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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.3

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.3
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Mindshift 10/18

(Anonymous) 2011-06-08 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
“Shaun,” Malik said, giving him a once over.

“Yeah, him… how do you know his name?”

“You remembered last night, briefly. Now, I have lunch ready, since you slept right through breakfast, you idiot. Join me and tell me more.”

He did as he was told. And they talked well into evening, and Desmond was in the middle of regaling the tale of Lucy’s and his escape when Altair strolled in, sword in hand.

“Get out, Templar.”

Desmond shot up, hand flying to his sword. Malik stood.

“Stop, Altair. This man is an ally.”

“This man claims to have beaten me.”

“Sorry, but I had to—”

“Then I challenge you.”

“Altair, he should be blue in your Eagle Vision.”

“If he claims to have beaten me, he will fight me.”

Desmond swallowed.

“We will fight in the marketplace. In front of the guards.”

He scowled at Altair’s smirk. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Malik leaned back on his elbows. “He will attack you if you do not.”

Desmond frowned. “When?”

“Now. I will meet you there.”

“I still have to drop something off at my family’s home!”

“Your clock is ticking.”

With a growl, he looked at Malik. “Sorry, but I have to run home.”
Malik pulled the little ragdoll out of his robes and handed it to him. “Keep it. Kadar told you to take it for a reason.”

Desmond grinned and took it. “Safety and peace. I will see you later.”
He zipped past Altair and up the wall to the roofs, running until he dropped in front of his Granddad’s house. He walked in, glad to get the heft of the backpack off.


“Desmond? I was wondering when you’d come in back!”

“I’ve got something for you.”

He was unloading the backpack when the old man and his daughter came running it. The daughter gasped.

“Where did you get that?”

He gestured to it. “In the chest that the Templar guards just northeast of here in the graveyard. Take it. I hope it pays off your debt.”

He watched as they ogled it.

“Granddad, I have to meet someone in the marketplace. I’ll be back, okay?”

“Before dinner tonight. I want you home for tonight.”

Desmond nodded. “I will be.”

He was gone before they could say anything about the gold. After a few seconds, he heard Granddad shout, “Wait, I am coming with you!”

He waited as the older man caught up. “Granddad, I don’t want you coming.”

“Why not? Who are you meeting?”

He leaned in close. “Altair. He wants a fight.”

“Then there is no way I am not coming with you, someone must be there to scrape you from the streets.”

Desmond scowled. “Thanks for the confidence booster.”

“Didn’t you say you could handle it?”

He chuckled. “Yeah, but it doesn’t mean I’m not as nervous as Hell.”

“I am sure you can do it. I have seen you fight.”

He wrapped an arm around the old man’s shoulders, walking to the marketplace. When they arrived, he sat the man down and told him not to move from the bench. Then, taking a deep breath, he walked into the center to wait. There was a clash of swords as he met Altair’s attack from the air. He could feel Ezio stir in the back of his mind as he countered the following blow.

“You’ll have to use more than the most basic of moves to win against me,” Desmond taunted, parrying another blow.

Altair grunted as he backed off, a smirk on his lips as the people screamed and ran. “What a pleasure to see you again.”

Desmond looked away with a pout and laughed when Altair tried to strike. He knocked the sword out of the way and managed to get his side before he heard his own hidden blade slide out to meet Altair’s.

“You are better than you appear, my brother,” Altair grunted, kicking him in the stomach and sending him backwards.

Desmond rolled out of the way as the Great Eagle smashed into the stone beside him, and he twisted on his back to kick him in the head. They were on their feet in an instant, and their swords together in another, parrying and countering, clanging and ringing throughout the empty market. They seemed to dance all over the ground as they lost and won ground. He was pleased to see Altair struggling as they fought. Desmond yelped when he felt the sword bite into his shoulder through the armor, and he kicked out, connecting solidly with Altair’s leg.