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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.2

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.2
Fill Only

Welcome to the Brotherhood

∆ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

∆ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

∆ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

∆ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

∆ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

∆ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

∆ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

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Fill 2/?

(Anonymous) 2011-01-30 07:32 am (UTC)(link)
Alessandro smiled at the startled expression on the younger man's face, rubbing the sensitive head of his arousal before moving lower to stroke his shaft. Leonardo's face turned a flattering shade of pink as his fingernails marked the man above him with red crescents. In turn his earlobe was lightly nipped and Sandro's voice, slightly strained from the neglected arousal straining against his breeches, whispered, "Can you reach the bedside table?"

The younger man blinked blearily, moving one of his hands from Alessandro's back to reach out for the wooden furniture. He felt it beneath his fingertips and shakily told Sandro that he could, in fact, reach it. "There is a glass vial in the drawer, can you get it for me" Leonardo nodded, gasping and arching into the artist's hand.

He bit down on his bottom lip and fumbled for the drawer, his body betraying him with twists and bucks in an animalistic need to soothe pooling heat in his belly. "C-Caro, per favore, I cannot--"

Demanding lips pressed against his, effectively cutting him off and causing his searching hand to pause. He parted his lips for the older man to deepen their kiss, only for him to pull away and smile mischievously down at him. "We shall make a game of it," he whispered as he pumped the heated flesh in his palm, "if you can get the vial before I make you cum, then I shall take you out to the market and buy you anything you desire"

The young man twisted beneath him, his long, golden eyelashes fluttering as he repeated, "A-Anything?"

"Of course," Sandro replied, brushing his thumb over the blond's glistening lips. Leonardo nodded, finally managing to get open the drawer only to clench his fingers around a sheet of parchment when the mouth which had previously been pressed against his neck moved down to suck delicately at his nipple.

He took a shaky breath, continuing to search even as his hand trembled and his body continued to rebel against his increasingly distracted mind. Now the hand on his arousal was pumping in a manner that could almost be called rough, with sensitive places on his body sought out to be mercilessly teased. He was so close but he fought to keep from bucking up into the contact on his heated flesh.

The younger man's fingers finally found the smooth glass he had been seeking, pulling it from the drawer and holding it up. "F-found it!" he declared, a gasp quickly following this with the vial of liquid slipping from his grasp onto the mattress.

He put a hand over his mouth and with a muffled cry he released, his seed spilling on Alessandro's fingers and just above his groin. Leonardo sunk into the soft mattress, his vision blurred and his head swimming. He reciprocated the gentle kiss pressed against his lips lazily. "Stay awake, amore mio, we are not yet finished"