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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt. 5

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.5
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✩ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

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Drabble Fill: Screw Up 1/1

(Anonymous) 2013-03-18 04:23 am (UTC)(link)
Desmond knows when he wakes up after touching the Apple and getting shocked out of his mind that he's fucked up. Badly. He recalls the killing of Lucy, and his father's pinched features when Desmond invaded the building to save him. He recalls the discussing of his 'plan' -- and the consequences of following said plan.

All in all, its just more proof that he is a complete and utter screw up; always has been, and always will be.

He's so busy telling himself he's a fucked-up example for a human being, he doesn't notice the charging footsteps until he's being spun around, crying out in alarm, only to be silenced when a hot mouth covers his own. He submits to the kiss (more out of shock than anything) and blinks rapidly when his partner pulls away. Altair's golden gaze stares down at him in a way that is far from pleased, with Ezio and Connor flanking him on either side. Desmond instinctively shrinks down.

"You little idiot," Altair growls, pushing him down onto the ground "What exactly were you thinking?"

Desmond is vaguely aware that Ezio is sitting behind him, wrapping his arms around Desmond's torso and teasing his neck while Connor slides somewhere between them all, wrapping himself around Desmond as if its completely natural. Poor Desmond's too confused to do anything except stare and accept Altair's next blistering kiss.

"Um..." Is all Desmond can say when Altair finally steps back again. The man takes his words as they are and explains.

"You scared us. You didn't bother telling us what you were going to do before you did it and you... you've got balls, brother."

"Wait what?"

"We were in your head, fool. Did you think those visions were hallucinations? We were /there/, watching you, touching you, listening to you! Guiding you through the hells you endured, and how do you repay us?"

"Apparently, by scaring us and almost dying. Bad nipote*. Very bad." Ezio drawls near his right ear, nipping his neck sharply and smiling when Desmond hisses through his teeth.

He's suddenly aware of someone's hand down his pants, and the other two quite literally climbing on top of him, ripping his clothes aside like they're nothing, leaving him bare to their gaze.

"You won't do it again, Desmond. We will make sure of that," Connor growls, relishing at the gasp that comes when he grinds down against the other man's growing erection. "Right after we punish you."

"P-p-punish?" And suddenly Desmond is quite sure he's in hell.

"You scared us, boy, and we're grown assassins. Nobody scares us like that and walks away unscathed. No matter how attractive they may be," Ezio informs him, licking his lips and smirking at the blush coloring the younger man's face. "Fortunately for you, 'punishment' is different for those who managed to attract our attentions. You won't be walking for a while, but you will live."

Desmond whimpers, although the sound is far from fearful. Altair seizes him by the hairs and kisses him again, and Desmond allows himself to fall into their embrace, secure in the knowledge that yes, he screwed up, but at least he's learning a valuable lesson from it.

Re: Drabble Fill: Screw Up 1/1

(Anonymous) 2013-04-13 07:42 am (UTC)(link)
short but awesome!

Re: Drabble Fill: Screw Up 1/1

(Anonymous) 2013-07-30 05:23 pm (UTC)(link)
I've been away from the kinkmeme for AGES! Like, really - probably last november or something. And I come back to find this.

Bless you both - OP for the idea and you, write!anon. I'm sorry to say it like this but you nailed it. That was... Pheww... /fans self

I'll be in my bunk. *slinks off, muttering all the while about awesome writer!anon and OT4*

Re: Drabble Fill: Screw Up 1/1

(Anonymous) 2014-11-02 06:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Fantastic! <3