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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.2

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.2
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Re: Filthy Whore

(Anonymous) 2010-11-30 09:27 pm (UTC)(link)
“Whore.” Malik growled, pulling his softened, cleaned cock from Altair’s hot, wet mouth. He blindly groped behind and pulled out a stool to sit on. Now sitting, he leaned back against the wall and grinned as he took in the sight before him.

Altair was horribly aware that he was kneeling naked in a small puddle of cum, and that more was still trickling from his abused asshole. Bruises decorated his body from Malik’s blows and grips, his tongue peeking out from between the two reddened slabs of flesh that were currently serving as his lips. Malik smirked at him. “Look at you,” he crooned, “your legs spread and begging for me to touch you.” Altair closed his eyes and looked away, ashamed. Malik laughed harshly.

“Oh, now you get shy. Weren’t you begging so much before I had to gag you to shut you up?” Malik leered at him. A droplet of white cum splashed in the puddle between Altair’s legs. Malik mockingly shook his head and got up from the stool. “Such a messy slut.” he said, giving Altair a casual slap. His hand rested almost gently on Altair’s abused scalp before forcing his head down to the floor. “Sluts should clean up the messes they make,” he whispered in his ear, crouching down in front of him. “Maybe then they’ll be satisfied by their master.”

Slowly, Altair nodded. Anything for Malik; anything to be touched again. He shuffled backwards slightly and slid his swollen tongue out to dip in the mixture of oil and cum that had leaked out of him. The slimy mixture kept sliding off his tongue, forcing him to dig his face into the floor. The taste of the dirt and cum was awful, but it was the closest he could come to touching Malik these days. Despite the treatment that he put Altair through every day, Altair could never start it. He had to wait, burning for Malik’s touches and begging to be allowed to cum.

Malik had walked behind him. He stood and watched Altair lean forward to lap up the mess. His ass was red from the pounding it had received earlier; the flow of cum from his hole had slowed. The first slap on his reddened ass made Altair jerk and whine. He sat up to look at him, a small drop of cum still at the corner of his mouth. The sight of his tongue snaking out to clean it up made Malik moan and push his face back to the floor, forcing his ass up into the air. “Did I give you permission to look at me, whore?” he panted out. His hand cracked across the younger man’s ass again and again, making Altair groan in-between licks of the floor and making him spread his legs. He let out a sob of surprise and pleasure when a blow landed right on his rosy hole. A shout left his mouth as Malik’s fingers circled his hole before dipping in and crooking, pressing against his sweet spot and stretching him open. Malik kept thrusting into Altair’s body until his dick twitched and pulsed, ready to explode. Right when he was at the edge, the fingers suddenly left his body.

Malik gave his ass one last smack before walking back to Altair’s front where he had finished cleaning the floor. Lifting up a foot, he kicked his shoulder, making him fall backwards and landing painfully on his still-bound arms.

“Pull your legs back.” he ordered harshly, “I’m going to reward you.” Altair silently obeyed, his face flushed and his legs screaming in protest. Malik kneeled down and pushed a finger into him without warning. Altair groaned at the sensation.

Malik smirked at his reaction. “Yes,” he drawled, pulling back and teasing Altair’s abused entrance, “you want my fingers in your slutty little hole, don’t you.” Those tormenting fingers circled his asshole, teasing, starting to enter before backing off. Altair’s erection bobbed drunkenly against his stomach as he pushed his hips forward, trying to impale himself on them. Malik teasingly drew his hand away. “Beg for it.”

Re: Filthy Whore

(Anonymous) 2010-11-30 09:31 pm (UTC)(link)
The last bit of pride in Altair’s body crumbled at those teasing touches. “Please, Master Malik, please,” Altair panted, “please, I need it so bad.” Malik raised an eyebrow before shaking his head in mock sadness. He stood up and began to walk away. “Not good enough, Altair. I don’t think you really want this.” he called over his shoulder.

“No,” Altair burst out, “no, please, Master Malik, please, fill my hole.” He rolled onto his front and got up on his knees to follow him. “My slutty hole needs filling,” he begged as Malik went to the fountain in the next room to clean up, “please, fill me.” He desperately nuzzled the front of Malik’s pants. “Please,” he whispered brokenly, “I need you.”

Malik was looking at him with that strange emotion on his face again. Altair mouthed and licked his flaccid cock through the dirty cotton of his pants, pausing only occasionally to whisper “Please.”

Malik grabbed his hair again, making Altair’s scalp scream in protest. He wouldn’t be surprised if he had a bald spot by the end of this. He pushed the younger man onto his back on top of the bureau counter and forced his legs apart. Without a word, he pushed three fingers into Altair’s reddened ass. He nearly fainted with pleasure as the assault on his sweet spot began again. He was pushed to the edge almost immediately and finally toppled over when Malik bent down and licked a wide, wet stripe along the underside of his cock as he scissored his fingers. Altair’s body seized up, trapping Malik’s fingers inside of him and making him black out for a moment from the sheer pleasure, his own cum spattering on his chest. Tears of relief freely rolled down his temples and cheeks.

Altair watched dazedly as Malik pulled his fingers from his body and stared at his heaving chest. Rubbing his fingers together absentmindedly, Malik reached out and scooped the white substance off of the younger man’s chest. He then held the cum to Altair’s lips. He opened them without protest and greedily sucked every last trace from his fingers, his tongue swirling around each finger. They repeated it until Altair’s chest was clean.

Altair stared at the ceiling, still basking in his afterglow when something filled his oversensitive asshole again. A broken whine slipped through his lips as he looked down his body to see Malik tying the straps connected to whatever was in his ass around his waist and legs. Malik then pulled him to his feet, making Altair whimper when the object in him shifted, trying to tease his oversensitive and exhausted body back to arousal.

“Did you actually think that you were done, whore?” Malik growled and slapped his ass. Altair arched his back and yelped. The slap had forced the object in deeper. Malik reached up and pulled him down so that he could whisper in his ear. “We’ve barely even gotten started.” He slapped Altair’s ass again. “Go make me dinner, slut. If you’re good, I’ll let you suck me off while I eat. Maybe I’ll even take pity on you again and give you another good, hard fuck.” Altair whimpered as Malik squeezed his reddened ass. His legs shook at the thought of being fucked by him again, filled and begging for his cum like the whore he was. Malik grinned as he felt the tremors.

“What are you waiting for, slut?”

Altair scurried off to the small kitchen in Malik’s private rooms.

* * *
So yeah, only one of them was really angry. I guess it just comes naturally for Malik.

Re: Filthy Whore

(Anonymous) 2010-12-01 10:22 am (UTC)(link)
That was yum like woah. I hope they make up in the end... but for now I will enjoy dom!Malik.

Re: Filthy Whore

(Anonymous) 2010-12-03 02:37 am (UTC)(link)
christ on a stick, that was hot.