31 am (UTC)(link)
Oh my god I want this, and I feel bad for wanting it. But I want it still.

Re: Lol we filled the meme

(Anonymous) 2011-02-16 12:23 pm (UTC)(link)
Know why you want it?

Cause fluff is for girls and there is too much of it already. Sometimes you just want to cry, like a boss.

No but srsly, fill plz? Fade was good, but like so many other good fics the author has apparently dropped out/chickened out half way through. It's sad, it was a good story. This would fill the void.

Also, am I right in thinking this is the same anon who posts most of the dezzy hurty kinks? Because there's an anon here who willingly admits that he does it, and I just want you to know....that you can wreck my bum if it's you. My ass = yours D: