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Kink Meme - Assassin's Creed pt.3

Assassin's Creed Kink Meme pt.3
Fill Only

Get out of my bureau!

☃ Comment anonymously with a character/pairing and a kink/prompt.

☃ Comment is filled by another anonymous with fanfiction/art/or any other appropriate medium.

☃ One request per post, but fill the request as much as you want.

☃ The fill/request doesn't necessarily need to be smut.

☃ Don't flame, if you have nothing good to say, don't say anything.

☃ Have a question? Feel free to PM me.

☃ Last, but not least: HAVE FUN!

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(Anonymous) 2011-09-06 01:36 am (UTC)(link)
So like, years ago, I messed up my eyesight by headbutting a sign post on the way to school. (Accident, mind you. The good news is there wasn't even a fracture and my head annihilated the sign post).

So that got me thinking... That it would suck very much so if an Assassin couldn't be at his/her best because of messed up eyesight.

Then I came to the conclusion Desmond would be hot in glasses.

So like, come up with something dramatic that Dessy makes bitter jokes about as to why he wears glasses at times. Like he got caught wearing them. Let's say... Modern AU? Maybe he gets yelled at for messing things up or not reading things correctly when the group is doing something in everyday life/their secret job (directions/sign posts)? Dessy be totally emo n bitter about his messed up eyesight? Like, "I'm such a clutz, if only I'd paid attention." blah blah, emo. (Lol I bet Shaun be all like 'wanker'). Maybe he tries not to wear glasses (stubborn).

BONUS: Altair and/or Ezio is/are the one(s) to stumble upon Desmond and his glasses-wearing.

BIGGER BONUS: They're totally turned on by it. (Much to the possible protest of Desmond? Lawl)

IDK. If I keep talking, I'm going to sound more st00pid.

PROMPT: Desmond emoing about having to wear glasses and not being as efficient as he normally would have been otherwise. Someone catches a rare time when he's wearing said glasses.

Re: Glasses!Desmond!

(Anonymous) 2011-09-06 12:10 pm (UTC)(link)
Hm... Desmond w/ glasses, eh?

*starts thinking hot things*

This is... I don't know, but I want it.

Never seen him like that (Federico/Vieri)

(Anonymous) 2011-09-06 05:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Vieri knows that Federico is an assassin, but he never saw him acting like one or even in his assassin clothes.
During a festival he sees the young assassin in the crowd, serious and focused on his mission and Vieri adores him secretly.
Of course Federico knows, maybe he flirts with him a little before the mission?
Though Vieri doesn't want to admit it, he finds him extremly hot and blushes and stuff like that xD

Bonus for sexy times after the assassination, with Federico in bloodstained clothes (and Vieri getting hot because of them)

Re: Never seen him like that (Federico/Vieri)

(Anonymous) 2011-09-06 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I'll be in my fucking bunk! All my fucking internets to whoever fills this! Especially tongue tied/blushy Vieri!!

Re: Never seen him like that (Federico/Vieri)

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Re: fill 1/?

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Re: fill 2/2

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Re: fill 2/2

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Fairytale AU

(Anonymous) 2011-09-06 11:32 pm (UTC)(link)
I am *burning* for a good old fashioned fairytale. I'm talking handsome princes, girls in towers, fairies, talking mice, everything.

Slash or femslash, doesn't matter which pairing.

the amphibian predilection [1/2]

(Anonymous) 2011-10-05 01:46 am (UTC)(link)
The toad shows up on his dresser table, dripping pond water and slime onto the polished oak surface.

Malik jerks upright in his bed at the sound of the wet squelch-plop and slowly reaches for the dagger tucked into the side of his boot. “Where did you come from, toad?” he snaps, finding nothing remiss about speaking directly to less-evolved member of the animal kingdom because between his mother having apparently slept for twenty-years of her adolescent life and his brother having found his girlfriend in a magic lamp, this is hardly worth even batting an eye at.

“We lurk in the shadows, serving the light,” says the toad in a croak-whisper, narrowing his beady gold (gold?) eyes at him before adding indignantly, “And I'm a frog, not a toad.”

Malik throws his dagger.

It lands with surprising accuracy, sticking point-first into the wall right behind the very space the frog was occupying not a moment prior. The hilt is still vibrating from the sudden impact when an algae-green head peeks out from behind the mirror. As he swings his feet back onto the floor, even Malik has to admit, however begrudgingly, that the creature certainly has good reflexes. It is the only thing that stops him for reaching for his other dagger.

The frog looks livid, which, for a frog, basically means that it is puffing itself up like a water balloon as if somehow, if he sucks in enough air, he might actually reach above Malik's ankle. “You're not a princess, either!” it snaps back peevishly, stomping one of its hind legs. It waves a webbed, balled-up fist at him with one of its spindly, mottled front arms. “Not exactly my first choice, but I'm not whacking you with my tongue or anything, am I?”

Malik curls his lips back in a grimace as he crosses the floor, the heels of his boots muffled by the plush carpet on the ground. “Please don't,” he says, stopping only when he's directly in front of the frog, who doesn't flinch when he reaches above its head to pull his dagger out of the plaster behind it. Perhaps it doesn't realize that the prince can flay and skin him in the blink of an eye, or it actually isn't intimidated in any way. (Stupid, either way, Malik decides.)

He can feel the frog eying the bottom of his chin without looking. It mutters something that sounds suspiciously like, “Won't use tongue unless you do, then.”

“And what are you supposed to be, then? That you need a princess?” Malik asks from above the frog's head. He pulls out the dagger and lets it slip down his palm until the sharp edge of its blade is pressing right between its eyes.

The frog just swats it away with a wet slap. “I'm a prince, just like you. Or, rather, actually, I'm probably at a higher standing than you now, because my father has since stepped down into his retirement years, making me the king,” it says smugly, puffing itself up just a fraction more. Malik withdraws the dagger only because he doesn't want frog guts all over his things if he accidentally bursts it open like a needle and balloon. “But I shoved away this wretched beggar woman away last week - so persistent – and she turned out to be a witch, and here I am: enchanted frog until an available prince or princess kisses me.”

Malik narrows his eyes in thought. “I've heard about that spell. Doesn't throwing you against the wall also break the curse?” he questions, slipping his dagger back into the snug hidden leather compartment he fashioned for it in the interior of the shoe. “One of my cousins had it for a while, before his little sister threw him out the window.” [1]

the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Re: the amphibian predilection [2/2]

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Wibbley-wobbley, Timey-wimey Stuff

(Anonymous) 2011-09-07 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
TIME TRAVEL EVERYONE! This time with a twi-

Okay, I think you understand that I think my idea is unique by, you know, making a prompt about it.

Well, what I would like to see is Ezio or Altair traveling to Desmond's time. Odd bit here is that I want it to be via Desmond in the Animus looking at his ancestors memories. The ancestor in question would have jumped to at least a bit after Desmond views the memories, and having them interact with Desmomd would be neat.

So, Desmond views memories of the future via his ancestor. Not weird or complicated at all...

3 (or More) Times Altaïr Saw Malik Cry (and Cried With Him)

(Anonymous) 2011-09-07 07:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Malik snips pretty badly at Altaïr about the mistake he made, right? So like, maybe he stumbles into the Bureau in Jerusalem to check in with Malik but hears him cry and say Kadar's name... And stays in the other room and cries silently alone (because he's badass dammit).

Then here's the rest. Say Kadar somehow survived, but he's like... In a kind of trance, like an awake coma. Just stares off into space. Let's also say.. Robert felt bad because he's practically a kid (and he's the one that saved him).

Remember when Altaïr goes to Richard? And Richard leaves it up to Him to decide for Richard to believe? So he kills Robert and decides he must confront Al Mualim.. Richard tells him to wait and has some Crusaders bring out Kadar. Altaïr is like "omg I'm shocked like a boss" and Richard just smiles and is all "I figured he actually belonged with you. De Sable was watching after him... It's time he went home, right?" (Shush, Papa!Richard is interesting!)

Altaïr takes Kadar to Masyaf (because he doesn't have anywhere else to take him). As they're riding, Kadar finally has a reaction to something and just simply looks at Altaïr. Note the far away look in his eyes. Altaïr is extra protective and confused (Kadar is suddenly alive yo).

Cue Altaïr struggling to support Kadar during the fight to the base! Almost gets his arse kicked? Heh. Malik flips a lid and very enerstly takes his brother (Altaïr can see Malik trying not to cry).

So after the game...~ Malik finally gets time to himself to finally comprehend his brother is alive. Altaïr turns into the base and stops part way up the stairs and hears Malik crying and trying to talk to his brother. Altaïr sits on the stairs and cries (like a badass). (Probably no Assassins around atm).

After a bit longer, one day as Altaïr is going to visit Kadar and Malike again, he stops before the doorway because he hears Kadar addresses Malik, "Brother..?" Cue Malik crying and hugging Kadar, so very happy. Altaïr cries by himself (but with Malik) like a boss.

Bonus if adding something about the giant wound on Kadar's chest that is more of a scar now.

May fill myself.

OTL. I know, long freaking prompt but it freakin... Just punched me in the face.

Awkward!sex is awkward.

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 03:12 am (UTC)(link)
Desmond can't help but get turned on by Ezio's, ahem, prolific sex life. And jacking off just doesn't help. So every time Desmond gets out of the Animus, he's frustrated and horny. One of the other team members is also frustrated, and they help each other out.

Only it's terribly awkward. The positions are uncomfortable, they never have much time, the Baby keeps getting stained, elbows get jabbed in painful places, there's bickering, ect. But it's still the hottest sex Desmond's ever had. ^.^

Des x Shaun or Des x Rebecca is preferred. Or maybe Shaun, Rebecca, and Lucy take turns helping Desmond out.

If this gets filled, I'll fill a prompt of the writeanon's choice.

Re: Awkward!sex is awkward.

(Anonymous) 2011-09-09 03:01 am (UTC)(link)
OT4 pls, seriously I need it so bad. I can offer fill!anon a nice muffin in exchange.

Re: Awkward!sex is awkward.

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Re: The Rotor {1.c/?}

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Re: The Rotor {1.c/?}

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Re: The Rotor {2.c/?}

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

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On the Des x Shaun front

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Re: The Rotor {3.d/?}

(Anonymous) - 2011-12-30 19:53 (UTC) - Expand

Thank you for it and all future installments!

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Oh my...

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Malik driving...

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
...stick shift with one arm and owning Altair in a race.

Do eeeeeeetttt.

Bonus if:
-Kadar is riding with Malik and totally freaking out.
-Malik bragging and eventually lead to sexy times. Malik tops. >:3
-Sexy times in car? :D

Re: Malik driving...

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Re: Malik driving...

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Re: Malik driving...

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Re: Malik driving...

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you know you have to go [1/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-10-08 23:03 (UTC) - Expand

you know you have to go [1/?]

(Anonymous) - 2011-10-08 23:04 (UTC) - Expand

you know you have to go [3/3] (part 2 mislabeled above)

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Ezio and Leonardo, Bro-Dudes

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 04:42 am (UTC)(link)
Okay anons, let's see what you think of this.

Fraternity!AU, where Ezio and Leonardo are both members of the same frat, and are best guy-friends-forever. Nobody really knows why, though. After all, Ezio's the guy who got in on a sports scholarship and goes mountaineering and cliff diving in his spare time. Leo, on the other hand, is a genius who's currently finishing up a double-major in Engineering and Physics, and maybe next year he'll get his Master's in Fine Art.

How they became bro's, what they do when they hang out, who else they hang out with I leave to you Write!Anon.

Bonus Points:

(+15)-Leo is terrible at getting homework done on time, and often has to pay someone else do it for him, but he tests well.
(+15)-Claudia is a Freshie, and Ezio is torn between 'She's a big girl, she can take care of herself' and 'RAAR! No one touches my little sister!'
(+20)-Ezio only trusts Leonardo with protecting Claudia's virtue at keggers, regardless of Leo's sexual orientation.
(+10)-Leo did experiment with drugs, but he would always forget all the good ideas he had while he was high. It was so discouraging that he stopped bothering. He's high on LIFE now.
(+40)-That one Halloween when Leo thought it'd be hilarious to crossdress and Ezio was too drunk to realize who it was. They laugh about it now, but it was an awkward morning-after.
(+10)-Some form of 'Bro-Dudes' is used in the fill.

Hopefully this will tickle someone's fancy.

Re: Ezio and Leonardo, Bro-Dudes

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 10:48 am (UTC)(link)
Oh dear. I really hope this gets picked up!

Re: Ezio and Leonardo, Bro-Dudes

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-16 02:58 (UTC) - Expand

Anon is an idiot and posted to Part 2. *shameface*

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 01:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Humour me on this one, anons.

I've been playing Final Fantasy XIII, and while the game has... quite a prodigious amount of suck! it also has some hella awesome characters and some really intruiging ideas. (Playing the ostensible villains? The entire fal'Cie/l'Cie/Cie'th concept? Hell yeah!)

So. Instead of Cocoon vs. Gran Pulse, let's try us some Assassin l'Cie versus the Templars.

Shaun, Rebecca and Lucy are all Assassin l'Cie, and their Focus - they think - is to use Desmond to find the pieces of Eden and bring down the tyrannical Templars who rule the world. Desmond's just some poor sod who happened to have the right DNA to make putting him in the Animus worth trying. It seems to be working, because they're not going Cie'th.

Desmond is terrified out of his wits. These people are evil l'Cie and they took him away from his quiet little job at one of Abstergo's company bars and shoved him in this machine that's making him relive the lives of Assassin l'Cie. Every time he tries to escape, Lucy uses l'Cie powers to stop him. The only good thing in his life is Shaun's snarky humour in his database entries.

Shaun/Des friendship in a crappy situation, smut or non-smut entirely up to you.

Anon is going to go shame in a corner now. (Doubly so after misposting.)

Re: Anon is an idiot and posted to Part 2. *shameface*

(Anonymous) 2011-09-17 04:36 am (UTC)(link)
...Desmond in Lightning's situation? This I've got to see. Seconding!

4 Papal guards get too intimate with Ezio

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 10:05 pm (UTC)(link)
I know there's already one prompt requesting Papal guards with Ezio but this one is for all 4 of them in the vatican XD.

Those particular guards always act REALLY silly in my game. It's probably a glitch or something but they don't attack me (unless I shove them or do something agressive). Instead they LOVE to gather around Ezio (sometimes reaaaaaaally close), stare at him and comment repeatedly on his clothes etc while the indicator flashes yellow like crazy but never turns red. Today one of them even shoved a citizen when he apparently disturbed their staring XD. I was only waiting when they were going to suddenly lynch or molest Ezio. I even took a video of this. (

Sooo... something based on their WAY too large interest on Ezio. Maybe they all agree he's attractive or something, maybe they want to see what's under those "strange clothes".... I don't know XD. Just something with them ganging up and following Ezio around while he feels more and more intimidated by their too close proximity.
Also... NO killing the guards! I have grown kinda fond of them :D. Other than that you can do whatever the heck you want with the prompt.

4 Papal guards get too intimate with Ezio

(Anonymous) 2011-09-08 10:10 pm (UTC)(link)
I know there's already one prompt requesting Papal guards with Ezio but this one is for all 4 of them in the vatican XD.

Those particular guards always act REALLY silly in my game. It's probably a glitch or something but they don't attack me (unless I shove them or do something agressive). Instead they LOVE to gather around Ezio (sometimes reaaaaaaally close), stare at him and comment repeatedly on his clothes etc while the indicator flashes yellow like crazy but never turns red. Today one of them even shoved a citizen when he apparently disturbed their staring XD. I was only waiting when they were going to snap and suddenly lynch or molest Ezio. (I even took a video of this and tried to post it earlier with the prompt but the LJ apparently auto-screens comments with links)

Sooo... something based on their WAY too large interest on Ezio. Maybe they all agree he's attractive or something, maybe they want to see what's under those "strange clothes".... I don't know XD. Just something with them ganging up and following Ezio around while he feels more and more intimidated by their too close proximity.
Also... NO killing the guards! I have grown kinda fond of them :D. Other than that you can do whatever the heck you want with the prompt.

Re: 4 Papal guards get too intimate with Ezio

(Anonymous) 2011-09-09 10:11 pm (UTC)(link)
That idea is all kinds of brilliant.

A Torturous Glimpse

(Anonymous) 2011-09-09 02:23 am (UTC)(link)
So... I've seen a few blinded!assassin prompts, which got me thinking...

Desmond is blind. He's been blind for a long time. Whether he was born like that or blinded by something else, doesn't matter.

What matters is that, after having accepted never being able to see, he gets shoved in the Animus, which allows him to actually see, even if it is his ancestor's memories.

That would just be... Cruel.

Bonus if Eagle Vision comes up and he can 'see' things by their glow.

So sorry, Des...

Re: A Torturous Glimpse

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 12:48 am (UTC)(link)
omg. This. Need now...!

Re: A Torturous Glimpse

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Re: A Torturous Glimpse

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Re: A Torturous Glimpse

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Lorenzo + Ezio [AC2]

(Anonymous) 2011-09-09 11:33 pm (UTC)(link)
When Ezio rescues Lorenzo from the Pazzi attack he's wearing his father's robes. Lorenzo thinks Ezio is Giovanni for a split second.

Go where you want, but please no Lorenzo/Giovanni or Lorenzo/Ezio. Both those pairing make me personally really uncomfortable.

Re: Lorenzo + Ezio [AC2]

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 11:48 am (UTC)(link)
Hmm... I love both of those pairings but it would be interesting to fill this without any slash. Might I ask what OP had in mind? Would angst and non-sexual manly affection and/or comforting be okay?


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Re: Lorenzo + Ezio [AC2]

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-11 00:49 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Lorenzo + Ezio [AC2]

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-11 08:48 (UTC) - Expand

Lorenzo + Ezio [AC2] Minifill

(Anonymous) - 2013-02-05 03:44 (UTC) - Expand

Isn't it just fun?

(Anonymous) 2011-09-09 11:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Lucy is jealous of her boyfriend's roommate.

Shaun is jealous of his roommates girlfriend.

Desmond is confused by it all.

Rebecca is laughing from the sidelines (and secretly hoping for an orgy)

Re: Isn't it just fun?

(Anonymous) 2011-09-17 04:37 am (UTC)(link)
...Who is who now? I totally can relate with Desmond right now, but I like what Rebecca is secretly hoping for.

In other words, seconding!

Re: Isn't it just fun?

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-17 14:41 (UTC) - Expand

Re: Isn't it just fun?

(Anonymous) - 2012-01-04 05:35 (UTC) - Expand

Altair/someone (Cesare?)

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
I must confess, all the uke!altairs around here have me slightly confused. But that's all right, that's what kink memes are for, right?

Still, can I have some Altair topping the hell out of someone? Pretty please?

(For some reason, I seem to have a craving for Cesare... but I'm game for whoever anon feels like.)

Re: Altair/someone (Cesare?)

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 06:12 am (UTC)(link)
I hate to be a downer, but using Japanese fan terms in a Western work can be very confusing. My understanding of a "uke" is a submissive and somewhat feminine character. Altair is neither, and even when writers on this kinkmeme have him bottoming he shows very dominant traits. Just clarifying.

Re: Altair/someone (Cesare?)

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-10 08:28 (UTC) - Expand

another time travel

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 02:53 am (UTC)(link)
I have seen a lot of timetravel stories and I often see Altair being sent in Desmond's time or the other way round etc. (Not that I don't like it!)

But what if Altair would be sent much further into the future and meet some of his other descendants?

My prompt:
Altair meeting Isaac Clarke from Dead Space.

Re: another time travel

(Anonymous) 2011-09-11 02:52 am (UTC)(link)

You just blew my mind with this timey-wimey stuff, anon. Seriously, the Apple/time travel is probably my favorite plot device in this fandom.

Re: another time travel

(Anonymous) - 2011-09-11 18:02 (UTC) - Expand

Nearly 2/3rds of the way through part 3...

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 11:40 am (UTC)(link)
And lovelies, you remember what happened last time.

If you don't remember, or weren't around last time we maxxed out a meme (10k comments is the limit, so fork tends to lock the post and start a new one when we approach 9k or so) THE MEME WAS LOCKED for posting prompts, until we filled enough of the unfilled prompts lying around.

And we all had to wait and just try to write fills and endure horrible withdrawal symptoms until there were enough fills to proceed.

So, I respectfully suggest we prompt less and fill more... so it doesn't happen again


*Goes off to do that*

captcha: heroes sense

Captcha senses that you are my heroes.. love reading your fills and filling your prompts ;) <3

Re: Nearly 2/3rds of the way through part 3...

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 02:59 am (UTC)(link)
This is totally the incentive I need to finish my freakin' fills, thanks anon

Ezio fails at distracting a gay guard with courtesans

(Anonymous) 2011-09-10 12:28 pm (UTC)(link)
I always thought it was kinda silly how EVERY guard would get distracted by courtesans. I mean, some of them could have a family and wife and actually be faithful. Some of them could be so dedicated to their work that they couldn't care less. AND some of them could actually be homosexuals.

So... Ezio tries to distract a guard and constantly fails at it. Then, when he can't come up with anything else, he resorts to distracting the guard by HIMSELF XD. Cue awkward flirting since Ezio has never done it with a man before. How it goes from there is up to you but please don't kill the guard :D


(Anonymous) 2011-09-11 05:39 am (UTC)(link)
Ezio, despite any rumors to the contrary, preferred not to fight. Even if he was thought of as a 'soulless demon who would murder them as they slept' by the general populous, his philosophy hadn't changed far too much from when he was a teen.

He would kill when needed, but he was a lover at heart, not a fighter.

So when he heard rumor of a guarded house, similar to those he'd found pages of the Codex in previously, he'd scoped it out.

Definitely had something of value, the question was, what? He sincerely hoped it was a codex page. Some money wouldn't go awry.

If it was some old man's pervy correspondence again, well... he shuddered at the thought of the last building he'd snuck into.

Nightmare inducing was all he'd say on the matter.

The question now was, how was he getting in?

Killing the guards was an extreme last resort - it left a sour taste in his mouth knowing he killed a man just for doing his job.

Mercenaries were out for a similar reason. They loved to fight and, as soon as they were let loose on a target, would not retreat until they won or death.

Thieves were his distraction of choice, generally. It wasn't that he had a thing against courtesans.

It was more the fact that he wanted to have a 'thing' against them that generally kept him from using them. He needed guards distracted, not him.

They were out of the question, however, since they were all off on some mysterious assignment from La Volpe.

Ezio was very close to suspecting that La Volpe was in a snit with him, though he didn't say that to anyone.

Where La Volpe was concerned, one couldn't be paranoid enough. That man heard everything.

That left him with the courtesans.

Better than killing them, by far.

So he hired the girls, who immediately went for him. Obviously he hadn't been around enough for them to realize he wasn't an ordinary customer.

Damn if he wasn't tempted. But he had a job to do.

... Maybe later. First, he had to deal with the guarded house.

With heavy disappointment, Ezio got the girls to stop as he explained what he wanted.

The girls looked at him like he was crazy.

This was why he preferred the thieves. They may not have been pretty to look at, but they all listened without question.

It helped that he'd beaten all of their best in races, and was called the fastest man - besides La Volpe, of course - to hit Italia.

He didn't want to think of what he'd have to do to get the same hero-worship out of the courtesans...

Moving right along...

He showed them the guards and watched as they lured them about fifty feet down the street. All three of-

Wait a moment. There were four guards.

A quick glance showed the fourth guard, the leader, standing in the doorway, rolling his eyes at his fellows.

Cazzo, this was not going to be pretty. Why couldn't it have been a militia? A dagger at the throat, a whispered threat, and they were out of there like a bat out of hell.

He watched with growing dread as the other guards followed the girls off to secluded areas. He had ten minutes tops to get the last guard to leave.

There were no thieves in the area, courtesans didn't work, and the closest mercenaries were a fair distance on the ground.

He could throw coins, but the ensuing riot would injure people. Plus, the distraction never lasted long, and could very well spill into the building.

He was about to give up and go back to beg for La Volpe's forgiveness when he noticed something.

Was he...

He couldn't be.

He was!

He was eyeing up some of the men in the crowd!

Ezio watched as the guard blatantly eyed a man who was leaning over the counter across the street at the tailor's.

Well, if this plan didn't work, Ezio could always make a mad run for it. Maybe leave the city for a month.

Or a year. Maybe even three.

FILL Part 2

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Re: FILL Part 2

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Re: FILL Part 2

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Re: FILL Part 2

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(Anonymous) 2011-09-11 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
> Strange Ideas AHOY!!! <

So I had been reading Alice in Wonderland again and while reading it I got the strangest idea! Assassin's Creed and Alice in Wonderland Crossover!

Onto the roles~ (Please note, they all will have HUMAN bodies... but still have there little quirks.)

Altair has to play Alice (because of the name... and I thought it would be cute...)
Ezio as the Flirty Mad Hatter
Leonardo as the March Hare
Salai as the Dormouse
Two Templars as Tweedle Dee and Dum
Cesare as the Queen (lol)
Kadar as the White Rabbit
Malik as the Cheshire Cat
Al Mualim as the Caterpillar

50: Instead of a "childish wonderland" have a "sexy wonderland" (Aka. Altair getting molested around every corner)
60: Altair in the dress no hairy legs though please...
70: Not following the plot line completely and putting your own flair in.
80: Happy/Sad ending
90: Altair punching someone, kicking them in the shin, or kicking someone in the crotch and fleeing from the scene.
100: Sexy time... or something like that...

Left 4 Dead

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 12:38 am (UTC)(link)
(To every Anon and "Anon" why has played Left 4 Dead)

Back story to this:
So, I had been playing Left 4 Dead earlier today and something strange happened. There was this witch, who wasn't crying, that killed me and my friends. I don't know if it was a glitch or what but it was an Assassin!Witch. So that got me thinking... What if Altair was a Witch. Mainly because the witch can kill you in one blow and is usually very calm as long as you don't startle her. So... anyways... on with the points/rules/other stuff and not my fail death at the hands of the Assassin!Witch.

Use at least one campaign from the game.
Special and Common infected
Other assassins (AC1 and 2) as Infected
Templars as Survivors
Infected win.
Swearing on Survivor's side

20: Altair loving sugar...
30: Chicago Ted!
40: Comedy and gut-busting deaths
50: Pouncing
60: Ass Groping (from other infected or even survivors)
70: Startling the "witch"
80: Behind the scenes with Altair
90: Altair in a variation of the Witch's costume.
100: Infected figuring out how to use a gun...
My soul: Infected pick up lines.

Other stuff:
You may use the original survivors or use Templars/Other Characters.
Crossover with L4D2.
Writer!Anon's own personal experiences?

SO... yeah... I'm gonna go hide in a hole now while I fend off zombies... Erm... yeah...

Re: Left 4 Dead

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 01:37 pm (UTC)(link)

Seriously, because I'm a damn zombie fiend and I need this like now.
Chicago Ted = Altair, just sayin'


(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 01:39 am (UTC)(link)
I request a Dead Space/AssCreed crossover.

AssCreed is (somewhat) in the future, right? Desmond gets flown up to the Ishimura or some shit as a janitor or something; and he meets Isaac Clarke fighting Necromorphs.

HOT SMUTTY SPACE-SEX. (Bonus points if Desmond is !Top)

Help with Shaun...

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 02:18 am (UTC)(link)
This anon is currently having problems liking Shaun. The thing is, I used to love him and his sarcastic attitude, but now, he's morphed into cold-hearted and just flat out mean.

I want to like Shaun--I really do. I used to love him. Can someone write me a story to help me like Shaun again? To help me support the Des and Shaun pairing again? Something... I dunno, fluffy? Showing he DOES have a soft(er) side?

Fill - Assumptions

(Anonymous) 2011-09-16 02:52 am (UTC)(link)
[I saw this prompt and the fill was writing itself before I could even get Word open. Hope you enjoy!]

Desmond had always assumed it was Lucy. The more time Desmond spent in the Animus, the worse he felt for it, but lately little things had started happening that helped him cope. It started with the sandwiches.

He was always hungry when the sessions finished, and sandwiches had begun appearing on the table beside Baby, ready and waiting from him. When he’d asked Rebecca, she’d just grinned and said it was his ‘secret admirer’.

Not long afterwards, when he started feeling cold all the time, an extra blanket had been left on his bedroll. A couple of days after he mentioned having trouble getting to sleep, a mug of hot cocoa appeared every evening. When he commented on how boring their underground lair was, a handheld game system found its way into his pack – games and all.

When Desmond expressed his incredulity that one of the other three was managing all this without ever being spotted, Shaun had looked amused and said, “We are assassins, in case you hadn’t noticed. We’d be pretty poor specimens if we couldn’t be sneaky every now and again.”

He watched the other three, looking for any telltale sign that might give away his benefactor’s identity, even though he was already confident of who it was. Rebecca seemed to find the whole thing too amusing to be behind it and Shaun was….well, Shaun. And Lucy always had that secret little smile whenever he mentioned finding some new gift.

So needless to say, Desmond was very surprised when he finally got to the bottom of it all. He’d idly said something about missing his days as a bartender and wishing he could taste a decent beer again. After a bottle appeared (and was greatly enjoyed), he took the empty container to Monteriggioni’s tiny spirits shop. Yes, the merchant remembered who had requested it – they didn’t get much demand for such. No, it wasn’t a blond woman, actually. It was a man. A man with spiky hair and glasses, wearing a sweater, yes. Signor should close his mouth, a moth might fly in.

Stunned, Desmond made his way back, not even hearing Lucy scolding him over the headset for his impromptu excursion.

Over the next few days, Desmond watched Shaun more carefully than ever, but never did Shaun do or say anything to hint at his secret benevolence. As ever, he was sharp-tongued, impatient, and generally cranky.

Fill - Assumptions [2 of 2]

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Re: Fill - Assumptions

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It is a Kink meme!!!

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 10:39 am (UTC)(link)
Leonardo, and Bukkake!!!
Get on it!!!

Re: It is a Kink meme!!!

(Anonymous) 2011-09-12 11:14 am (UTC)(link)

Leonardo and cum baths go together so well. Especially facials.

(Anonymous) 2011-09-13 01:04 am (UTC)(link)
Kadar dancing. Sensually. >) Altair and Malik watch.

Bonus if Double Team DP Kadar! Lulz

Maybe fill?

(Anonymous) 2011-09-17 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
Not mine, but when I read your prompt it made me think of this.

1.6 is the one you'll want to read I think, although it's only Malik who watches and gets to do...well, Kadar really.

Re: Maybe fill?

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Sing me to sleep

(Anonymous) 2011-09-13 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
So this anon has been in one of those more depressing moods-oh thank you period, I hate you too- and wants something slightly depressing but fluffy. And so this idea just hit this anon pretty hard...

Desmond's had a rough day reliving Ezio's memories, the Cristina ones actually, and so he just aches. Everything hurts, everything aches and he just wants to go to sleep. But he doesn't want to wake up anymore. So when everyone settles down for the night he asks Rebecca to borrow her mp3.

Rebecca, who feels uncomfortable without it asks if she can sleep next to him and they can use her portable speakers. Desmond reluctantly agrees, only because he knows that listening to her music while going to sleep is how Rebecca manages to cope with all of this. In the end they end up sleeping at least two feet apart.

But Desmond, struggling in his sleep, accidentally wakes Rebecca up. Instead of waking him up she changes the playlist to one of her more calming ones (I imagine Rebecca to listen to a lot of Trance, but have a lot of other playlists). She also scoots a little closer to Desmond and lightly hums along with the tune. Somehow, by the magical powers of music, it is enough to settle down the poor guy.

Bonus points:
- +50 points if Desmond, in actually pretty good Italian, talks about Cristina in his sleep.
- +100 points if Lucy catches them cuddled up together in the morning.
- All my love and devotion if you keep this as DesBecca as possible.

Please? Please? I beg all writeanons out there.

Re: Sing me to sleep

(Anonymous) 2011-09-14 10:47 am (UTC)(link)
Seconding and probably will be filling myself :)

Re: Sing me to sleep

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