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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.3

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.3
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Mindshift 15/18

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“Perhaps. But how could he tackle the entire…”
They looked at each other.

“There is something he had not said about the Pieces of Eden.”

“No, no, he mentioned something about a prophet in one of the temples where they lie. Your descendant found it, and then Desmond did.”

Altair twisted his lips. “Perhaps… None of this makes any sense.”

Malik scoffed. “Of course it doesn’t. There are things we cannot understand. However, the Apple is using him for something. I am sure of it.”

“Perhaps,” Altair began, thinking for a bit before continuing, “perhaps, if we are lucky enough, we will be able to see him in the future. Perhaps the Apple is trying to get him to return to take back Masyaf.”

“By blocking his memories of the future?”

“Yes, and creating such a strong feeling of home, that when he returns, he will be driven to reclaim the lands to soothe his mind.”

Malik looked back to see Desmond making necklaces with the kids, the game long forgotten. “Perhaps.”

“I feel bad for his adoptive Grandfather,” Altair murmured after a bit.

“Why?” Malik asked.

“It would be like losing my own child. I cannot fathom that emotion.”

They saw his granddad sitting by himself, the saddest expression on his face. His eyes were trained on his “grandson” as he created a shoddy, but made with love, necklace. When Desmond had finished, he danced over and sat by his grandfather, tying it around his neck. They watched him hug the old man, who closed his eyes and hugged back.

“Your child will be an assassin.”

“And I am okay when I detach myself to think of him as just an assassin, but when I hold him in my arms, or wrestle with him in the gardens, or hide from Maria with him, I cannot imagine… Will not…” Altair clenched his teeth together. “I do not know how he will let Desmond go.”

“They have only been together for two months, Altair.”

“That is more than enough time to become attached to a child.”

Malik turned to watch as Desmond chatted with the old man, one arm around his shoulders as if he had been raised by him. The old man was playing with the necklace with a soft smile on his face.

“There’s only one charm like that, I hope you know,” Desmond said, grinning.

The old man laughed. “Good. Then I will always be able to tell your necklace apart.”

He glanced at the small rock charm. It had swirling patterns in it to tell it apart from all others.

The next few days were quite the same: there was little talking save from Desmond, who tried his damnedest to make his granddad smile. When they walked through the gates of Masyaf, Desmond felt a tug so hard on his heart that he started jogging off. He didn’t hear them calling out to him. Eventually, Altair was running beside him.

“Idiot, have you forgotten you’re dressed as a Templar Knight?”

He skidded to a halt outside the gates. Here, he felt complete. With Granddad, he felt a home, but here, he felt complete. He reached out and touched the stone lightly. Altair was by his side, waving the guards off and explaining what was going on. He turned and jogged to the edge of one of the ledges, looking out over the land. It was gorgeous, and here was where he belonged. It felt like he had been here. The breeze tugged at his hair, which had grown shaggy, and he smiled. Inhaling deeply, he could feel the life in the land.

“He looks right at home here,” Granddad said as he and Malik walked up to the gates.

Malik nodded. “It is his ancestral home.”

The granddad was silent as he watched his grandson become absorbed by the land.

“I don’t know if I can let him go.”

There was a screech as a young child came running out. Altair scooped him up and threw him in the air, his eyes shining with love at the child’s laughter. He kissed his son’s head and hugged him tightly.

“You’re home, papa!”

He looked at Granddad. “I don’t know how you could either.”

Granddad smiled warmly. “I remember that age with my daughter.”

“Why is there a Templar?”

“He is a friend, my son.”

Desmond jogged over. “It’s beautiful here!”

Altair adjusted his child in his arms and nodded. “Come, there’s something I must show you.”

Desmond followed at his heels faithfully, walking with his Granddad, the box of thank yous in his arms and his backpack on his back.