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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed [Fills]

We're about to reach the posting limit on pt.1&2, this is for those who wish to continue/write on prompts on both these parts.

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(Anonymous) 2011-06-01 02:42 am (UTC)(link)
Original thread:

Have an abridged version of the prompt-

"Pets" (slaves) are common in the world and Leo and Malik are people who buys them and then let them go. Cue Leo finding three brothers who are pets, Altair, Ezio and Desmond, he wants to buy them, can't, and goes to Malik to try and make up the difference. By the time he goes to get them they're gone.

Some time later he finds Ezio all fucked up, buys him and fixes him up. Learns how he got like this, enter Altair through some way and learn that Desmond is still with the bastards that fucked Ezio up. Ezio and Altair go rescue Desmond who's all sorts of hurt. Cue major h/c (and revenge on whoever bought Desmond.)

Got it, okay!

Clipped (16a/?)

(Anonymous) 2011-06-01 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
Leo had trouble with the following week just keeping everything strait in his life which was suddenly being upended and thrown out. Sure his life had changed when he’d first bought Ezio, in ways he could never explain properly, but that had been almost four months ago and now he couldn’t even imagine his house without Ezio and his brothers. They were a part of his household, and in some way a part of his crazy extended family that involved all the pets he’d ever bought or cared for and freed. He always grew attached to the pets he bought even if he knew they’d all leave eventually, but he always kept in touch with them except for a few that just fell off the map. But this was the first time he was purposefully saying goodbye with the express intention of never seeing them again, and he knew he never would.

As soon as he’d been able he’d called Malik. He hadn’t yelled, he’d just guilted Malik into feeling terrible for keeping that from him. He knew he shouldn’t, that he should listen to Altair’s advice, but he just couldn’t. Other than that though he heard little from his friend and he knew it was because he was preparing with the other movers.

Gilberto was over often and he and Altair talked constantly, getting everything in order and figuring out how things were going to go. Gilberto was just a liaison though and Leo knew that eventually the movers would come back and when they left the Rifters would with them. Still some part of him detested the movers and Malik because of what they were going to do. The thief told him that they’d need some clothing for the journey, ones suitable for hot days and cold nights. Leo had no idea what sort that was though because the weather was always temperate and about the same temperature all year in the capital. Ezio expressed the fact that he knew what sort of clothing was needed so he’d dragged Ezio out with him to find some.

It was strangely entertaining actually.

“You act like you’ve never been in a department store,” Leo told him.

“You act as if I have,” Ezio said purposefully trying to flatten his accent into something more similar to Leo’s. It was a terrible, terrible, accent.

“You’ve been here five years,” Leo pointed out as Ezio rapidly flipped through a dozen shirts.

“I was normally not allowed out of the house,” Ezio said lazily and Leo winced, of course, he should have thought of that. “Though once someone tried to use Altair as a prize fighter… it was a very successful venture until Altair broke our master’s teeth,” he snickered.

Leo stared at him, “Why would he do that?”

“He tried to sell Des back to a kennel,” Ezio said moving with perfect fluidity through the men’s section, towering over everyone else there and looking so out of place because of his height. Most people turned away from him as if afraid to meet his gaze. “Also,” he said stopping again and looking at another rack of clothing with seemingly little interest, “stores like this do not exist where I live,” he spoke in a softer tone now, “Everything is— what is the word? Tailored, I think?” he frowned, “Nothing so mass produced and flimsy as this,” he flicked the clothes away. “Are there specialty stores we could go to?” he asked changing subjects abruptly.

“Yes, what sort of specialty?” he asked dragging him towards the exit.

Ezio looked thoughtful and played with the necklace he’d taken to wearing. All three of them were still adjusting to life without a collar: Ezio had found a necklace amid a collection of things Leo didn’t look at to often, Des wore a scarf, and Altair wore nothing but at least twice had scratched his skin on his neck raw before Des (of all people) had put a scarf on him and it had stayed. He knew it wouldn’t be long before they got used to it but it didn’t make it any less amusing to see them adjusting to it. “Camping gear,” he finally said in a decided voice, his accent coming through so terribly that Leo winced when he said the word ‘camping’.

Re: Clipped (16b/?)

(Anonymous) 2011-06-01 02:43 am (UTC)(link)
“I know a place,” Leo said nodding thinking he had a better understanding of what Ezio wanted than what he knew how to properly express. Five years or not in a strange country with formal training on top of it Leo knew that it was never easy to learn a different language and there was no way you could know all the words a native speaker would.

That’s what found them at a special boutique a bit later. It was a chic shop actually and full of teenagers who lived off their parents’ money and rode around on mopeds. The clothing here was expensive but extremely good quality and made from old world fabrics from over a century ago. The fabric was rather corse sometimes but it seemed to be what Ezio had meant. The workers and patrons alike also stared at Ezio unlike the people in the department store. It was out of the corner of their eyes though and never obvious. He knew Ezio was aware of it but preferred to ignore it as he looked through the clothing. This time he seemed pleased by it.

Of course Ezio had little concept of cash, he even confessed as much but Leo told him not to worry about it. Antonio had told him very clearly that whatever Leo had to buy for them he’d pay back in full once he was in possession of Des’ portrait. Leo couldn’t even imagine having that much money to do that, sure he wasn’t poor, and could afford sometimes insanely priced items, but to promise that, he couldn’t image it. It still felt almost painful to hand over the cash to pay for the clothes though once Ezio had finished finding what he and his brothers’ needed. He could have just bought a pet with how much the clothes cost for one of them and Leo didn’t know how people could afford such a life style.

“Ezio,” Leo said as they were heading back, Ezio was carrying the bags and didn’t seem at all bothered by it even though they weren’t exactly light. Ezio just hummed. “What are you going to do once you’re home?”

Ezio got that thoughtful look on his face before grinning, “Eat.”

“Excuse me?” Leo blinked at him.

“Traditional food,” he explained still mirthful, “It was hard to adjust to the diet you people here eat when we first got here, lots of fat and sugar and grain. We got sick a lot. I’m looking forward to someone cooking me food I grew up on.”

“Like what?”

“I couldn’t even tell you, it’s been a long time,” Ezio frowned though didn’t exactly look upset.

“Okay, well besides eating,” he pressed as they stopped at Leo’s car and he unlocked the doors and trunk, which Ezio threw the bags into.

Ezio didn’t respond till he was sitting, “Finish my training,” he said settling back. “I was on the fast track when I left, like my brothers, but now,” he sighed, “So much ground to make up. Altair too.”

“I thought he was a full warrior already,” Leo prodded and pulled out into the early afternoon traffic.

“He is. But—

“But?” Leo prompted.

Ezio stared out the window at first, looking distant, then he turned back around. “For our class the greatest honor is to become a-” he searched for a word to substitute for one in his native tongue. “I don’t even know what you would call it actually,” he said thoughtfully.

“Explain it than, I’m sure I could come up with one,” Leo said as they waited at a red light.

“Once someone is skilled enough, or has enough rank they’re permitted to take… feathers,” he saw Leo’s confusion. “Erm- targets? We’re given them and sent to other countries, one feather, one life.”

“You kill them?”



“They endanger us. We kill them so they do not come and attack us, cause panic and disorder. What do you call that?”

“I would call them terrorists,” Leo said.

“You call movers terrorists,” Ezio said, “Also that light is green,” he nodded and Leo started, he hadn’t been paying attention, before quickly stepping on the gas. “We seek to only preserve our way of life, which others, especially you people, seem very intent on destroying.”

“Then perhaps a better word is hit man? They are contracted to kill people. Sometimes someone from another country is killed like that or rarely one of our own,” he frowned.

Re: Clipped (16c/?)

(Anonymous) 2011-06-01 02:44 am (UTC)(link)
“If it is this country than it is us,” Ezio said and before Leo could ask he was moving on, “The other honor is to become a guard of the prophets. Only those who have taken a certain number of feathers and proven their skill can be one of them.”

“What’s so special about it? Wouldn’t guard work be easy?”

“It’s an honor,” was all Ezio said, “Without the prophets much of our civilization would collapse. To be the guardians of them is something we all strive for.”

“Even you?”

“Yes. Altair and… our brother were on their way to being ‘hit men’. But then we were brought here.”

“Can he still be one?”

“Of course. He has his wings, and after surviving so long in hostile territory and able to retain his skill, I wouldn’t doubt he’d have trouble getting such rank.”

Leo frowned but said nothing, instead mulling what Ezio had just said over in his head. It hadn’t really occurred to him he supposed that when the Rifters returned home they’d go back to doing what Rifters did, or more, what the media portrayed Rifters doing, which was killing. The idea of Ezio killing someone made him uncomfortable, though he knew the young man had before, especially the night they’d brought Des home and he’d been covered in blood that wasn’t his. For some reason he was fine with the idea that Altair killed people, he had the attitude for it, cold, stoic, almost like a machine at times, but not Ezio.

“What about Des?” Leo asked after that long silence, they were over half way back to Leo’s place now.

“If he can, he’ll finally get his training. I don’t… really know what they’ll do with him. His class requires so much trust, and he has so little of that,” Ezio frowned. “It is yet to be determined,” he finally said in a deciding voice.

“He won’t have to kill anyone will he?”

“No, he doesn’t have the training, it is practically to late to even start. He’s to old for warrior training now even if he was in the class.”

“That’s good,” Leo said before he could stop himself, “I can’t picture Des doing such a thing.”

“Can you picture me?” Leo glanced at him though also tried to keep his eyes on the road.

“I don’t know how to answer that,” he said truthfully, “I don’t want to offend you.”

Ezio didn’t reply at first then he snorted with a little smirk, “You’re smarter than you look,” he told him and Leo didn’t quite know what to make of that.

Leo was surprised at the speed in which finally, at last, the movers decided now would be the time to go. It had been less than a month since they’d first arrived at Leo’s house and now Gilberto had told them the day before that they’d be arriving the next day. It was practically surreal. He was also surprised at how much it would hurt to say goodbye, though none of the Rifters had even seemed bothered by it. That made sense he supposed since they were all wanted to go home.

He’d been working when Francesco came and got him, saying Mr. Malik was here. He’d almost forgotten Malik since he had not seen the man in such a long time it seemed. He followed Francesco to the living room where Malik was sitting, his fingers steepled in front of him looking pensive.

“Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes,” Leo tried to be relaxed and cheerful as he sat opposite Malik at the coffee table where he always used to play Checkers with Salai. That had felt like a life time ago.

“Yeah, I’ve been busy, as you can guess,” Malik said apologetically. “I just—” he rubbed his face. He in truth looked exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes his mouth worn and tired.

“Would you like some coffee?” Leo asked.

“Ah, sure,” Malik said as if surprised Leo would offer him something, no doubt he thought Leo was still angry with him about lying. Leo however wasn’t nearly that petty. He got up from the couch and went to the kitchen where he could hear people moving around in there.

Re: Clipped (16d/?)

(Anonymous) 2011-06-01 02:45 am (UTC)(link)
“Salai?” he called as he got near and he heard an awkward squawk that was defiantly Salai followed by someone laughing. His brows furrowed as he entered the kitchen to see Salai with his head down on the counter, face buried in his hands and Des standing next to him laughing at him. “Uhm, what’s going on in here?” he asked and Salai peered up at him from his hands his face practically the same shade as his hair. “Salai?” he rose his brows but the red head just shook his head. Well this was strange. “Is everything all right?”

“Just fine,” Des said. “Did you want something?”

“Ah, yes,” Leo said slowly still not knowing what to make of this. He had noticed the two young men seemed to get along well but sometimes stuff like this happened where Leo would some upon Salai totally unable to function. Leo had a very acute and probably correct guess that it had everything to do with the youngest Rifter too, he just didn’t know why. “Malik is visiting.”

“He is?” Des asked excitedly.

“Yes, but please Des,” Leo held up a hand, “I want to speak with him alone,” Des pouted but nodded. “Also he looks tired,” and finally Salai looked up, having seeming regained control of all of his functions. “Coffee perhaps?” he asked the red head. Salai nodded.

‘And you go away,’ he waved at Des who just grinned. Leo still didn’t know when or how Des had learned sign language since Leo had never taught him and there was no way Salai could have taught him properly in which he’d understand some of the thing’s he’d seen Salai tell Des (often long complicated things) but still Des knew. He just chalked it up as another mystery of the Rifters and especially their so called prophets, that’s all he could explain it with at any rate. Des did leave and Salai turned to Leo still looking a bit flustered but under control, ‘I’ll make coffee,’ and then he turned away totally ignoring him.

Shaking his head he returned to Malik who was leaning back on one of the couches, “So,” Leo said sitting, “You haven’t slept since when?”

Malik smirked ruefully, “Three days… I think,” he made a face, “I think. I lost track,” he admitted, “So much to do,” he sighed and sank into the couch.

“Will everything work out?” Leo asked unable to help but be a bit anxious.

“I hope,” Malik said, “I will admit that a lot could go wrong. Getting out of the capital is no problem since they look like freeman, but the border,” he shook his head, “I’ve never tried to get someone across the border.”

“You said it could be done though,” Leo said.

“Yeah,” Malik bobbed his head wearily, “Night is worried about the border patrol though.”

“Are you?”



“Two trained warrior class Rifters, that’s why,” he said without even seeming sorry. “Altair was right when he said it is not us who should be afraid, but the patrol. If anything happens I know they can handle it.”

“You seem oftly sure.”

“You’ve seen them fight,” Malik stated, “So have I. I trust them to do what needs to be done should the situation arises even if that includes killing.”

“You seem very at ease with them killing our countrymen Malik,” Leo frowned.

“Our countrymen have killed plenty of them, I see nothing wrong with being allowed to defend one’s self. Besides, we both know why they’re here, our countrymen killed their entire family and kidnapped them and made them slaves for five years.”

“When you put it like that…” Leo had to admit he found it hard to argue despite his dislike of violence. Before he said more Salai came in with a mug.

“Ah, thank you Salai,” Malik said when the red head handed it over, “It’s black right?”

“And very strong,” Leo translated for for Salai’s signs since Malik didn’t understand signing any more than he did the Rifter’s language. Salai left after Leo assured him he didn’t want any. “So why are you here Malik?” he asked.

“Well,” he took an awkward sip, “I wanted to say goodbye.”

“Excuse me?”

“I don’t know what will happen and I won’t be able to tomorrow because of anonymity.”

“You’re not actually thinking you could die? Please don’t tell me you’re really thinking that!”

“It is always a possibility in my line of work,” Malik said, “Or I could get captured.”

Re: Clipped (16e/?)

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“But… when you say goodbye I get worried,” Leo frowned. Malik didn’t reply, he just drank more coffee. “You have that look,” he continued, “You’re not telling me something,” he accused.

“I don’t know what look you’re referring to,” Malik said curiously over the lip of his mug.

“That one you get when you’re lying to me,” Leo snapped, “And obviously lying like when you tried to tell me you hate children. Tell me,” he implored.

Malik didn’t speak at first, he was obviously thinking of his reply and if he could avoid the truth. “I’m thinking of asking if I can stay with them instead of coming back here,” he said putting the half empty mug on the coffee table. The silence in the room was practically numbing as Leo stared at him, shock plain as day on his face.

“What? Why?” he finally said.

Malik sucked in his lips, “I… have a brother Leo.”

“You told me, you said he died.”

“I know, but he isn’t dead.”

“Well what does this have to do with the Rift?”

Malik couldn’t look at him when he spoke but he didn’t doubt the truth in his words either, “My parents were going to make him a pet. I knew people, they took him to the Rift.”

“Than he probably is dead Malik-

“Altair told me he’s alive,” Malik cut in, the words practically leaping off his tongue. “And if he is… well, he’s the only family I have.”

“So you’d give up your entire life to see someone who probably doesn’t remember you? Who got raised by Rifters and to him you’d be ‘one of them’,” that got a wince from him, “That’s so stupid!”

Malik was looking at his shoes, “Look, I don’t even know if I will or not,” he sighed, “I haven’t asked them yet.”

“And why would they take you along?” Leo was being harsh because he didn’t want to lose Malik. It was bad enough that he’d never see Ezio and his brothers again, but Malik as well? That was too much to ask for and for him to not try and fight it.

“I have my belief,” Malik said.

“What about me then? Just going leave me all alone? I’ll become a recluse without you around.”

Malik grinned smugly, “I doubt it,” he said. “But that’s why I came here; to say goodbye, for whatever may or may not happen,” he pushed off his knees and stood so that Leo quickly scrambled to his feet. “I need to get home and finish preparing myself and get some sleep,” he said. Leo was just frowning. “I’ll see you tomorrow though Leo,” he said and abruptly hugged him tightly. Leo hugged him back and Malik left. Leo didn’t know what to do with himself once he was gone.

The sky was strangely poignant when Malik and the others arrived at Leo’s house the next day. It was still fairly early in the morning though the sky promised to be heavy with thick, low hanging, clouds and a watery sun. They had one car, a van, something that was easy to lose in any sort of traffic and didn’t draw attention to itself by being too big. There were a few small packs in the back as well as some other, empty, bags that would hold rations. It would only take two days or so to reach the closest they could get to the border by car, the rest of the way they’d have to walk. It would take a week to actually reach the Rift which was the most obvious dividing line between the two countries.

Parker waited in the van, he was the first on on driving duty, while Malik and the others went to collect their ‘cargo’, as they were called by movers. He knew the other three personally, even their real names but he tried not to think of them while on the job. For the next week they were Night, Parker, and Pseudonym and he was King. He couldn’t remember what Altair and Ezio were calling themselves though, but they were strange tangled words that sounded more than a little off to his ears. That didn’t matter to much though.

Night knocked on the front door and glanced down the street. The place was quiet though and except for someone headed off to work no one was about. The door was answered by Salai who stared at them with wide eyes, he obviously wasn’t expecting them but then Leo appeared behind him. “Hello,” he said and gently shooed Salai away before welcoming them in. The brothers were sitting on one of the couches, Des between the other two.

Re: Clipped (16f/?)

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“Who’s the runt?” Night asked and then took a wary step back when both Altair and Ezio growled at him. If he hadn’t expected such a reaction himself he would have been freaked out as well. But he knew the brothers and knew they didn’t take well to anyone talking bad about their little brother, so instead of afraid Malik just looked amused.

“Our brother, you can call him Divinus,” Altair said standing and not for the first time Malik appreciated just how tall he was. Night definitely appreciated it since he swallowed and looked nervous. Pseudonym was equally taken aback, especially when Ezio stood up and was just as tall as his brother with only Des being a seemingly approachable height since he was shorter. He was also looking right at Malik now after he’d obviously taken in the other two, but like always Des seemed keenly interested in Malik and no one could really figure out why that was exactly. “Problem?” he asked stepping over to them.

“You’re really tall,” Night couldn’t help but say. Malik admitted he’d wanted to say that the first time he’d seen the brothers at full proper height, especially next to each other since he’d thought that Ezio would be the only tall one. It was hard not to think that too since Malik was pretty tall for a normal person in this country, the fact that Altair and Ezio were taller than him was a bit of a shock. Altair and Ezio laughed at him and Night flushed, especially when Altair said something to Ezio making them laugh again. “Anyways, are you ready?” he asked changing topics.

“Yes,” Altair nodded.

“You don’t have any stuff,” Pseudonym noted.

“All we need are the clothes on our backs, we have nothing else,” he said as though he had to remind them.

“Fine, it doesn’t really matter so long as you’re prepared,” Night butted in.

“Oh, we are. I hope you are as well.” Malik could already see the friction starting to build between Night and the Rifter. He had a very educated guess that Night would be the one to snap first since Altair wasn’t an explosive guy and really he’d only seen Altair angry that time he’d met Shaun. Of course you had to ignore his normal characterization of dislike for just about everything as well, but other than that he wasn’t exactly angry ever.

“Good, lets go than,” Night said through narrowed eyes and turned around to stalk back to the van. Father, this would probably not end well, Malik could already tell.

Altair muttered under his breath and looked away from them to say something to his brothers. The words made Pseudonym uneasy, that much was obvious, since nothing about them exactly sounded pleasant and even the names Altair, Ezio and Des had for themselves were strange and while not exactly cumbersome weren’t exactly easy on the ears. She and Malik just watched as the Rifters said goodbye and while he was surprised to see Ezio hug Leo he was even more surprised to see Des hug him since he knew that he didn’t allow others to even really get near him except his brothers. Altair, predictably, only offered words as his goodbye.

“Is that it?” Pseudonym asked. Leo looked extremely upset about the whole thing but was putting on a brave face which was good since he knew his friend could be so emotional at times.

“Yes,” Altair said his voice hollow and Malik wondered if he could actually be feeling bad that he was saying goodbye.

“Okay then, lets get going before it gets to late in the day,” she said as Des walked out of the house, “we have a long way to go,” she reached out to touch his shoulder to lead him but he batted it away quickly and sidestepped around her, looking at her in a way that said ‘you really just did that?’ Obviously she didn’t know what she’d done wrong so just looked hurt.

“Come on,” Malik said giving Pseudonym a light shove making her look away from Des and get moving. She nodded and went to the car pulling open the door for the Rifters that followed.

“Malik,” Leo said before he could leave, Malik turned where he stood, his brows raised questioningly. “Don’t do anything stupid.”

He gave a little snort out through his nose and smiled slightly, “This is me we’re talking about,” he reminded him.

Re: Clipped (16f.5/?)

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“I know,” Leo said frowning, “And I won’t lie and say I hope you get what you want. I hope you come back,” he folded his arms loosely over his chest still looking sad. Malik just ducked his head and left quickly, no longer able to meet his gaze.

FUCK YOU LJ!!! AHG!!! 246 characters that DIDN'T WANT TO FIT!!

Aaaanyways, my anger issues aside. Malik! Hurray Malik. We finally get to see this whole thing and his relationship with Altair. This was really the best choice as far as who to tell the story from because Ezio would be more of the same as Altair, I've written Altair into the ground. With Malik we're also seeing this from a totally different perspective, which I've tried to do for each character.

Leo was a bit of a worrier and more like a parent figure who looked after everyone. He is also innocence as he doesn't really understand the world he lives in and while he wants to change it he doesn't really know how to despite his best efforts. Altair is the warrior and someone who gets things done. He thinks to much and doesn't let anything come between him and what he wants, even something he might not like, agree with, or personally believe in. Now we have Malik, innocent like Leo but not quite with more of Altair's qualities than he'd like to admit. He's also from a totally different world than the other two, a former pet and now a mover he's seen the true underbelly of the country he lives in. He's a rebel and a fighter though not how Altair is since he isn't some emotionless block of rock.

So we've seen this world from three perspectives: the Sheep, the Assassin and the Mover. We're actually still missing one too, I wonder if you guys will figure it out before I get to it.

I was also totally making fun of hipster fashion in this section with the whole clothes thing. I am not sorry.

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Clipped (17a/?)

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For seemingly the up-tenth time Malik looked behind him and into the far back seat. The three Rifters were sleeping in the back though only the youngest actually looked at all peaceful as he leaned against Ezio who had his head against the window. In the middle seat Parker and Pseudonym were also sleeping leaving just him and Night awake. Night was driving and Malik was his extra set of eyes.

"They're all still sleeping King," Night growled, "and they were still sleeping when you looked five minutes ago."

"I know," Malik huffed and sat back down strait in the passenger seat. It was well past midnight by now and nothing friendly was awake. "Sorry," he muttered.

"Hey, I don't really care. Volpe is paying us, actually paying us. So I don't care who or what they are, but you," he fixed Malik with a look, "are supposed to be looking out there," he waved a finger to the darkness, "and keeping me awake."

"Yeah, sorry," he said again, settling into the seat. "Just... Rifters Night, real Rifters, and they didn't try and kill us."

"Fuck I know right," Night said and rubbed his nose making the ring on it flare. "When Volpe told us it was Rifters I wont lie; I nearly shit myself," Malik snickered. "Then he told me how much he'd pay me, pay me, to get a team together and get them out of the country. Nearly shit myself again," Malik had to hold back his laughter. "And even at a twenty, forty split you three are making serious cash," he rubbed his fingers together. "Whoever Volpe has in his pocket with that kinda loot. Fuck I’d gladly kiss his shoes."

"Volpe always comes up with interesting things doesn't he?"

"Isn't that an understatement," Night snorted. "Also, you hear the news about the guy we took 'em from?"

"Who? He never gave his name," Malik swallowed.

Night blew a raspberry and Malik watched the speedometer creep up to a dangerous speed. "I'm not some dumb ass. That was Leonardo Vinci. Apparently that big wig Antonio's been talking up a storm about him. Says he found another genius," he said.

"Really? How do you know that?" it was an odd thing for a mover to know. Usually they were more worried about keeping their ear to the pulse of the slave trade and listening to diplomatic relations and the kennel bureau.

"My girl is into art, I saw it in one of her mags," Night shrugged.

"I see. Hey, slow it down Night, you're going real fast and I don't want to get pulled over with three Rifters in the back seat."

"Heh, sorry, got carried away," Night smirked and let off the gas pedal so they cruised down to a more manageable speed. "So what'ou think of our cargo?"

"The Rifters?" And Night nodded. "I dunno, kinda scary I guess. You see how tall they were?" Malik didn't have to fake bewilderment since he honestly was sort of bewildered by how tall Ezio and Altair were.

"Yeah, they look scary as hell too. All jaw and cheeks and eyes like hell. Bet they could break one of us in half without flinching," Night rambled. "I mean you know the stories. How easy do you think it would be for them to just murder us all and go on their way? I almost feel like Volpe didn't pay me enough for this bull shit."

"If they did they would have killed that man who bought them don't you think?" Malik asked. Part of him was annoyed with Night for thinking like that. Rifters weren't monsters, they were just people. Sure tall people who had training that let them kill you with one finger but still just people.

"I guess. Still gives me the creeps," Night shivered. "That's the two scary ones, Sicarius and Aquila though, what about the little one? Fuck what's his name...?"

"Divinus," Malik supplied.

"Yeah that one. What's his deal? He got all freaked out back when we stopped for dinner because Parker touched him."

Re: Clipped (17b/?)

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"I dunno," Malik sighed though he knew very well. Des was wearing sleeves now but back at Leo's he's gone around in short sleeves and you could see the cut marks on his newly tanned arms clearly like they'd been drawn there with chalk. Just dozens and dozens of them like someone had been bored one day and decided to cut him up and turn his skin into mince meat. That didn't even cover where from his wrist to his elbow bad been all carved up. Altair had told him that was where his tattoo had been and the Borgia had cut it out. Malik had almost been ill hearing that. "Seems like some sort of trauma," and he looked back to the far back seat. He swallowed when he saw he and Night weren't the only ones awake. Altair was awake as well and seemed to be staring at him. He moved a bit and realized Altair wasn't, he was staring out the wind shield. Malik turned back around and tried to see what Altair saw but could see nothing.

"Stop the car," Altair's voice came from the back like a bullet and Night jumped clear out of his chair with a loud curse and slammed on the breaks. Everyone jolted awake.

"Morning already?" Parker moaned from the middle seat.

"No, the Rifter just scared the piss out of me," Night snarled and looked back at him.

Altair however was ignoring Night, "Aquila," he said unstrapping himself from the seat and they spoke in Rifter tongue. After a few seconds Ezio nodded and undid his own belt.

"Hey, where are you going?" Pseudonym demanded and they opened the sliding door letting in hot autumn air.

"Turn the car off," Altair said head turning as he looked all around.

"What?" Night was still confused.

"I said turn off the car you stupid Sheep," Altair spat, "We aren't alone here," and Malik reached over and turned the car off to Night's protest. The engine died and the lights went out leaving them in dark silence except for Ezio and Altair walking carefully around the car with deliberate slowness. As one of them passed in front of the wind shield he could see in the moonlight that they held a knife, a big one with one side having a serrated edge. He swallowed.

"What the he'll is going on?" Parker hissed, obviously afraid of being to loud.

"Sheepdogs," Des said from the back. They all turned and looked at him. "They know my brothers killed someone important, they just don't know who," he was looking out the window, his face pressed right up against it. Then they heard him speak, like he was counting, only it was in his tongue and not their own.

"Hey, Divinus," Night said drawing Des' attention. "What's a sheepdog?"

"Something that wants us all dead," he said seriously and you could have heard a pin drop in the car, "there are only three of them though, we'll be fine," and he smiled a soft reassuring smile."

"How do you know that?"

"My brothers wouldn't let three stupid sheepdogs get their way," be said, "they want to go home to-" he was cut off by a scream. Abruptly it was cut short and they heard a gunshot. They all ducked to avoided getting hit by a wayward shot but they heard no more. The silence was deafening and everyone seemed to be holding their breaths but there were no more screams, or gunshots or any noise at all and Malik felt the hair on his arms and back of his neck stand on end.

Pseudonym couldn't hold back a scream when the sliding door suddenly opened. "Shut up," Altair snapped as he and Ezio climbed inside. She quickly covered her mouth. "They're gone," he said climbing over Des to sit by the window.

"Who's gone? What the hell just happened?" Parker demanded.

"Does it matter?" Ezio asked harshly, "My brother and I just saved your sorry skin," he pulled out a rag from somewhere and abruptly wiped his knife across it. The rag became bloodied and Pseudonym turned green before looking away.

"What did you two just do?" Night turned in his seat, demandingly.

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"What do you think we just did?" Altair growled, "We did exactly what you people think we do. We just killed three people who would have happily murdered us, now shut up and drive before more show up when they start wondering where these three went," and his eyes burned. Next to him Night swallowed and turned back around, turning on the car. He yelped when the headlights came on and illuminated a dead body in the middle of the road.

"Holy fuck!" he yelled and flailed for a few seconds as if he wanted to jump out of his seat.

"King, tell him to drive before I make him," Altair snarled. Malik didn't have to say anything though because that was enough of a threat. The car suddenly lurched forward and they drove around the dead guy.

"I'm not getting paid enough for this," Malik heard Night mutter and he had to admit the blonde might be right.

Malik had never been to the desert that housed the Rift and beyond. He knew it was hot but he wasn't at all prepared for how hot it really was. It was like standing next to an oven, only the heat of that oven was coming from every direction and Malik felt like he was dying, like he was literally being cooked alive from the inside. It wasn't a nice feeling and he was grateful to realize the others felt the same. Well his fellow Sheep anyways as the Rifters were perfectly adapted for the harsh conditions. They also truly had the proper gear, thin yet durable material that allowed air to pass through, a hood, and thick soled boots to help keep their feet from burning. The only thing that seemed foolish was the length, the sleeves and pants were both long and if Malik was sweating he could only imagine they were. Or he hoped so at least.

They'd left the car a two days back and were now walking towards the first barrier, a fence that's stretched the entire border. It wasn’t the easiest thing to breach but it could be done in a few hours you just had to be careful not to be caught, and if there was on thing movers were good at was not getting caught. The fence was about a three day walk and then the Rift itself was about another three days or so. After that... they didn't really know. Those who went beyond the Rift were pretty much never seen again, or if they were it was found dead in the sand with their throats cut. Thinking about it made Malik raise his hand up to his throat as he walked.

He looked up and narrowed his eyes when Des suddenly ran past him yelling something. How he could run in this heat was beyond him but apparently they hadn't even really reached the desert, just the plains that's led up to the Rift. He followed Des' line as he pointed to something high in the sky. Malik squinted at it and realized it was a bird. Just a dumb bird and Des was acting like it was the most amazing thing in the world.

"Harpy Eagle," Altair suddenly said appearing next to him.

Malik jumped, "Holy fucking Father don't you ever make noise?" he demanded angrily.

"Not unless I want to,” Altair shrugged.

Malik grumbled to himself before asking, "What's a Harpy eagle?"

"A bird native to our lands. Its a good omen since that's where we get our feathers from," Malik swallowed when he said that.

"Good omens?"


"At least that's something," Malik sighed.

“Good for our people at least,” Altair said, “I can only imagine they’d look like death omens for your people.

“Well isn’t that a pleasent thought,” Malik said sarcastically before he sighed and looked ahead. Des was way ahead of them, his white hood standing out amid the gray brown of the landscape. He didn't even look tired despite the pack he carried which had his rations. "How can he... well all of you," now he really looked at Altair and though the man was sweating it was nowhere near as much as Malik was, "be so energetic in this oppressive heat?"

"Oppressive?" Altair rose a brow at him, "This is the start of our cool season. One of storms and rain. This is wonderful weather," Altair smirked. "We are also built for it, you people are not."

"I suppose," Malik huffed.

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"Hey everyone," Night called, "we're stopping for a few minutes," and Malik gratefully stopped and took off his pack, letting it thump to the ground and following it a few seconds later. He pulled a canteen out from his pack and took a sip, but not to much. Above him Altair was yelling in Des’ direction to get his attention and when Malik looked the teen was jogging back over to them, his steps deceptively light and he didn’t kick up even a bit of dirt. He still wasn’t sure how Rifters seemed to float over the surface of the earth, but they did and it was amazing.

As Des came towards them Altair left and Malik took another sip of his canteen. The water was tepid and disgustingly warm, feeling hotter than his own internal temperature, but it was clean, pure water which he kept sweating out. As he drank another shadow passed over him and he looked up, squinting against the sky which was unreal it was so blue and made his eyes hurt. It was Night.

“You were talking with that Rifter,” he said crouching.

“Yeah, and?”

“What did he say?” he asked looking at the brothers as Ezio shed his gear bag and rotated his arms at the shoulders. They weren’t to far away but they couldn’t hear them either since the wind was blowing their voices away.

“That bird,” Malik pointed up, eyes straining against the light, “Harpy eagle, said it was a good omen,” he shrugged.

“What else he say?”

“Nothing,” Malik took another swig before putting away his canteen and wiping his brow.

“Really? Nothing?” Night didn’t believe him.

“Yeah, nothing,” Malik glared at him, “Now drop it,” he growled. After a few seconds Night stepped away going back to his own pack to drink.

Roughly ten minutes later they were underway again, Des out in front by a good ways, his head tipped up and making his hood fall down around his shoulders, and the two warriors lagging behind by about fifty feet. Malik pulled his hat down low to help cover his face from the sun but found the brim seemed almost to small. He held back an annoyed groan and didn’t complain.

At one point they stopped to get their bearings, though the Rifters jut seemed annoyed to be stopping, as if they knew automatically where to go, like some weird homing beacon. Malik found it annoying since they could at least pretend they needed their help. Not like that would ever happen. The two that would talk to them were to proud to say they needed help from Sheep and the third didn’t even talk to them anyways. Well he talked to Malik, though barely. By the end of the day they could see the fence and it was anything but a fence.

“Fuck,” Night groaned when he saw it. Truth be told none of them had actually been to the Rift, they knew how to get there but not what the real boundaries looked like and the ‘fence’ was more like an impassable wall of barbed wire and solid bars that stopped people from getting across.

“I hope you brought wire cutters,” Altair said resting his weight on one leg comfortably as he appraised the fence with his calculating amber eyes which were hidden under the shadow of his white hood.

“Of course we did,” Night snapped.

“C’mon Night, it’s to hot to be angry right now,” Parker complained. Night grumbled under his breath. “We probably won’t make it through before dark so we should set up here, get as far as we can in what light there is and finish cutting in the morning.”

“What about the bars?” Pseudonym asked anxiously.

“We’ll worry about that once he clear a bath through the barb wire,” Parker said and dropped his pack. They followed suit and Malik drank some water enjoying how it felt, easing his parched throat.

“Lets rest for a bit-

“No,” Altair cut off Pseudonym. “We need all the light we can get,” he said, “It is cool at night and we can rest then.”

“I don’t remember when you became in charge Rifter,” Night growled.

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Altair looked at him and moved so he was right on top of the blonde, “This is my world little Sheep, remember to whom you speak,” he spoke in a quiet threatening tone and Malik saw Night swallow. Then Altair backed away, “The wall isn’t a wall, it’s a maze. They make it so that we can’t get through, so it takes time and they can find us before we get into your country,” Altair said. “The bars are greased and they are buried a foot into the earth.”

“Great,” Parker sighed, “So how do we get by?”

“We find the path of least resistance, cut through what we have to and dug under,” Altair explained, “Divinus,” he called and Des who had drifted off somewhere looking at something they couldn’t see came back around. “You have the best eyes, find us a quick path.”

Des frowned at his brother and said something sadly. He saw Ezio out of the corner of his eye become stiff as he spoke. Altair put his hands on his brother’s shoulders and spoke to him till finally Des nodded. The teen pulled something out of his pocket, it looked like a small pad of paper and a pen before turning and looking at the fence. Malik wasn’t the only curious one who came around to see what he was going to do. Des kept his head down for several seconds before looking up. Malik almost fell over his own feet as he stepped backwards. He was used to seeing the Rifters’ eyes turn gold, but this was positively frightening. Des’ eyes had turned white, with a massive pupil in the very center that didn’t move, didn’t even twitch.

Altair put his hands back on his shoulders when he started to sway and with a jolt Malik realized what was happening. Des was seeing. Rapidly Malik went through what Altair had told him about prophets and their sight. It was a powerful tool and could let them see the future and the past and things that weren’t exactly what they appeared to be. But usually they needed a medium, the Animus Altair had called it, and without it it could cause permanent emotional, psychological and neural damage to the prophet that caused pain and sometimes, in extreme cases, resulted in death. Suddenly Malik felt cold despite the blistering heat as he watched Des who looked like he was writing something, or drawing, maybe, Malik wasn’t sure.

It only lasted about two minutes before with a cry that sounded very pained Des slid back into reality with force and Altair hadn’t been holding him would probably have fallen. Altair spoke in gentle and calm tones as he lowered his brother to the ground, brushing away sweat and Malik was sure he heard small sobs coming from the younger man. “Here,” Altair snatched the pad and threw it at Malik, “A map,” Malik fumbled over the pad before looking at what was on it. It indeed was a map, a maze actually and it looked impeccably drawn with perfectly strait lines.

“What’s the distance ratio?” he asked.

Ezio came up behind him and plucked the pad from Malik’s hand. “Looks like a standard one to three,” he said.

“One to three what?” Parker asked.

“Uh… crap,” he muttered. After a few seconds Ezio called to Altair who was still comforting their brother. Altair snapped the words back, sounding annoyed. “Centimeter to three meters,” he said.

“You kidding?” Night snatched the pad. “Shit this will take a while,” he said counting up the centimeters. “Parker, gimmie a pen, a red one,” he ordered and Parker handed it over. First Night traced a path with the pen closed till he had found a shot from the fence to the open ground they were on and then drew it in with the pen. “Okay, so then we’re ganna cut through these parts,” he said. “Where’s the origin?”

“Right in front of where Divinus was standing,” Ezio said his voice sounding dry. Malik doubted it had anything to do with the heat or the weather though.

“Lets get this started then,” Night announced and opened his pack pulling out a pair of heavy gloves as well wire clippers. Malik and Parker did likewise and Night quickly instructed them where to start cutting.

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By the time night fell Malik’s clothes were soaked with sweat and they’d cut a path through to the barbed fence maze. That was all they could do however because they were losing sunlight and the wind was starting to pick up making it hard to see as dirt and sand stung their eyes. They wove back through the barbed wire they’d cut, now very grateful for Des’ map or it would have taken twice as long and they would have been shredded. Back with the others Des was sleeping under an extra blanket, mumbling under his breath, and Altair and Ezio were sitting on one side of the lamp that offered them light in the darkness though little else. Pseudonym was going through their packs like she was looking for something.

She looked up when they came close some of her blonde hair falling out of its practical bun when she did so and falling across her face. She quickly pushed it away. “So?” she asked.

“We cut through to the fence,” Night groaned and sat, peeling off his gloves and falling down onto his back. Parker and Malik followed suit, glad to no longer be working.

They lay there for a while, just relaxing after that work and Pseudonym shoved water into their hands and practically down their throats as well as some rations which were dry and disgusting but Malik ate anyways because he was starving.

“How the hell do you people survive out here?” Parker groaned at the Rifters now sitting up. “We haven’t even reached the Rift and no tees, no water, nothing!”

The brothers stared at him for several seconds like hawks before one spoke, “You’ll catch a chill in those wet clothes in this weather. Take them off so they’ll dry,” Ezio said.

“What?” Parker blinked. “You kidding it’s warm out.”

“It will be cooler tonight,” Ezio insisted, “and if we’re unlucky there will be a storm tomorrow.”

“Yeah, right, a storm, in this fucking hell hole,” Night said sarcastically.

“You can chose not to believe us if you want, but Divinus told us,” Altair said seriously. “If he says it will be cooler tonight it will be cool and you are all soaked through. Let your clothes dry and take a blanket. You may also want to pray to your… Father,” it was obviously a slur the way he said it, “that there is no storm. For you have never seen a storm the likes of which the Rift can produce.”

Malik believed him and quickly took off his shirt. “King you can’t honestly believe him can you?” Night demanded.

“He’s been right so far, can’t think why he isn’t now,” Malik said weighting his clothes down with some rocks so they wouldn’t blow away. “Is Divinus okay?” he asked once he’d wrapped his own blanket around his shoulders and Parker and Night were grudgingly following his example.

“He will be,” Altair said looking over at his little brother. “He just needs to rest.”

“What the hell was that anyways?” Parker asked. The Rifters didn’t answer, “Well?” they still didn’t answer, “What you’ll answer King but not me?”

“King can be trusted, you three have yet to prove yourselves,” Ezio said and the other movers looked at Malik, Night squinting at him with almost dislike.

“And how is that? You’ve just met us!” Night demanded.

“We have our ways,” Altair hissed. “To us you’re all just liabilities anyway.”

“You’d rather we be gone huh?” Night sneered.

“I’d rather you be dead,” and that made Night stiffen. Ezio smacked his brother on the shoulder. “You’re all a bunch of useless Sheep anyways. Stupid and weak and gray, slowing us down,” and he stood, “I hope you burn in hell,” he walked out into the night and Malik swallowed uncomfortably.

Oh dear...


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Clipped (18a/?)

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Holy balls this is ganna be a big update...

The next morning was blissfully warm. Malik never thought he’d be glad for the heat of the sun, but after last night he was. It had been cold, not unbearably so, but he’d wished he’d had another blanket. He woke with the sun in his eyes as it rose over the horizon and the sky and clouds were stained a blood red. He wasn’t surprised to see Ezio and Altair already up, stretching and passing a few inhumanly fast blows back and forth almost playfully. As he sat up he looked around the small camp tiredly, he was so tired of sleeping on the hard ground now, and saw the others will still asleep with Parker and Pseudonym huddled together to warmth. Night was sleeping with his back to the sun and Des was just gone. He looked around quickly suddenly fully awake but didn’t see the teen anywhere. He reminded himself that if Des had really vanished than his brothers would have been more agitated and would have woken everyone up in a bit of a panic. But they weren’t, they were calm and serene and Malik’s worry dropped to nothing.

He yawned and stood up, the blankets fell away… blankets? He’d only fallen asleep with one where had this other one come from? He shook his head in annoyance and put on his clothes which were stiff with dried sweat and sand before standing and squinting against the sun and sand.

Urgently nature called and he walked off a ways to relieve himself his eyes straying to the fence. With a start he saw someone on the other side, picking their way through the maze of barbed wire. As he zipped up his pants he realized it was Des. How had he gotten over there? The fence was almost thirty feet strait up and the bars had been greased, Malik had touched them the day before, they were practically too slick to climb. He looked back at the Rifters who were standing in the red sun, casting long shadows back over the small camp and knew they had everything to do with it.

As he returned to the others his fellow movers began to wake, Pseudonym being especially pissed Parker had cuddled up to her in his sleep. They had a light breakfast and everyone was ready for the next step by the time the sky had become blue instead of red. Altair and Ezio talked, sounding like they were planning, as they tore through their own rations without hesitation.

“Okay,” Night finally said as they cleaned up, “Now what?” he looked expectantly. He seemed much more wary of Altair now than before, with good reason obviously after his statement the night before.

“We get past the fence,” Altair said dusting off his hands, “And get as far as we can before the storm.”

“What storm?” Parker asked looking around but all he saw were puffy white cumulous clouds.

“Red sky in the morning travelers take warning,” Altair said, “Nothing is more true than out in the desert. Low pressure is coming in from the west,” he pointed, “Pray it isn’t a true sand storm and is just a wind storm, or rain.”

“Rain would almost be as bad Sicarius,” Ezio chimed in, “We could get flooded. At the least you can bunked down in a sand storm,” he frowned.

“It doesn’t matter what it is, but there is a storm headed our way,” he said. “Wind is coming this way and lets hope we don’t get caught in it.”

“You seem oftly worked up over some storm,” Night said watching both Rifters. “We have storms where we live, it isn’t that big a deal.”

“Have you ever seen a sand storm Sheep?” Altair asked with just a hint of hate, “Winds so strong that each bit of sand feels like it’s a bullet. Men far better prepared than you have gone mad, blind, or been killed in such storms. You best respect the desert, or it will gladly destroy you.” Night swallowed, “Divnius is scouting ahead for us. He’s finding a path through the other side of the wall.”

“Couldn’t he just do what he did yesterday?” Night asked.

That was really the wrong question and Malik closed his eyes when both Rifters glared at Night like they wanted to skin him alive. “No,” was all Altair growled out and everyone knew asking that had been a mistake on Night’s part. “Lets go,” he grabbed his bag and threw it over one shoulder before heading for the fence and the path they’d but through to it yesterday.

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Getting to the fence was easier with wire they’d cut but there was still the barred fence. “So we dig?” Parker asked when they arrived at it.

“Yes,” Ezio said, “But first,” and he hurled his bag so it cleared the top of the fence and crashed down onto the barbed wire on the other side. “We send the bags over first,” he held his hands out for them as Altair did the same for his own.

“What about those?” Pseudonym asked when Altair left two bags on their side of the fence.

“For you when you get back,” he said.

“What’s that mean?”

“Less work for you all. You won’t be able to get them over the fence yourselves and you won’t have to carry so many over on that side,” he pointed. “When you come back just leave what you have-

“We can’t do that,” Night shot in.

“Why not?”


“Those are your supplies,” Altair pointed to the bag, “and your marker so you know where to come through the fence. The less you carry on that side of the fence the better. Learn to pack light,” he said seriously. “Now we need to dig,” he nodded at Ezio who seemed to be rubbing the bars. “Aquila and I will start on the other side and you four start on this side,” he said and Malik watched with more than a little amazement as Ezio started to climb the bars.

“How is he doing that?” Parker asked also watching and sounding impressed.

“Sand and dirt on the oil, they soak it in, make the bars dry. We’ll see you on the other side,” and he followed Ezio up. Malik stared a bit opened mouth as they climbed and then from the top simply fell. For once they seemed to impact the earth and when Ezio dropped a plumb of dirt shot up and he rolled into the fall. Altair followed a few seconds later, only he did not roll.

“Okay, that was cool,” Night said.

“Dig,” Altair and Ezio dropped to their knees and dug their hands into the sand. Malik and the others quickly followed suit. By the time it was perhaps ten O’clock they had dug a hole large enough for them to slip through. Pseudonym went through first, she was the smallest and Ezio helped pull her through though it was tight for her so they dug deeper since him, Parker and Night were not exactly small like Pseudonym was.

At some point Des had come back to the fence, watching with curiosity till the three movers had crawled through the fence. The wind had picked up since they’d started and was kicking up a little sand that swirled around their ankles and tried to get up against their skin.

“So now what?” Parker asked looking out to the scape of barbed wire.

“Divinus?” Altair asked clapping his hand onto the teen’s shoulder, “Did you find us a way?” Des just nodded and padded away leading the others. Altair and Ezio grabbed up their bags before following him, Malik and the others scrambling after them till Des indeed had led them out of the wire field.

Beyond the wire field it was more of the same, endless sand and dirt that stretched on in every direction, and still the wind blew. They all knew which direction to take too, for there was only one; strait.

The sun was setting when the storm finally hit with a fury. They’d seen it coming from a distance and Malik felt himself ill prepared. This wasn’t a storm from his country, this was a sand storm and it howled and moaned and made them all uneasy as it surged towards them. The Rifters were prepared for it though. They tied off the ends of their clothes and wrapped the red sashes they’d worn around their waists around their faces to protect them and they also had goggles to protect their eyes from the sand which was starting to whip itself into a fevered pitch.

There was no cover for them to take shelter behind but it seemed as always that the elder brothers knew what to do. They were survivalists and that was what they were doing. They cut up one of the blankets and made scarves for the movers wrapping it so tightly around Malik’s head that all there was was a slit for Malik to see out of. The rest of the blankets became alternative sleeves and they instructed them to tie off the end of their pant legs so that sand wouldn’t get in.

“So this was why you said you hoped we were prepared,” Malik said to Altair as he helped tie a blanket around his arm. “Why the blankets?”

Re: Clipped (18c/?)

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“The winds blow so hard that the sand can rend skin and flesh from bones sometimes.”

“Oh, lovely,” Malik swallowed, wincing as Altair tied off the binding tightly.

“It is to early in the season for such a storm. But the sand can still be painful,” he said and went to work on the other arm.

“So we’ll survive this?” he asked looking towards the column of sand and wind rushing towards them.

“Yes,” Altair said. “Aquila, are you done?” he called to Ezio who had been helping Parker.

“Yes,” he said.

“Good,” Altair stood, “The storm is still a ways away, he should keep going until we can’t anymore. When the storm hits drop, immediately or you could be blown away. Remove your pack, it will act like a sail on top of you, and put it against the wind. It will act like a buffer. I suggest putting it near your head,” Altair said in an official tone as though he was used to giving such instructions.

“How long do these storms last?” Pseudonym asked adjusting her back pack.

“It can takes hours or days for a sand storm to blow itself out-

“But at this speed it should only be over us for an hour or so perhaps,” Ezio cut in.

“Do not try to move during the storm once you’re down,” Altair called as they walked, his voice dampened by his muffler and by the wind that snatched his words away. “The wind can get under you and in some cases pick you up.”

“This sounds wonderful,” Night said sarcastically from his own wrapped up head.

“This is why you must respect the desert Night, for if you don’t it will eat you,” and they all knew what he meant.

It was surprising at the speed in which the storm did hit and as soon as Malik saw the Rifters drop he did as well, yanking off his pack and putting it into the wind by his head. Around him the wind howled like wolves, only worse, and it became dark as the sand blocked out the sun. He pressed his back into the wind and slammed his eyes shut so sand couldn’t get in.

The wind streamed over his body and he felt sand gathering up behind his back. Above the storm raged and it didn’t sound so much like wolves now as it sounded like a monstrous creature that was bearing down upon them. He opened his eyes but could see nothing, no figures, so sun, no horizon, just an endless storm of sand that washed over everything in its path.

There was no time within a sand storm and Malik didn’t know if it had been a few seconds, a few minutes or a few hours since it had come upon them. The only way he knew up from down was because he was lying on the ground but even then he was confused and disoriented. There was no sound save for the howling of the wind and the screaming of sand and nothing to see save for the drab golden-gray of the flying sand. It was like hell, maybe, or purgatory, where one was sent adrift and there was nothing until all your sins were gone. That was what the Rifters believed at least, he knew because Altair had told him and because he’d wanted to see what it was people like him believed in, what he knew his brother believed in. It was hard to find text on such an old religion, at least text that wasn’t filled with lies and fairy tales, but he’d found it.

He didn’t know if they were true stories, though he knew the Rifters believed them, and now he couldn’t help but believe a little himself. It was hard not too when so many stories spoke of their land, this vast desert beyond the Rift, as if it were alive. Something that could destroy so easily as if it were nothing yet was a paradise for those who followed the word of God. They did not want for what they already had, food was given to them and there were not famines or wars or cruelty of men. That all seemed to belong on the other side of the fence where people bought and sold other people like cattle, like animals and treated them just as poorly. There wasn’t any such thing like that for the Rifters, instead they had to rely on each other and each man had to find their own place in their world under God or else the desert would consume them for their greed or their maliciousness.

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So if that was true (and he wasn’t entirely sure it was) then was the desert angry now? Angry that four people who had no purpose here were indeed here and ‘contaminating’ the endlessness of it. He trembled against his pack and tried not to think that way.

Slowly the storm began to ease, the howling fading, and soon they could see the brilliant yellow and orange and pink sky of the sunset’s afterglow. Malik sat up, throwing sand everywhere and looked around trying not to panic. He saw a few mounds that as he watched moved and burst open. “Everyone all right?” Ezio called pulling off his goggles, which were covered in grit, to get a better look around.

“Fine,” Malik called still a bit unnerved by his own thoughts as he got to his feet.

“I’m alive,” Parker called and the other two also gave sound that they were indeed all right as well. “That was… fun,” Parker said sarcastically as he shook himself of sand, dusting himself off vigorously. “That happens a lot?” he asked Ezio.

“It is the season of storms here, so yes, it does,” Ezio said also shaking off the sand. “Usually though we would have our tents to shelter in, but one cannot always have everything they need,” he shrugged. He turned back around when Altair said something as he shrugged sand off himself sitting up, though Des did not. “We’ll make camp here, it’s to dark to continue,” he added.

“Is Divinus okay?” Pseudonym asked, she’d noticed as well it seemed.

“Fine, just sleeping,” Altair said standing to further rid himself of sand and began to remove the ties at his wrists and middle and calves.

“He’s sleeping? How the hell did he sleep through that? It was like fucking banshees out there!” Night cried.

Altair shrugged but didn’t answer and Malik had a feeling it was because he didn’t actually have an answer.

Malik was pretty sure he’d never seen something like the Rift. He could barely even understand how something like it could even exist.

It was a canyon that stretched out before them like the roots of a tree. He could see the strata clearly on the walls, bands of orange and red and yellow and gold like an artist had painted the sides. It was unreal, totally unreal and Malik had never seen anything like it. The beauty of the Rift was awesome and it was like he was looking at something he wasn’t to see. He felt his knees shaking as he stared out across the Rift and felt it looking back into him like some ethereal eye. Next to him he heard something drop and though he didn’t look he knew that Parker next to him had fallen to his knees.

Next to him Altair sighed, though not in a tired way, or a sad way, but like he was happy. He… sounded happy and that drew Malik’s gaze away from the canyon to the Rifter next to him. He too was looking at the Rift as it bathed in the setting sun’s light and his gaze was longing and tired and just a bit happy, if anything he almost looked like he might cry from the emotions but Malik knew better than to expect that. Not from Altair at least. Then he spoke, as soft as a whisper, but Malik still heard though he did not understand. He didn’t need to understand the word though because he knew exactly what Altair had said; “home”.

It had been to late in the day for the Rifters to depart that day and they would in the morning. Before that happened there had been quite a bit of arguing, of which Malik was not a part of.

“We can’t just let you go,” Night was saying, “Volpe gave us express instructions that we were to see you safely home and that’s-

“You will not be crossing the Rift,” Altair said, voice firm. “Unless you wish to never see your home again. Is that what you want?”

“So what, you wouldn’t let us go?” Night demanded acting all high and mighty.

“My brothers and I? Gladly. Our people? Never. You are intruders in our country and if you came with us we’d eventually be found by a traveling clan and they would see what you know, if you are dangerous they would kill you.”

“But we aren’t,” Parker said.

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“Then you would be presented before the Inquisition and they would rip your minds apart. You would not remember who or what you are or were and you would be nothing but a shell. You people may not be dangerous but you are valuable, you know the inside workings of your country as well as any priest and that makes you valuable. Once they are done you’d be tossed aside and back into the desert, food for the buzzards and snakes,” Altair said. “Perhaps if it was one person we could stop them, but four of you? You are to great a threat to let go. We are secretive for a reason and like the desert once we have you, we don’t let go.”

There was silence in the camp and nobody spoke. Malik looked between the other movers, they all seemed ill at ease. “So, we just have to let you go on alone?” Parker finally asked.

“It is best. If you cross the Rift… there is nothing for you out there but suspicion,” Ezio said. “In case you haven’t noticed we aren’t exactly friendly.”

“No, we hadn’t,” Night said sarcastically.

“We have good reason not to be when most people who come out here are here to kill our families,” Night looked down shamefully. “We aren’t telling you because we’re bad people, we’re telling you so you do not die.”

“Okay,” Night sighed, “You’ll go on alone and we’ll tell Volpe we took you as far as you allowed.”

“Good,” Altair nodded. “Consolidate your packs to two bags,” he said.


“That is all you are taking with you.”

“What!?” Parker yelled, “You can’t be serious,” but when Altair looked at him it was obvious he was. “Why?”

“You have no noticed, but we are not alone. We haven’t been since the sand storm. There are… Rifters, following us, watching us, even now,” Altair said and they all paled and looked around in the dark. “They haven’t attacked yet but they are wary that we’re so close to the Rift. No doubt they’re wondering what we’re up to. Take only two packs you need the rest you will leave here as an offering of good will.”

“But that’s crazy. We haven’t seen anyone at all,” Pseudonym exclaimed.

“We aren’t seen unless we want to be seen,” Des suddenly supplied. “This is an old word you people used to call us before the great division between the world,” everyone was staring at him. “I can’t remember the word now, for it is old and tired but it still means the same thing; those who hide in plain sight. If we wished it we could be in the same room, feet from you, and you wouldn’t know until we wanted you to know.”

“And by then you were usually dead,” Altair finished. “Those following us are warriors, built and bred, you would not see them until they were cutting your throats,” and Pseudonym put her hand up to her neck as she swallowed uncomfortably. “But,” he added, “we are not unreasonable. If you leave and leave your things here and show that you do not mean harm of that you have no intention of coming with us, they will leave you be.”

Again there was silence, “Sounds fair,” Malik finally said since no one else was saying anything, “We’ll just have to pack wisely.”

“Water is more important than food or warmth,” Ezio said, “Pack accordingly,” and that was all they got out of the two Rifters really. Busily Malik and the others emptied all the back packs and put all the water they could into one of them and the other they put in the blankets, food and some other items they needed to help them. When they were done there was still plenty of stuff and it was shoved into the remaining three packs. Once they were done it was very dark out and the wind made strange noises through the Rift.

Like they had since they’d crossed the fence Altair said they’d be keeping watch, Altair would take the first shift and Ezio would the second. Malik offered to take it with Altair and the Rifter did not complain as everyone else got ready to bed, curling into blankets to fight off the cool nights.

Altair sat just on the outside of the main lamp they’d set up in the camp so not to get totally snuck up upon, though it was set to a low setting so everyone could sleep, sort of like fire light. Malik sat next to him feeling out of place next to Altair’s perfect stillness.

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Finally after a while he spoke, “Are there really other Rifters out there? Following us?” he asked.

“Yes,” Altair said.

“You can see them? In the dark?”

“There is nothing to dark that I cannot see through,” Altair said looking at him, his eyes seeming to momentarily flash gold and Malik immediately understood what he meant. Even in darkness he could see them because they shown like blue torches in he darkness. “I bet they think you’re one of us,” he laughed dryly.


“From a distance,” he shrugged.

“Oh,” Malik bit his lower lip. “You said the other day you wished we were dead,” he said slowly, “Yet here you are taking care of us.”

Altair rocked back and caught himself on his arms. Malik looked him over as his hood flopped down around his shoulders and frowned slightly. “I am a warrior,” he said lowly, “I live by the Creed. It says that one does not take the lives of the innocent, one does not allow them to come needlessly into harm’s way. I may not like you or your country and I may wish many things, but I will always abide by the Creed,” he turned to look at Malik, “It is all I have and all that protects you people from us when we are sent to kill those who earn a feather.”

“Would you kill me?” Malik asked.

“I have no reason to,” Altair huffed looking away, “You are an innocent-

“I am not,” Malik scowled at him.

“To the Creed you are, and that is what matters.”

“And what makes someone not innocent?” he demanded.

“When they harm us, when they intend to hurt our people, our way of life,” Altair said softly. “Then they become our enemies and we destroy them.” Malik frowned but said nothing, “Be glad you are an innocent Malik, and that your friends are innocent, or they would not leave this place alive.”

“What about you? Are you innocent then?”


“Why not?”

“Because,” he sighed and looked up, “I kill people. I hurt people. I will be rewarded in the end, but I am no innocent.”

Malik thought on that, he’d never thought of it like that. People called Rifters monsters, terrorists, murderers, cannibals (which he knew was probably he furthest from the truth), and so much more and so few actually stopped and thought why it was they did what they did. They did not kill by choice, they did so out of need. Need to protect what was important to them while the people of Malik’s country were busy trying to kill the heretics and the monsters. It was a terrible cause and effect really and Malik felt wretched for being a part of it.

Malik watched the moon arc across the sky, leaning back onto his arms like Altair was, trying to work up the courage to speak again, to ask what he’d been meaning to ask the entire time. It just seemed like it was never the right moment because Altair and Night were either fighting or the Rifters stayed away from them.

Finally, when it was getting closer to the time for Ezio to keep watch Malik finally said it. “Altair,” he said drawing his attention, Altair just grunted, “You said the Rifters watching us probably think I’m one of you,” he said. Altair nodded slowly and scratched at the growing hair on his chin from a week without shaving. Malik swallowed and opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. Altair turned to him, looking curious, no doubt wondering where Malik was going with this. “I… could I come with you?” he finally blurted out.

Altair blinked and looked genuinely surprised. “Why would you want to do that?” he asked, “You have a life back in your own country.”

“I know but,” he looked down not knowing exactly what to say. “It isn’t like I like it there. I’m afraid all the time someone will find me and other than Leo I don’t have friends outside of the movers.”

“And?” Altair knew that wasn’t all.

“I thought I could see my brother,” he admitted, he was glad for the darkness because he could feel heat creeping up to his cheeks when he said his next words, “And maybe we could-

“There is nothing for you beyond the Rift Malik,” Altair said not looking at him and huffing a loud sigh. “Kadar isn’t your brother, he is one of us, a warrior, an Assassin,” the word was foreign to Malik. “He has no place in your life and you no place in his.”

“You would say that. What about your own bro-

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“If it was my brother who had turned into a Sheep?” Altair asked and turned to him again, amber eyes sharp, “I would be glad he could live peacefully without conflict and pray he was happy.”

“That’s such a lie,” Malik spat.

“Tell me I’m lying,” Altair said seriously and Malik tried to, but he couldn’t, Altair was totally serious. “As for the other part,” he looked forward again, “I was just using you.”


“Don’t sound surprised, it makes me feel bad,” Altair frowned. “I was doing what I would do to anyone who would help me find my brother. You were just easier to manipulate,” Malik stared at him and felt his mouth go uncomfortably dry.

“You dick,” was all Malik could think to say and realized how intelligent he sounded.

Altair looked at him almost crossly, “You didn’t actually believe I meant any of those kisses did you?” he asked, “You’re a Sheep Malik.”

“I’m still a fucking person!” he practically yelled. Nearby someone grunted in their sleep and turned over.

“True,” Altair nodded, “But you could help me and I had to do what I had to to make sure he was safe, even if that meant hurting someone,” he didn’t seem sorry and that was the worst part and Malik wanted to yell at him, to hit him and make him hurt as much as he hurt then. Malik turned away from him, furious and humiliated beyond any doubt. “I said before Malik, I hurt people, and that’s why I’m not innocent,” he said to Malik’s back and Malik tried to not hear him.

Hmm... I thought I'd written more than that.

I can just feel all the Alt/Mal shippers reading this hating me right now. *cackles*
I'll just save you the future heart break in the next chapter (and you thought it couldn't get worse); there are no happy endings.

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Clipped (19a/?)

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Malik was facing east when the sun rose. He had not slept that night, he didn’t even try. His mind would not let him because all he could think of was how stupid he was. It had been shortly after what Altair had said that he’d woken Ezio and the younger Rifter had taken up the watch. He’d tried to talk to Malik but Malik didn’t reply to him or even make motion that he’d heard. If Altair could pretend so easily how effortless would it be for Ezio to just fake his own good nature and friendliness? The idea made him sick to his stomach.

He heard Ezio stand up beside him and stretch, working the kinks out of his back from a long night sitting and keeping watch. “Hey King,” Ezio nudged him with his boot once he’d finished his stretching and Malik could hear the others waking as well, called from sleep by the harsh light of the sun. Malik finally turned to him, looking up into the shadow of Ezio’s hood. A frown creased his face and Ezio crouched, “Are you okay Malik?” he asked in a soft voice so the others couldn’t hear.

“Perfect,” he growled.

Ezio’s brows furrowed, “Did my brother say something to upset you?” he asked.

“What do you care?” he snapped.

His frowned deepened, “You are a friend, I should care.” Malik just made a disgusted noise in his throat and looked away, staring right at the sun. “Malik?”

“Right a friend,” he said sarcastically, “I thought I was just something to be used and tossed out once I’d finished being useful,” hurt and anger showed in his voice but he didn’t care.

“Did Altair said that?” he asked and Malik’s silence was his answer, “Please don’t think that way. Both Altair and I are grateful for your help, without you we probably would not be here, or else Des would probably be dead,” and Malik frowned deeply now. “If he said anything that upset you I am sorry, he’s just under a lot of stress at the moment.”

“And how is that?” he turned, riding on the anger. “Soon you’ll be back where you belong.”

“Yes, but we could still be attacked,” that startled Malik and the confusion must have shown on his face, “We’re still strangers to the others watching us,” he said, “He’s worried we’ll be attacked and worried you four won’t make it back to the fence.”

“No he isn’t,” Malik growled meaning the second part.

Ezio sighed and sat down next to him, “Let me tell you something Malik,” he said looking at the sun which had finally and fully breached the horizon as an orange ball. “I know what my brother did, about your agreements,” Malik felt his cheeks burn in humiliation. “He did what he had to, because that’s really all he knows. We, he and I, came from a family, a people, where no matter what, you must always protect those that need protecting. Altair knows that and that’s what he’s doing, personal feelings aside of anything that is all my brother knows how to do, protect people till his death. We also keep our promises, no matter what, because without them our society falls apart and five years ago he promised me and Desmond that even if he died accomplishing it he would make sure we both got home.

“When we return Altair won’t have anything,” Ezio sighed. “We had another brother you know, my elder brother, Altair’s twin,” Malik stared at him, Altair had never said anything like that. “Without him, Altair might as well be nothing,” he said seriously, “His skills are halved and so is his value. Still though,” he huffed a little sigh, “he hasn’t died and hasn’t broken his promise and is really just holding on there. He doesn’t look it though does he?” he asked turning to Malik. Malik shook his head in agreement and Ezio looked back at the sun. “He was to busy keeping us safe that he never got to mourn really. And now, we’re going home and he’s afraid. He won’t have a purpose anymore because we’ll be safe.” Malik looked down feeling guilty but trying not to. He hadn’t known anything about this, absolutely nothing. “So know that whatever he did to you, whatever he said, it was to keep everyone safe, even you, because that’s all he knows how to do and to him that’s his entire purpose. If he fails then he is lost.”

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They sat in a strange silence as Malik digested Ezio’s words trying to reconcile those words with what Altair had said to him and his own feelings. “He shouldn’t have to carry such a burden,” he finally said quietly.

“Yet he carries it gladly,” Ezio said, “As I would if he was gone, as our other brother would have if he was here in Altair’s stead, as your own brother would if he was in this position,” Malik looked at him.

“Altair said you knew my brother,” Malik said.

“I did. He was a good warrior, strong and perfectly capable. But I’m sorry, he never mentioned you,” and Malik’s heart sank further.

“Aquila,” Altair called and Ezio turned to look before getting to his feet and leaving Malik to finish watching the sun rise into the sky.

He could feel Night’s impatience and annoyance when the Rifters were finally ready to leave. Altair was reminding them what they should do and only Night seemed pissed he was doing it. Before Malik would have seen it as cocky confidence to remind them that they were useless. Now though, after what Ezio said, he saw it differently. Altair was reminding them so that he didn’t have their deaths over his head should something go wrong.

“Is that all?” Parker asked, unlike Night he was actually paying attention and was attentive.

“That is all we can do,” Altair said with a slight, tired, sigh. It was only now on this day that Malik realized how tired Altair sounded, how bone weary he was as if he just wanted to crawl into bed and never wake up again. “Get to the fence as quickly as you can for once you leave us you’ll be on your own.” He’d said the movers leaving them, not the other way around and what Ezio had said struck another cord. Altair was a protector and even if he might not like them he was doing everything he could to protect himself, Night, Parker and Pseudonym.

“And what about you three? You aren’t taking any supplies,” Pseudonym asked worriedly.

“Our fellows will find us before we’re in need of them once we’re beyond the Rift. They will supply,” Altair said.

“Not even water though?”

“Worry for yourselves,” Altair said annoyedly.

Pseudonym frowned but nodded, “Okay,” she said softly, “Lets go you guys,” she said. Night needed very little invitation and turned without any hesitation and left, saying nothing. “Safe passage,” Pseudonym said smiling sadly at them and turned as well.

“Safety and Peace,” Ezio replied as Parker turned. Malik stayed for a moment longer before following as well and he heard the Rifters head towards the great canyon before them. He looked down as he walked beating himself up for this and when he looked back he saw them nearing the edge and he stopped, rooted in place. He turned to the movers who hadn’t noticed he’d stopped but when he went back to the Rifters he saw that Altair had stopped and was staring at him hard, as if to say ‘go on already’. He knew Altair wouldn’t leave until he actually started after the others because that was how he was, he would make sure everything was as it should be.

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Clipped (20a/?)

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Malik felt unbelievably tired when he he went up to the door and knocked. As he waited he ran his hand along his jaw, feeling the familiar stubble of a day old shave. He was so tired. It had taken a bit longer to get home than it had to actually get out to the Rift and now Malik just wanted to sleep. He couldn’t though because whenever he closed his eyes phantoms were projected on his eyelids. It was either that last glimpse he’d had of Altair or the day they’d crossed the fence. They’d been all happy to almost be home, just a few more days when Parker had noticed them.

Five of them standing in the distance like pure white sentinels against the gray-yellow sand and dirt. Their forms had been a bit hazy in the heat but they all knew what they were looking at: Rifters. Even from the distance Malik could make out their white hoods and red sashes which stood out against the background and he repressed a shiver. They’d been following them the entire time and only now had they decided to show themselves, just like the brothers had said.

“Fuck me,” Night had muttered staring at them. “Lets go before they decide to climb the fence,” and they’d left.

That had been five days ago and now Malik was back in the capital of his own home and fighting his body’s urge to become horizontal. He’d been glad to be home when he first reached it and had showered off two weeks of filth and sand and dirt and shaved off the beard he was cultivating. That had been yesterday though and he hadn’t slept last night.

Finally the door in front of him opened and Salai’s curious eyes met his striking immediately into worry. “Hello Salai,” he said softly swaying a little from fatigue. Not only had he not slept last night but he hadn’t slept very well at all on the way back or since they’d left the Rift. “Is Leo home?” Salai nodded, “May I come in?” again Salai nodded and quickly pulled him inside, ushering him to the living room where Leo was as well as two people Malik recognized and disliked at least one of them with a passion.

Salai cleared his throat loudly and drew everyone’s attention. “Haven’t you taught that pet of yours not to interrupt?” one of them asked and Malik glared at him.

“This pet is announcing Leo’s best friend’s presence, so kindly keep your thoughts to yourself Lorenzo,” he spat, even though he had nothing against the man the other pissed him off enough for the both of them.

“Malik please,” Leo jumped to his feet to went to him, “I am sorry Lorenzo, please excuse my friend, he’s just returned from a very long trip.”

“Oh he has?” William asked raising his brows at him, “It must have been quite a trip if he wasn’t even there for his friend’s grand opening,” he sneered and Malik refrained the urge to punch him in the face. William Montferrat was one of the most well known kennel owners in the entire trade. He owned more kennels than anyone and Malik enjoyed destroying his the most, and it had nothing to do with the fact that his parents had originally sold him to a Montferrat kennel.

“If you’ll excuse me gentlemen,” and Leo dragged him away. “Malik what is the matter with you?” he hissed once they were out of ear shot, “Those men are my guests and my patrons.”

“I’m sorry Leo,” he said tiredly, and for a moment Leo seemed to be about to smile, “but I could care less.” Leo’s brow furrowed with an upset frown.

“What’s gotten into you?” he demanded softly.

“I’m tired,” he sighed.

“Then go home and sleep,” Leo said almost scolding him. Then Malik’s face fell, “Malik? Is something wrong?” and he gave a little startled yelp when Malik hugged him tightly. “Malik?” he asked now sounding very worried when Malik pressed his face into his shoulder

“I’m glad to be home,” Malik said wondering why his words tasted so incredibly sour.

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Clipped (21a/21)

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Damnit Desmond why do you think so much? This took way to much time to write because of his pov /shot

The sky outside the window was wide open without even clouds to mar it’s surface except for at the horizon where the startings of one of the seasonal sand storms sat like a lion on the horizon ready to pouch upon the city. Or maybe an assassin ready to strike with blinding speed. The city before him look his breath away, as it always did because it was beautiful. He couldn’t remember ever seeing the city before recently either since so much of his childhood had been spent away from here and away from these lands and instead he’d been locked in a world where he might as well have been deaf and mute for how well he understood the language. He could barely remember his own parents, let alone this city and all he knew of them were through his brother’s eyes.

Below him stretched the city of Masyaf. It was not a city like the ones from that other country which sprawled across a vast landscape and consumed everything it touched, but instead was small in comparison and robust. It was not a jewel of a city, it didn’t glimmer in the sunset, but it was beautiful. Unlike the cities of the other country that were fragile as glass Masyaf was like a knife, efficient, beautiful and strong. It was the city of the Assassins, a safe haven from storms of nature and of steel and no one had ever found it. Much like the Assassins themselves Masyaf was invisible unless it wanted to be found like a desert oasis that when up came upon it was really just a mirage and water was still out of reach. The city spiraled out from the center piece of everything, the proverbial center of their existence, the great fortress of Masyaf with it’s many levels and winding hallways and vast grounds where you could constantly see novices training. At the highest levels you could hear the true howls of the wind, especially during a storm. You could also hear the hum of the Animus which was a constant drone like a prolonged bell tone.

On the other side of the room there was a knock at the door, a quiet and polite knock making Desmond turn away from the glass window and the beautiful city and the storm that was coming in from the west. He padded quietly over to it and opened it just a bit, as wary as ever. One of the black garbed guardians stood there, his hood up and it shadowed his eyes and upper part of his face. They were the protectors of prophets who lived at this high level and tended the Animus. “Yes?” he asked holding the door so he could close it if need be.

“Divinus,” the guardian bowed his head politely to him when he spoke, “your Sicarius has returned from his mission,” he said, his tone measured, reserved, and respectful.

Desmond fought a moment to keep his composure, “Thank you for telling me,” he said managing only that before he closed the door and finally that smile broke across his face. He threw himself down onto the rug covered floor and pulled on his shoes tying up the laces quickly and grabbed his coat from where he’d left it on the floor. It was not cold out but the fabric was light and represented his rank since he did not chose to display his full sleeve tattoo to the world. Once he’d taken the time to at least button one button he left his room, he couldn’t be bothered with the rest.

Outside in the corridor it was quiet with only the distant hum of the climate controller to be heard and the just as distant throb of the Animus which permeated every inch of the upper floors and if you put your hand on the walls you could feel them vibrating. The walls at these upper levels were made of sandstone and lined with large glass windows that let in so much light the normal beige stone was practically white. As he made his way to the stairwell he passed a few of the dark robed guardians and as he did they uttered a soft greeting and dipped their heads in respect before he was already out of sight of them and climbing down the warm stone staircase that led to the lower levels.

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